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    surley voting is the only way that we can work in this country, as not everyone is going to be nice and friendly if we had no 'leader', people are power hungry, infact the majority of people are, and so what other way other than democracy would work? and if you dont want to vote for anyone , why not start your own party!?/ do something about it....

    I think that supermarkets can be quite a bad thing in the way they control such a large amount of the market, like tesco do, and can then demand almost whatever prices they like from the farmers, as the farmers have little choice than to sell them their goods. Also local shops help almost bring comunities closer, in the way that they can be like a meeting place for the locals.

    I find tinned tomatoes really usefull, they're also really cheap and you can use them to make lost of things. lentils and different kinds of beans are handy (mung beans, aduki beans ect), all the kinda stuff you can keep for ages in the cupboard! nice and easy....

    is it me or does anyone else think that there are far too many predictions made about when the worlds going to end or how its going to change or whatever? I mean, no one really has any idea what might happen tomorrow, so why must we feel the need to try and second guess life, the universe and everything???

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    you think that most people who ask dumb questions about veganism are likely to 'see the light' just cos you answer their questions? if i attempt to explain why picking a carrot is not the same as murdering a cow (when people who say such things are generally being facetious anyway) are they gonna go 'oh yeah , now that you've explained it i think i'll go vegan as well'? i really can't be bothered. but then i am old and jaded.

    well, when people ask me stupid questions just to try and annoy me, by answering "fuck off" i kinda feel they've won , so i usualy just answer the question in a seriuos way (which kinda annoys them) and if they decide to keep on at me i usualy manage to think of some stupid insult which confuses them, hehe:insane: .
    and you never know, you might manage to convince someone to turn vegan:D

    I love spiders!! i think they're really cool, I found a massive wolf spider (think thats what they're called) which was at leats 8cm big/wide in my house the other day. I have been bitten by one though, which I didnt think they did, it was drowning in a jar of water so I stuck my hand in the jar to rescue it. it attactched itself to my finger so I flicked it off and Wobbles (my pet chicken) ate it.......not a very succesful rescue mission.....

    When i was in hospital last year the only thing I could eat, being vegan, for breakfast was dry toast, and jacket potato for lunch. You would have thought that being a hospital they would cater better for all kinds of diets ect. I've taken to telling people I'm allergic to milk nowadays as its easier than explaining the reasoning behind being vegan, and stop them thinking im just awkward.

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    The point I'm trying to make is that "British" people are actually a product of a huge mix of backgrounds. For example Vikings and Norman French invaders, refugees (e.g. Hugenot French, various groups of Jews at various points, Ugandan Asians), people who came here willingly to work -some of whom were invited here to work - such as people from the Caribean in the 50's, slaves. As a result, I think this country has benefitted from it - and I don't think anyone who considers themselves British can afford to be precious about people from 'other' backgrounds.

    i agree. i think that immigration is a good thing, and i think that it doesnt take anything away from british culture or whatever, it actually adds alot to us as a country, and isnt it a british trait to be accepting and welcoming to other cultures? (although watching the news recently you wouldnt belive it..).

    As for taking our jobs, i think that brittan would be in ruins without immigrant workers, i was recently in hospital and didnt see one british doctor, and i doubt thats through lack of trying to employ them, there just arnt enough people wanting to be doctors ect.

    i do agree though that immigrants should make the effort to learn the language ect, although the lack of tolerence towards some of them gives them little incentive...

    i read this thread a few days ago and got inspired!!! since then i've got together a mini herb garden in my window, its got all the usual herbs, but the place i got them from didnt have any basil, which i love to use in cooking, and was wondering if it would be alright to plant some from seed now if im just going to keep it indoors??? i've also got a marrow plant and a tomato plant (both looking a bit sad...). hopefully next year i'll decide to grow stuff early enough to set up a little veggie patch in my garden!!!

    i've got a giant african land snail called fred, would put up a pic but not sure how.....he's about 15cm long, i only got the one though because they aparently breed like crazzy!!! he can be quite an annoying room mate though, he manages to make loud noises in the night....somehow......crazy snail......., we should probibly try making friends with actual people....hehe

    i used to be scared of the dark and have nightmares, i'm not so scared of the dark anymore when im at home, but i still have nightmares sometimes. i found that when i was feeling scared and wanted to get to sleep watching really bad TV worked, it blocks out thought, any other sounds and is like a dim light.... not very environmentally friendly though, having you TV on all night...

    I agree, they wouldnt be happy if you wernt,(unless they're evil..). i also agree with the earlier point that you should put yourself first (to some degree) otherwise, surely, you can't make other people happy when you're not, and even if you try, surely they wont be because you're not, (again with the unless they're evil thing)......or something like that wich actually makes sense.....

    i agree, why spend all this money on one little girl who is most likely never going to be found (although i do hope she is) when there are far more people in the world who seriously need help? it all seems a bit stupid, although i can totally see that her parents will do all they can and not give up hope. i hope they give all that money to a decent charity or something.

    and yes, why release ballons, thats really stupid..