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    Quote from MrAHC

    You cant advise me to do anything.

    You were here asking peoples advice on your animals so I gave my opinion which I'll stick to. The last bit of advice I gave to you was about getting a Double Decker Bus at 17.....

    She didn't ask advice on her piggies, she asked if anyone could home them.

    And you my think it is your right to judge anyone you like in any way you like but i am about to judge you! How can you be so mean and heartless to talk to a girl half your age in such low and out of order way. If you want to home one of Neani's piggies then post away but if you are only here to slag off her choice to help animals that needed re-homing that would of proberly died much earlier without her help, (and that she has chosen to re-home once it has got to much for her,) then i really think you better get off your pedestal and judge yourself a little. i think it is shocking behaver.:mad:


    Quote from Kristen

    This is something I worry about far too much. Since you lot seem well in the know maybe you can help me. I'm 5"6 and a bit (the bit is very important to me so don't forget it!) and I weigh 9 st 13 lb - 10 st 1 lb depending on what day of the night it is. I always feel I should weigh less and I do diet a lot. I'm sure I read that for my height I should be about 9 st. Is that right?

    For your height you should be between 9st and 11st.

    Your BMI Result

    Your BMI has been calculated as 22.65 using a height of 5' 6" and a weight of 9 stones 13.00lbs .
    Your BMI suggests you are a healthy weight for your height

    You are at least risk of developing weight-related medical problems. Your health may not necessarily benefit from further weight loss. It is important not to aim to go below this range.

    Your BMI is 22.75 which is bang smack in the middle of healthy, and you are in the band of 11 - 14stone which is the healthy weight for your height.

    oh and if you were still 9 and a 1/2 stone i would worry for your health you would of had a 17.29 BMI (the size zero ban on models at one of the big shows was for anyone with a BMI under 18) under 17 is a sign of [SIZE=-1]Anorexia Nervosa.[/SIZE]

    Not sure were to post this so feel free to move it but i thought it affects Pagan types most of all.

    The government is trying to ban the use of swords which will also include the use of swords for martial arts training. I would be greatful if you could sign the PM's petition to stop this act going through in its entirity.

    The proposed ban on the import, sale and manufacture of swords will have an adverse effect on legitimate practitioners, collectors and manufacturers. It will also affect reenactment groups. Actual sword related crime is very rare and does not warrant a ban that affects the cultural activities of thousands of legitimate martial artists, collectors and smiths. Current legislation is quite adequate to deal with violent crime connected with bladed weapons. New legislation is merely for show. Enforcing such a ban will also affect cultural events such as Scottish Sword Dancing and many Sikh festivals and pagan practices. Plus just about every Martial Arts practitioner, and have a major impact on Iaido, batto jutsu and hundreds of other arts. We urge the PM to reconsider this knee jerk reaction to media influenced scaremongering.:mad:

    clicky clicky

    Our cats love cheese. Jasper who will normally not touch you will climb on you and take pizza or crisps from your mouth. They are of the opinion that if we can eat it they can!

    don't know if this helps but the is an o'neils in cardiff and they do lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvely veggi stuff and it is really good value, worth a try!

    Quote from Coyote

    I dont recall her asking for a lecture on the "evils" of McDonalds :whistle::harhar: just info on whether anything they sell is veggie....

    Here here! :thumbup:

    As for McDonalds i eat there very rarley cos there better places that are just as cheap but if it is the only option i go with fries or a salad:)

    This is a hard question to answer, You need money to live in the world as it is. Even if you can live on the land, from wild food and spring water, get your power from solar and wild, you still need to pay taxes. We want to get a small holding and just live but if i became ill i would want to call on the NHS to fix me so i have no right to complain about taxes.

    We pay the lottery every week. I want to win not to go mad and buy a mansion. I want to put it in the bank build an eco friendly home and then live on the interest so we never have to worry about money. i think it is bloody anonying how doors open for you when you have money.
    It makes everything so much easier and money dose breed money, if you have money in bank then you get paid to have it, on the other hand if you have no money you get a bank charge or something and you are in debit.

    i think Atomik is right it is not the money that is good or bad. It is the person with the money and how they choose to spend it. But i do think it amplifies it if you are a good person with money you will do loads of great deeds with the money that you couldn't of done with out it.

    So in conclusion money is not good or bad - people are!

    i got this email today from my cousin if it helps:

    Tmr's report is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on the science of climate change, which is going to be quite scary - will summarise findings over the past 4 years on how fuked up the planet is getting and how much us humans have contributed through wasteful consumption...

    The issues? well the more people are aware about these problems, and think twice before deciding to drive when they can walk, fly when they can train it, pump up the heating instead of wearing more than a Tshirt etc... and break away from this terrible waste culture.. then the more chance of saving this world before it's too late!

    do this do this!! even Eiffell tower will be joining in in the lights off!!


    The 1st of February 2007:

    Participate in the biggest mobilization of Citizens Against Global Warming!

    The Alliance for the Planet [a group of environmental associations] is calling to create 5 minutes of electrical rest for the planet.

