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    good for you! whats the worst thing that can happen? you try it, decide its not for you and they go back to school - nothing lost but then you'll know :)

    since deregistering we have found a pace of life ad a freedom which is wonderful if you're interested, our week is thus...

    Monday we go to old parts of Cornwall for trips on the passenger ferries, ducks, secret coves, walks in the woods and crazy steep higgeldy piggeldy streets and steps to explore

    Tuesday - an at home day baking, chilling, playing in the garden, crafting, playing with art materials and havgin fun while we rest from a massive day out

    Wednesday i run a breastfeeding peer support group with my friend so that is a the focus but its a soft day seeing another lovely friend who is the best early years teacher i have ever met (and has left teaching after 10 years cos she cant do it anymore in the framework she is expected to work in) and her little boy - usually involves a polytunnel, lots of free form play, eating and cooking together and trips out to the beach or moors

    Thursday i work (i LOVE my job), children are with their childminders who share our ethos and do educational things with the boy (making microscope slides of bramble leaves and looking through a professional quality telescope at the stars to name but two)

    Friday we spend together preparing for the weekend and Daddy's return from the big smoke, nesting, celebrating family, making food, playing just me the boy and the girl

    Weekends The Viking is here so we are both teaching and learning and hanging out together and having fun and expanding their wee minds without them even knowing...

    to me home ed is stealth learning - they are living a beautiful life, there isnt a workbook in sight, they are chilled, happy, stimulated and challenged, sleep deep, eat well and are flourishing! I have surrounded them with adults who 'teach' as a way of life, who listen and encourage and share my passions for history, nature, science, the arts and who are intelligent, professional wonderful folk - the exact kind of people i hope my children grow up to be...

    Sunshine, all of this has come about by just stopping trying and listening to my heart and mind and then using my talents and energy in a much more creative way to shape our life into one which is wonderful - i was on the harbour at polruan on the phone to their daddy saying i felt like i had won the lottery on monday night - not quite believing life could be this good

    you're gonna have such a good time!!!

    Are you still selling number 2 and if you are would you say it is a dressy skirt or could you wear it everyday?

    i am :)

    yep it could be an everyday skirt, the only reason i didn't wear it is i am usually covered in mud or scrorming around on the beach so it wasnt practical.

    thats just the trouble jay, she IS superwoman :hug: but even superheroes need to rest sometimes :spank:

    now i've shouted at you have a get well soon too cos i forgot before xx xx xx

    I don't have time to reply properly but please please please can you stop running around after everyone and get them to pull their weight? You must rest sensi, you don't want hospital or pneumonia. Please x

    yep. what she says. sit your arse down and let your GROWN UP children and their offspring fend for themselves or you will not get better...simple.

    1. Fat Face Denim Skirt, Size 14 but i wore when i was more of a 16, buckle detail on back, cost £45 and only worn a handful of times
    £13 inc p&p

    2. Monsoon 2 Layer Crinkle Swishy Skirt, Size 16, gorgeous shiny fabric and really really swishy (especially when you spin in circles ;) ) as new but small mark on the front which disappears into the folds so £9 inc p&p

    3.Gringo Full Length Wraparound Patchwork Skirt, Size 12-16 (maybe 18 depending on your shape) as new, £10 inc p&p

    4. Wallis Shrug, Size M so a loose 12 up to a 16/18 (dependent on body shape) as new, £7 inc p&p

    5. Jasper Conran Jeans Stretch Denim Mini Skirt, Size 12, good condition (worn maybe 10 times) £7 inc p&p

    6. Gringo Hoodie, Unisex, Size M (labels says XL but i don't believe it!) good condition, £7 inc p&p

    7. Lacy Trim Stripy Top, Size 14 on label (but has ties at the back so would fit a 12 to a small 16) looks great with skinny jeans or leggings £3.50 inc p&p

    All monies as a gift through paypal or concealed cash (at sender's risk) please :D

    Pumpkins Dad is a potter

    he is :D

    But he is a very nice man and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you emailed him :)

    that too! and i am sure he'd love to help you with any questons - just contact him through the website and say you know me from here (he'd help anyone but it will make him smile)

    Thanks DD, am going through his youtube videos :).

    have you picked up many tips? :D

    This is such a bizzare viewpoint. Which part of being stuck every day with a group of kids the exact same chronological age as you,with that group further divided 'educationally' into 'smart kids and thickos',socially into boys and girls and subdivided along 'cool','sporty','geek' (and often racial) lines,and with adult contact restricted to 'god-like' teachers that you're not allowed to have a 'human-to-human' relationship with,counts as "socialising with other children/ a wide,diverse range of people"? :S There are obviously positive things about state schools for some kids/parents but wide ranging/diverse socialisation is so not one of them and it puzzles the fuck out of me why this 'worry' about home schooling is repeatedly brought up. Do people have amnesia for their own school days once they become 'adult'? :S

    i do actually love you M, you always manage to get what i am thinking into words! hear hear

    Zac is missing his friends, of course - but the wee darlins he asks to see are 2 lads and 2 girls out of a class of 30 plus a couple of older kids...i am pulling out all the stops to have them round as much as poss and i think thats good enough :D

    Finding a pumpkin on my chair when I got into work.
    No ... not that pumpkin :D

    now if it were that Pumpkin, that'd be the best result a chap could ask for!


    I wonder what pumpkin would charge to sit on my chair! You know just so i could brag and show people where she Sat :)

    Haha!!! i only just found this - and i am laughing and smiling you set of brilliant buggers you :D :D :D

    i love Bec so much! give her my love and big ups - she's a superstar that one :D and i meant what i said on FB - seeing her all those years ago in your back garden teach her BMX who's boss sparked something inside me :)

    i reckon ladies overalls are gonna be a sound investment - i'll hightail it over to the dickies website pronto :thumbup: do the sizes come up right? Does Bec wear an 8?

    haynes are ok for a guide,they tend to leave important bits out.
    best advice i ever got was, take your time,see how it comes apart,put the pieces in order ready for reassembly.
    spanner work is the easy bit,the hard bit is diagnosing whats wrong

    oooh thanx for that - and don't let my enthusiasm and silly nature fool you - i've had to polish my balls of steel to pluck up the courage to take my actual car apart - i have a couple of mates who are gonna help me if i get stuck - steve and his spanners are making an appearance and the lovely chaps on the focus site have told me what order to do stuff in and what to watch out for...