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    Between Ashbourne and Belper at a place called Bradley Nook Farm. Its J's farm and He's alright. I will post or someone else will on this forum next camp.

    :eek: Thats amazing, I grew up in Ashbourne. :insane: Keep me up dated if theres anything else going on round there, if i'm about i'd love to come.

    I havent been able to log in for a week or so as thereś a weak fone sig in the mountains. Am currently spending some time living at the Rainbow Village of Beneficio

    So its one blissfully happy chazz....

    Don´t forget to keep hold of your sanity :pp

    Ahh, nice pics Chazz. I finally escaped yesterday after lingering in the dust for a few days after the festival. In Granada now, I thought I was quite tanned after the weekend, but I had a wash this morning, all the brown skin seems to have gone down the lug-hole :D


    Quote from Chazz

    Well count me in as a reserve incase you don't get 12 pics

    (I reckon I'm safe, although I was thinking of waiting till you already had 30 volunteers:pp)

    You could join me n Fleass, we could send a copy to your ex-missus :whistle:

    Quote from Zee

    yeah, i reckon that really you should have one bloke and one lady for each month.

    Surely if we're gonna give an accurate representation of ukhippy we'll need more lezza photos. Sod equality :pp

    Quote from Chazz

    *thinks of trying to get Melyn to kidnap you to the Dragon Fest in March*

    I've already got her in my bag :reddevil: ... Even if she doesn't know it yet :whistle:

    Love that last picture, t'is stunning, makes me eager to be setting off.

    Depending on whether or not my friends are going, I may have bagged myself some work at the Rocket :pdance:

    Quote from Fleassy

    HAHA had you there!!

    Yeah, I was really convinced :rolleyes:


    ...or im incredibly tempted to go back to spain meet rosie and hitch to boom with her....

    I think thats the best idea you've had all year :arr:

    Does anyone have (or know someone who does) any working opportunities for this festie? I'm not sure if i'll be going yet, so paying for a ticket seems like a bit of a commitment (although I suppose I can sell it on if I don't want it) but i'd like to explore other options aswell, any ideas, help welcome :)

    Quote from stardust

    i went to see her once before and she brushed me off and implied i was just trying to get on the sick to blag the dole. didn't even look or pay any attention to the actual problem.

    Serves you right, you ought to get a real job, stop dossing around ... Become a house maid perhaps :whistle:

    I'm looking forwad to March, crossing the channel, heading for the Dragonfest on the 20th, from there ... Fook knows, can't wait :wheel:

    I'm not posotive at the moment, but i've been seriously considering going to boom this year n' if I do i'll definatly be hitchin', could always detour to Bilbao if you didn't wanna go it alone. Can't reliably say i'll be going at this point though, I barely know where i'm gonna be next month.

    {Insert token "Yarr" here} ... I can't get enough of this pirate jazz :ptype:

    Quote from stardust

    it's a festival of street theatre where everyone passes round hats at the end of performances to get money. tis most wikkid!

    Sounds like heaven :pdance:

    Quote from Sthenno

    Argh no! My internal organs are never going to feel the same again!

    (pirate smilies rock!)

    Yarr!! Ye cod take ship n' sail the seas :wheel:

    I'm pretty sure you can gett a ferry to Portugal for around £80 :pirates: Yo ho ho n' a bottle of rum (No absinthe, I promise :whistle:).

    Quote from gingernut

    my mums a Taurus, they can be very stubborn!

    :ditto: But I think thats as much a Motherly trait as it is a Taurus trait :p

    Sagittarius me.

    Hey, did anyone else notice the gurning and flirting van at this years festie? They had a van with a film studio set-up inside, they shot loads of little films of people firstly gurning, then morphing the gurn into a flirtatious pout.

    I've been looking for them online but I couldn't find anything, wondered if anyone might have any leads?

    Whenever I try to sleep on my back I have dreams of falling or crashing into things or slipping, its very strange.

    I'm with sewing lumpy things to you sides, that or sleeping in a very tight box making it impossible to roll :rolleyes:

    You mean seeing a girl writhing around in the mud at ridiculous o'clock in the morning didn't do it for you? ... Were you on your way to get some toast? ;)

    -Keeping my mouth shut about toes and slippery things-


    Oddly enough I think Workhouse was one of my drug free festies ... I'm definatly not a morning person :sleep: