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    Was the termination both your decisions? or was it a one sided decision?

    Have you tried talking to her openly about this including how she feels about the termination now several months on? Try and engage her more, tell her you love her more and be supportive.

    Also try and encourage her to seek proffessional help about what has happened. She is sounding really manic right now...

    Original thread here Jenna - the pregnancy happens quite a way down but that'll give more background.

    was down in Glastonbury earlier this week and it was already starting to look very water worldy - thankfully we have the levels to soak up alot of water here in somerset but my heart goes out to some of the people living down there that have had to be rescued - they saying its the worst flooding ever - the levels never dried out at all over the summer and we had flooded fields right through the year so erm fekk...... so listen up universe we absolutely do not want or need gargantuan high tides otherwise its gonna be Pilton on Sea :eek:

    I've never seen water like that around here - it's seriously nuts. Glastonbury itself is mostly high up (as you know!), and therefore doesn't suffer much from flooding but so many people so close are suffering - not to mention animals left outside.

    Apparently the rain's supposed to clear on Tuesday and we'll be left with dry, cold weather instead. Allegedly.

    Sama is a ceremony performed by some Sufi orders . Most known for its whirling dervishes who use Sama as a means of meditating on God through focusing on melodies and dancing.

    I originally called myself Earthwhirler - the whirler bit was inspired by whirling dervishes - can't remember where the earth bit came in! Whirler seemed less clunky (and less pretentious ;)).

    Yeah your right, I've been thinking that lately and have been feeling a little 'calmer' about the whole thing too...gonna ring monday and take the earliest one they have! Last time I chose the latest date they had, which obviously gave me a lot more time to freak out :S

    I'm just going to repeat what everyone else has said, please do this. The worst thing for you is obviously just thinking about it, once it's done, it's done, and it's much bloody better than finding cancer further down the line. You won't feel it (cancer) in the body initially so don't rely on thinking "you'll know", especially if you have a massive fear of cancer!

    I had a colposcopy a few years back and they took a biopsy - 8 injections in the fanny! And my cells were at stage 3 but pre-cancerous. They advised me to have annual tests but eventually told me I could go back to every 5 years because they'd been consecutively clear. I opted to continue with annual tests. Really, why not? I'd rather not go through it but I'd much rather not have to deal with cervical cancer!

    Forget the rights and wrongs, why would a friend speak to you like that anyway? Assuming they were a friend in the first place....a polite request would do surely?


    Personally I'd like to see some of those Facebook activists get out there and do something for real rather than think the world can be changed by sharing photos.

    This is how I feel, especially when people are shouting so insanely loudlu but aren't actually doing anything themselves.

    I completely believe in standing up for yourself and other people, but name-calling from strangers wouldn't bother me and I would choose not to give them any acknowledgement. I don't think what you did was right, or wrong or brave. You acted in the moment on your instinct. You may have made a positive difference or you may have pissed them off so much that they found someone weaker to take out their aggression. Who knows? You can only do what you feel is right and examine your reasons.

    I think my problem is I don't know how to be happy, or what will make me happy. And I don't know what to do to fix that.

    Thing is, you don't just 'fix' these things and the harder you try to be happy, the less likely you will be happy. If you've been diagnosed as chronically depressed then I would suggest you push for help for that. The things that you're describing about your life are symptoms of what's going on underneath. You need to start learning about yourself again, who you are and what will enhance your daily life. I do think some kind of talking therapy would be a good start so definitely see your GP.

    Have you talked to your current girlfriend about any of this? You're obviously repeating a pattern and will continue to do so unless you break a habit. Talk about your past, talk about your feelings (or lack of!) towards her and ask her for help.

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is one of the only things I've listened too - the radio plays if I remember rightly. Bloody marvelous but also sent me to sleep (in a comforting kinda way)!

    Heheh yes, I'm already addicted! I love the way ground elder smells and that it's so distinctive its easy to identify. Apparently it's edible. I read this from someone who gave up on her ongoing battle to be rid of it that she learned to love it instead!

    if you leave bindweed to die first, in a bucket or something, won't be a problem - but you don't want any active root in there or it will make baby bindweeds!

    Yeah, that's the sort of thing I wondered about. What about something like ground elder? It's spread quite wide and I've managed to dig a couple of hefty roots up (which may really be too big).

    Cold composting fyi.

    Yeah, I've been chopping like a crazy women! Although, I think I've missed a few biggies here and there but I'm not expecting perfection for a year or two!

    I'm not sure about seeds yet as we're thinking about redesigning the whole garden and thinking about what we really want and what's best so I want to hold off on accepting garden goodies for now, but thank you! I may come begging next year :whistle:

    After over a decade of not having a garden, I finally have one :D I've started composting (first time ever) and have read loads about what to and what not to compost but I've seen lots of conflicting views about weeds. The obvious one is not composting a weed that can spread it's seed but what about things like bindweed or ivy? I feel inclined to compost everything, would I be foolish?

    I guess ultimately, anything along those lines focuses the mind which is a major technique in meditation (using a candle flame for example).

    (Moving this thread to Spirituality - seems more apt!).