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    I think it was suggested a good while ago, but would it be possible to have monthly direct debits as well as a yearly fee.

    I'm not rich, neither am I totally skint. I totally value the information we've gathered here over the years.

    If UKH does end up shutting then the idea if putting the information onto purchasable cds really should be done.

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    I love the ebay link. I've managed to train myself to (almost all the time) only buy stuff via the link and I hope it makes a small difference.

    Because I access ebay mostly on the phone via the app, I save the bits in the basket and when I've finished the shopping I can go to the browser, go to UKH and then via the link back to ebay and pay. Can't cope with working with ebay on a phone browser.


    Just realised - nearly 10 years of using this site.

    Hippy squirrel needed! Is anyone driving from Exeter to the Green Gathering in Chepstow that could give a folding ambulance stretcher a lift! Assisted Camping needs a hand.

    Petrol money is available. Thank you.

    Modern evo-stick contact adhesive isn't as good as it used to be. Been made anti-sniff. Go for Wickes own contact adhesive, seems to be the best around now.
    My old Merc was done with battens on the ribs, rock wool between them and then ply on the walls, fixed to the battens to stop the cold bridge, and tongue and groove on the roof.
    I have to say I didn't do anything to the inside before I put the rock wool in and it's fine 19 years later. Toasty Van.
    Re thermal image camera. The winter I was doing the roof (about 3 years after the walls) it happened to snow mid way through the job. The snow was sitting 2" deep on the back half which had been insulated and there was none on the front which was bare metal. Proved it for me.

    Was searching for a mail forwarding/P O Box service so that an Association that I work for can have a stable address for memberships that we can redirect as required. Have been reading reviews on the mainstream services and they all appear to be horrendous. Found this one by chance - knew I'd heard of it before and of course this review came up. So relieved to have them vouched for by people that I know are genuine. UKhippy strikes again.
    Thank you guys.

    Have to say, because of never having had TV in van or truck ever, the TV has never been something I've considered in truck layout! They seem to arrange themselves around the bed, kitchen and wood burner! Although mine always has to fit a desk in too.
    Spent hours moving wood burner couple of inches in either direction though. .....

    Furniture in conversational set up and mainly aimed at the wood burner. We have the ability to point it at the projector screen when we want to watch a dvd/catch up with lots of us.
    Do understand your furniture point though - grin

    We don't have a licence because we don't have a working aerial! Only catch up iplayer is watched. Every 2-3 years I get another letter and reply that no we still don't use TV and therefore don't need a licence. 10 years ago they threatened a home visit so I rang them and said "absolutely no problem, but please could they come in an unmarked van as it's a small Welsh village and I didn't want gossip starting". No more visit mutterings. Personally I'd quite like them to arrive cos I'd love to show the defunct aerial hanging upside down with the wires out and ask them how they think it would get a picture. :-)

    As an aside for cassette toilets. Most campsites will let you empty the toilet for a nominal fee. I usually give them a quid! We have one for emergency poos only and it lives tucked away under the bed. I just automatically buy the non nasty chemical liquid from any caravan shop or ebay and it works fine.

    I went to a London Pride March in the mid 90 and remember it as very empowering and colourful. I was glad to have a friend to walk round with though.
    I remember panicing as to what to wear before hand l - then realised that if I couldn't wear what I wanted to at Pride that that was daft. When I got there in my normal array of colours and ended up having a photo taken of me by one of the press guys. My mate was joking "only you could get a photo taken of you at Pride in what you USUALLY wear!"

    Go for it.

    Totally agree with Medusa about people moving on and times in their lives. I've been a member for quite a few years now and have periods of time checking in to UKH and times when I don't. A lot of my access nowadays is done via a smart phone and I really like the tapatalk app. It really works for me. I also tend to access via the unread/new messages route and find that I get a broader idea of what's going on than if I cone in via the forum route. Some of the time I lurk and some of the time I interact.
    I personally think that the forum type set up totally has its place in the world. It gives one the ability to go deeper into things. I don't belong to the UKH Facebook page at all.

    Paul. I think you and the mods are doing a great job. Thank you.

    Re fire cement on stackpipe/roof joins. It will erode in the rain and leave nasty lines down your truck. High modulous silicon sealer or a "dectite" silicon gasket. They come as two types. Get the one for higher tempreratures and it will be fine with a single skinned chimney.
    Remember to clean the chimney regularly (hitting it works fine, then clear the gack off the baffle plate). Every so often go up and check that where the chimney exits the roof hasn’t got blocked due to extra soot at the cold point . I do mine about once a year.

    Somewhere in a past thread Julian the Gypsy did a wonderful piece on fire surrounds. The boy I'd like to add is, make sure your supporting battons run vertically!

    A small fire shovel that ALWAYS lives under the fire so that you can pick up any falling embers is also vital. And of course your fire is on a solid fireproof hearth. Stone metal or whateve.

    Now put the kettle on and enjoy your burner.

    I've got 2 x 150W of semi flexible panels on the roof and 300ah of batteries inside with a split charge relay and solar controller.
    I went for the semi-flexible due to lightness on the 3.5tonner they are on and also the fact that the roof rack is very slippery and I'd already landed on the roof once! Thought it cheaper to buy the better ones to start with than have to buy the lesser ones twice! Mine are flat to the roof, under the roof rack (things only go on there in the summer usually).
    Plenty for me at this time of year - all internal lights are LED - and plenty to charge electrical stuff for crew in the summer.

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