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    Sometimes I can push it to the back of my mind for a while, but then I'll see or hear mention of it again, and it makes my blood run cold.

    Not going into detail, but I don't believe that there has to be any kind of conspiracy behind 9/11 - certainly governmental fuck-ups though. Thing is, people do bad shit to people all over the world; whether they're in power or not - it's a disturbing fact of life. So why focus on that one thing? Or, why go there at all if you're that sensitive? Ultimately, (and I'm only directing this at you as an example), your own health and wellbeing is the most important thing in your life. I'm not saying pretend things don't happen, but perhaps take a step back.

    As to the question, why should people concern themselves with things that they can't change, I would counter that by suggesting that unless people remain cynical of those in power, and ask the difficult questions and demand answers, then we're effectively giving up and nothing will ever change.

    Not believing in conspiracy doesn't automatically equal acceptance of everything. That's part of the problem with the extreme conspiracy theorist - if you don't aggree with the conspiracies then you're automatically branded as a supporter of authority and don't question anything. Questioning power covers all power. These theories aren't automatically right simply because they're anti-government.


    No doubt this post will see me branded by some as yet another conspiracy nutter, and the thought of that, has made this a very difficult post for me to write, but then that's the power of propaganda for you.

    Actually, I'd say that it doesn't brand you as that. You seem to be influenced but not convinced by the theories - keeping an open mind, questioning and thinking logically is the way to go.

    Interesting to see also how many of you fear people who talk about stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable....

    That in itself is part of the attitude that alienates (no pun intended!) conspiracy theorists from everyone else. The judgement and elitism - the "I know something you don't and I'm right" factor.

    I read Icke's first book when I was 17 and a lot of ideas resonated with me - mostly cosmic, new agey love everyone stuff which was by no means new. But he did get extreme and I suspect that he is mentally ill and to be honest, everyone that I've known who is really into this stuff has become obsessive and to what avail? If you spend long enough looking for a conspiracy then you'll find one. You can create your theory and then find evidence to support it. But really, why spend so much time digging for dirt when you don't have a way to clean it and instead become soiled? Above everything, it's not a healthy way to be.

    It would most definitely benefit you to train your palate. Treat it like learning a new skill - it's amazing how quickly you can get used to new tastes and textures. Boiled veg is not the best way to it it! Try steaming - then add a bit of butter, salt & pepper when you serve up the veg. Learn to experiment! You're not a child, you have no excuse to be fussy :pp

    I hate cold water - I prefer it at room temperature

    I wasn't offering you any! :pp


    Pretty much any liquid will hydrate you though

    Yes to an extent. But water is ultimately much better for the body.


    2 litres of water/8 glasses a day was based on research that found you needed 2 litres a day on average, including the water in food.

    Yep, the water in fruit & veg does count. The 2 litres is based on an average and doesn't mean everyone needs that amount.

    There is a mechanisim in you body that tells you when you need to drink. It is called thirst.

    Yes but a lot of people struggle with the sensation which can be mistaken for hunger. People are not great at listening to their bodies.

    I'm amazed at how many people just don't drink water. I've been thinking about it a lot due to the summer we recently had (:rolleyes:) when I put a filter jug of water in a fridge at work and told everyone that there was luscious cold water to be had. Alas, no-one was interested! I always have water to drink whilst I'm working and try to drink water at home - although I probably don't have as much as I'd like. Forgetting is one thing but why do people always reach for the kettle when thirsty? It really is pretty bloody important to keep hydrated, I just don't understand.

    Am I alone in my confusion? :S