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    I don't know if it's a workable idea or not, but, I wish it was. I'm sick and tired of reading about footballers buying "bling" while me and my family can't even afford to buy clothes from anywhere except charity shops (but at least we've got clothes full stop). The distribution of wealth is fucking ridiculous both domestically and internationally.

    I don't neccesarily agree with all this, as it could be argued that it's the poorest members of our own species that will suffer most from the destruction of the natural environment, but I do believe that we need to see ourselves as a part of nature and that if we do destroy the world, it is perfectly natural. This computer is nothing more than an advanced version of the sharpened stone used to crack nuts open. Not that much more advanced actually, I sometimes think the damn thing would make a better nutcracker.


    But who's to say those things aren't natural? Sure they weren't here at the dawn of time

    Actually they were. Everything was. We've just reconfigured it into new combinations. If you waited long enough, the car or the microchip would have assembled itself!

    Just click the link, then hit the video search button for "loose Change" and click the first one that comes up. Just watched it. Mental stuff. A great documentary that makes me very very afraid!

    I use ebay and have never had any problems. It's the same as anyplace, you just have to be careful who you deal with. However, I'm surprised they allow people to sell real fur on there. If I didn't use ebay so much, I'd bid high in all the fur auctions and then just refuse to pay for any of sabbing.... Someone wanna go for it? How about you Cromlix, since you don't use it anyway? Meanwhile, I'm gonna write a letter of complaint.

    I think most people are full of shit to be honest. Sure, lot's of people follow a few shamanic practices, but there's definately not many people who are actual Shaman. As I understood it, to be a shaman you A) have to be born with a certain character B) have to be trained almost exhaustively for many years by a Shaman. I've seen a few shaman groups and societies who all dress up like native americans and bang plastic bohdrans at weekends. Pah. That's a joke. Then there are a lot of mis-guided raveheads who are by their very nature always seeking some sort of spiritual individuality.
    A Shaman was the head of a tribes spiritual destiny. Saying that you are a shaman is similar to claiming that you are the pope just because you've read a few passages from the bible and you wear a crucifix.

    I remember reading a while back that when a shaman chooses an apprentice, one of the biggest traits they'd look for was sense of humour, particularly the ability to laugh at oneself, at misfortune, and at generally the whole of reality. This indicates that they see it for what it is, a dream, a metaphor, a fake skin stretched tightly over the spiritworld.
    People who go round saying that they are an actual Shaman haven't got a sense of humour. They're so busy looking inwards that they can't see their part in the spirit web.

    I would have no trouble eating an animal that I'd killed. IF I could kill one. The only reason I'm veggie is because I don't feel comfortable paying someone else to do it for me. If I did end up on the hypothetical desert island, I would hunt to survive. That's fair. At least the animal has a chance to escape, thus facilitating their evoloution as only the ones that can escape my spear will live to breed.


    If it's them or me, then I'm back in the ecosystem and it's survival of the fittest!

    I love that dok. I'm soooo stealing it for next time someone takes the piss.

    If my only contact with the Islamic faith had been what's been in the media in the past few days, I would assume that the word "muslim" was synonymous with "Nazi". Looking at the pictures, reading the articles, I keep feeling that Islam is a horrible regime, not just a religion.

    I'm not gonna say anymore in case I come across as racist, which I'm not. But freedom of speech is very important to me, and I am very grateful to live in a country where I can say "Jesus titty-fucking Christ" without fear of a stoning (the bad type!).

    This is such a load of rubbish. Did anyone see the interview on ITN at lunchtime? I'm sorry, but, the fanatics who kick up a fuss about a cartoon are the ones that need to be charged with inciting religious hatred. After watching them storm the danish embassy in Indonesia I...gah. Sorry, I'm feeling really angry about this. The woman interviewing the muslim guy on the news was trying to make the point that celebrating the Sept 11 attacks was offensive to westeners, but the bloody muslim wasn't listening at all.
    There's something funny going on. Either the media is being very selective with how they portray muslims, or Islam actually is an evil religion. This guy in the news room was actually trying to justify murdering anyone who draws a picture of Mohammed. Even trying to say that muslims have a right to do it in this country as part of their religious freedom.
    Seriously. I can see the far right rubbing their hands with glee.

    I'm totally with you. In my opinion you haven't really climbed a tree until you've done it with naked feet. I always go barefoot when I can. Dogpoo isn't your friend though, trust me.
    Plus I HATE wearing socks, they make me feel sleepy and nauseous.

    I think that instead of poisoning the grey squirrels, they should give steroids to the red squirrels. And possibly arm them. That should redress the natural balance.

    Seriously though, the grey squirrel has decimated the red population in a very short time, so, I think that something should be done, but killing animals to save them isn't it. Ever.

    Sterilisation isn't ideal, but, if handled intelligently and with compassion, could provide an alternative to the dreaded "cull".

    Then again, should people be intervening in evolutionary matters? Obviously the Grey squirrel is the fittest survivor, and maybe we should let them drive the red's to extinction. Maybe we should get those crazy jap scientists in to make them glow in the dark? That'd make 'em much easier prey.

    Quote from Minwah

    Anyone who had a C64 will remember this...

    They're still going you know. Jeff Minter (Llamasoft game guru, Camel/Llama/Sheep worshipper extraordinaire) worked on the new Xbox 360 (he made the lightsynth that plays when you stick in an audio cd)

    Ahem. Anyway, here's my contributiton:

    One argument is that Alcoholism is an illness, and if he'd been diagnosed with..I dunno, MS, then he'd still be in charge. Not neccesarily saying that I agree with that tact, but, meh. Then again, Heroin addiction is an illness, but, a junkie wouldn't get any sympathy at all, so touche Kristen. Shut-up you fool.

    Hope he recovers though, 'coz he wasn't a bad bloke.

    This is my damn fool dog making a damn fool of himself outside my bedroom window. His name is Satchmo, and he talks. Non-stop. Not in English though obviously....I think it's in Portugese...

    (By the way, I live in a bungalow, Satch isn't just incredibly tall.)

    So, Charles Kennedy has been forced to resign as leader of the Liberal Democrats. I personally think it's an awful decision that will see the party losing a lot of the ground they've managed to gain over the past 10 years or so.

    If a person has a problem, they make the person go away. I think that say's a lot about the modern politician.

    With you all the way. The only time anything like that is acceptable is in a reserve for endangered species. It's not acceptable that a creature should need human assistance to keep the species alive, but, neccesary. Not in Zoo's though. It's tragic to see magnificent creatures displayed that way. I think it teaches children to see the natural world as something to be conquered, which is obviously not healthy. Caged pets too. That's bollocks.

    Quote from BBC News

    Today's teenagers 'more literate'

    Teenagers are more literate than they were 10 years ago, one of the largest studies of exam papers suggests.
    They use better punctuation, more complicated sentences and are better spellers, according to University of Cambridge researchers. A study of GCSE papers from 1994 and 2004 suggests candidates have a wider vocabulary, but do use more slang.

    What do people make of this? Personally, I can't believe it. The amount of chimps that I just won't talk to online thanks to their constant "txt-speak" is ridiculous, so, erm...yeah.
    Can this be true? Could better spelling actually be the positive influence of new communication methods such as mobile phone texting and the internet? Is the overall view of a nation "dumbing down" wrong?

    I thought it was really rare for cheese to be made with animal renet nowadays anyway? Short of getting a list of ingredients before each meal, and then checking the ingredients of each ingredient, you can't really be so picky.
    When I eat out, if it don't say meat on the menu, then that's good enough for me.