    People all over the world should turn off their lights and electrical appliances on the 1st of February 2007, between 1.55 pm and 2.00 pm in New York, 18.55 for London, and 19.55 for Paris, Bruxelles, and Italy. 1.55pm in Ottawa, 10.55 am on the Pacific Coast of North America, 1.55 and 2.00 am in Vietnam.

    This is not just about saving 5 minutes worth of electricity; this is about getting the attention of the media, politicians, and ourselves.

    Five minutes of electrical down time for the planet: this does not take long, costs nothing, and will show all that global warming is an issue that needs to come first and foremost in political debate.

    Why February 1? This is the day when the new UN report on global climate change will come out in Paris.

    This event affects us all, involves us all, and provides an occasion to show how important an issue global warming is to us. If we all participate, this action can have real media and political weight.

    Please circulate this call to your utmost ability to your network.

    i started out on the veggie path cos i realised i had not eaten meat in 3mths and not even noticed. i watched a show about how they "sort baby chicks" in a battery farm and i was so upset, i said to my husband thats it i am not eating meat ever again. In the begining it was more about the fact i was giving these people there wages to do these awful things to animals but as time has pasted i've looked at it and i would never in a million years eat one of our cats so what makes them any differant to the cow for my burger. As a member of amnesty international spend alot of time thinking about equal rights and i think all animals are equal, i would not want to be eaten so i am not eating any of my equals.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i got a reply to the email i sent to leeds council:

    Dear Ami

    Leeds City Council has looked into recycling tetra paks but it is not feasible to collect them at the moment. This is because tetra paks are difficult to recycle due to them being made of a mixture of materials. Also tetra paks need to be recycled quickly before they start to decompose, it would be difficult to collect a large amount before the tetra paks started to rot, there are also transport costs involved. It is not currently feasible to start recycling tetra paks, however in the future it may be an option as the recycling markets develop.

    Please note that Leeds City Council is aware of the information on the website you suggested.

    Thank you for recycling.

    Kate Stanley
    Education & Awareness Assistant
    Recycling & Waste

    i have a new thought i have emailed my mp and my council, and am now writing a petition to go round my town door to door. Thinking of setting up a table in leeds centre one day as well see how many people i can get to sign it. anyone know if i need any kind of permit to do a petition?

    Quote from BGG_Owen

    Heya, Check out the website for Innocent smoothies as they have a letter template to send to your local MP to try and get councils to recycle tetra paks. Maybe get more people in the community to send letters also.

    this is the template :

    Please copy and paste the text from this letter into a blank document, insert your details, print it out and pop it in the post to your local council.
    You can look up their address here. Thanks for helping out.

    Please start recycling Tetra Pak cartons
    I'm writing to ask you to start recycling Tetra Pak cartons. I've noticed that other councils are providing this service, but for some reason, you aren't.
    Tetra Pak cartons are a very common way of packaging food and drink, so there are a lot of these cartons about. I've checked with Tetra Pak themselves - they say that their cartons are recyclable.
    Please see for more information on the recycling of Tetra Paks.
    So, seeing as it's possible and that other councils are doing it, I was hoping that you could also start providing this service. Let me know what your plans are and when you propose to start collection of Tetra Pak cartons - my address is at the top of this page and I look forward to your response.
    Thanks a lot for your time.
    Kind regards

    i just found this on the innocent website

    "Up until June 2006, lots of the UK's carton recycling happened at a paper mill in Fife called Smith Anderson. Unfortunately this mill has now been closed."


    This is the letter i have drafted to put though my neibours doors what do you think? and please point out all my typeos cos i am pants at spelling and don't want to send it out all wrong :

    "Hi thank you for sparing a minute to read my letter. I live at ************ and i am a very keen recycler. We recycle everything we can but have come across a problem we get a lot of things from the Supermarket that are in Tetra Pak cartons, they can be recycled but only in large numbers and it would take us months at least to get the minimum of 400kg they except. If you have any and would like to help us and the environment then wash them out and drop them in the bin provided at the end of our drive thank you so much for your support.

    Ami Atkinson"

    It is driving me bloody mental we tend to get loads in our house but can't do anything with them, it says on the website you can recycle them but that they will only take 400kg bundles anyone know a way to recycle them in smaller amounts?

    Quote from Exedous

    Buy this book, its a bible for the hunter gatherer...good luck, and take time to learn bout what to and what NOT to eat.....

    thanks Ex dude. i have this book and yeah it is wicked good

    Quote from velvet

    Hey that's a pretty good idea! Book should be an interesting read as well.

    But .. ehm... so you actually went into a forrest looking for stray chicken to capture and eat? Heheh.. hm.. *looks at the ducks and geese at the local patch of water here*... heeeeeeeere ducky ducky ducky ducky! :D

    Chicken of the woods is a fungus :D sorry to ruin the image of my runnin around the woods tryin to catch me a chicken

    i guess this is where this should go but if not feel free to move it,

    Me and the hubby have been going to the woods for the last 2 weeks and picking blackberries for my home made ice creams etc. we have decided that we are gonna go every week and pick food for free. yesterday we got a "chicken of the woods" and had it with organic veggies and home made garlic butter it was lovely.

    i guess that what i want from this tread is ideas for what is in season and recipes that you guys might have. we have a couple of books about it that help but if you guys know anything that would be uber!
    thanks in advance