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    ive been thinking of tie dying again & ive bought dylon for it, not sure what sort of fixative to use that would be eco friendly also is dylon eco friendly?, i'll still just use the lot i bought but i think after that i would like to find natural dyes & fixatives, so just wondering if i can find them in plant form in me own back yard [not sure if im in the right forum for this] :hippy:

    From memory, i was advised that the material you wish to dye should be unbleached, if it is to accept a natural dye. Some plant materials will contain a natural fixative, such as tannin in tea leaves. Tumeric, Walnut husks, Oak Galls are some of the other things i have tried without using a fixative. To get, say onion skins, to fix you must first put the fixative (OR MORDANT- derived from french, to bite, i think) onto the yarn or fabric. The dye can't bite onto the, say wool, but the 'mordant' can and then the color will bite onto the 'mordant'. Alum, copper, iron, zinc are often used or combinations. All with varying color results.
    As for back yard plants, i've had success with nettles, dock, rhubarb, ferns, walnut husks etc. Most plants at this latitude give green, brown and yellow colours (even beetroot i believe). The more vivid colors mainly come from latitudes that get alot more sunshine.

    In regard to that Tam, was there the option for days tickets as I could not see it when I googled?

    I've never had a problem getting a day ticket for Small World, on the gate. Be prepared to leave your car at Headcorn Train Station and walk to the site.
    Its not too far. Sometimes there will be a shuttle bus operating between station and the site. If you want to be sure of getting in on a ticket, send them a wee e-mail and ask if they will put one aside for you. I think it was about 15 quid for a day ticket (running till 10 or 11 the following morning) with a deposit incase you get carried away and forget the time.

    Just checked your profile and my assumption was wrong. I see you are on the west coast of Canada :insane:
    Oh well!
    Anybody else found a good source over here?

    Hi Kieth :waves:
    Well done :thumbup:
    Do you have any advise on sourcing containers for this type of project?
    (i'm assuming you're on the island folk currently refer to as 'Britain')

    Thanks for your help chum. :thumbup:
    Yeah, i've tried to find her folks as well. But with no joy.
    Is anyone here a member of the Facebook 'New Age Traveller' group thingy, that wouldn't mind inviting me to join, that i may ask around there?
    Ta :hippy:

    Thank you so much for your support.
    I'll have to try and borrow a scanner to post a picci.
    I didn't have any success on facebook.
    Dave died in 89 ish so sadly i think it is another Ursula down near Dover (which is a shame, as that is where i am).
    Anyhoo, thanks again. SO MUCH for your attention. :thumbup:

    Bless You Sista!
    I'm not sure, but i think Greeny and Dave were possibly from Birmingham area? That is where they were when Dave crashed the flat bed. And where Urula hooked back up with Greeny once she was able (loooong time in hosp). I met Dave and Greeny for the first time . at Addlestone (post Stonehenge '88), Then again on a hop farm near Paddock Wood in Autumn of '88.
    Ta muchly :)

    Thanks for your attention. I'm desparatly trying to find an old friend called Ursula. She has blond curly hair and an American accent. She lived with 'Greeny' (together with Dave, who died in a truck crash around 1989). Ursula was comatosed in that accident suffering minor brain damage.
    Can anyone help find her or 'Greeny' (does anybody remember 'Greeny's' first name - i think Green was his surname)?

    Dear Synesthesia
    I wholeheartedly encourage you to follow your heart!!!
    I dropped out at 17. For similar reasons to youself. I have no regrets whatsoever.
    You'll be alright :thumbup:

    Quote from Duckman

    It is just today that it has occurred to me that I will never see him smile again or converse with him again.

    Maybe you will

    Couple Youtube videos; Henge 83 and 84 (i was most pleasantly thrilled to see (an all too brief) clip of 'The Enid' belting out their famous 'Wild Thing' encore at the end of the 83 tape.

    Edit: i can't seem to get the 83 link to work, but you'll find it offered you when watching the 84 vid : ).....i hope!

    Quote from Fleassy

    woooooooooooooooooooowy!! jerel!! i cant wait, i was hopeing you'd be there, do you think Jane and the twins will be comming along too?? ...

    ..and bring that wool along, its about time i made the boys a birthday presant :)

    Thanks Fleassy :)
    We all hope to come over for the day and i shall stay all night (assuming theres no prob with a day ticket)
    Glad you suggested the wool. It was going to be my next question.
    j:baby:r:baby:l :flower:

    Quote from Hawthorn

    I'm hoping to buy a tipi this year. I've decided on a 16ft one as that seems to be the largest you can safely carry on an estate car. I've been trying to compare prices on the net but its a bit like comparing chalk and cheese cos they all differ in things like canvas weights and liner heights etc. Just wondered if anyone here has any experience of them and wouldn't mind answering a few questions, so I know what to look out for.

    Many thanks :)

    Hello :waves: I lived in tipis for several years. Glad to help if i can :)

    Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    I saw a fortune teller who predicted my death... I'm gonna die in 13 years!!!

    A very good morning to you Elf Queen :waves: (sorry this is slightly off topic everyone) A fortune teller told my wife the same, when she was 17. (ie would die at 30) Just wanted to let you know that she is now nearly 40 and very much alive. Infact has two new lives growing inside her. :D Whether that's good news or bad news to you i dont know, but just daring to suggest that the 'prophecy' may very well be unhelpfully misleading (if you are taking it at all seriously - sorry for the irrelevant post if you are not) Wishing only the very best for you, jerel :flower: