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    I shave my armpits cos I don't like them being hairy, but I've decided to completely give up shaving my legs - it's not worth the price of a razor and I don't feel self conscious about it anymore. If someone found it so unattractive that they were completely put off me because of it, then I doubt we'd have much in common anyway.

    Anti-depressants are useful to give you the motivation for self-help or psychotherapy when you're so far gone you don't even want to get better anymore or have no energy to. I was completely against taking them for a long time, but I think the risk of making things worse is overstated. Yeah, the side effects can suck, but it's a case of trying out another type if one does bad things to you. Citalopram made me a lot worse but switching to something else helped a lot - you can always stop taking them if the side effects are too much to handle.

    If you have the internet at school/work/college you could try only using it there, and not having a connection at home. I've found this stops me from going online just cos I'm bored.

    I am trying to clarify in my mind what is being said here. it seems that..if meat is going to be binned then it is ok to eat it.... now.. is this the same as buying a real fur because the animal is already dead and the fur is going to be chucked out if nowone buys it?

    I suspect it is not..but help me see the difference please:panic:

    If it's going to go in the bin anyway then eating it won't contribute to the meat industry - the damage has already been done by someone paying for the meat in the first place.

    I don't think I'd be able to eat meat now even if I wanted to, but if my housemates are definitely about to chuck out something that's veggie but not vegan I'll often eat it if nobody else wants it.

    Guess it depends what the problem is specifically, but sometimes laughter can help clear the air. Even if it's forced at first, your brain will automatically rationalise it to help dispell whatever's bothering you. Doesn't always work, but sometimes helps with minor feelings of weirdness. What seems to be the problem, exactly?


    Other peoples' wonder I feel I have OCD at times

    Hehe, I know the feeling - there's a gravy jug in the kitchen that's been growing its own ecosystem for the past term. I photographed a bowl of tuna, for an art project, that had been decomposing for over a week and it was so disgusting that I still didn't realise for a few days that it was my bowl that someone had used. *grumbles*

    Quote from princesstigermouse

    Sorry if I'm being facetious, but it wasn't "designed" to be anything, it's the latest leg of a journey through a number of different festivals falling on roughly the same date, throughout history. Like Christmas.

    Like this one:
    Happy Horny Werewolf Day!

    Definitely nut roast. I had falafel a couple of weeks ago as my flatmates were all making a roast together and I couldn't find a nut roast mixture in ASDA (it was a bit last minute). Wasn't that bad actually!

    Those designs are so funky! A lot of art colleges have facilities for silkscreen printing, so if you're at college you could try asking the art department if they have the right equipment.


    I can't verbalise what I mean by that... in terms of the actual psychological techniques that a good practicioner can place inside your amazes me that they stay put..that I can access these at any time-sometimes it takes a prod from a friend but nine times out of ten these devices just start clicking on and whirring and helping all on their own..

    Yeah, I think I know what you mean - even if the actual technique you're taught is similar to something you try to use to 'talk' yourself out of a negative and irrational thought pattern it can be really useful. Having a structured technique that you work through each time you panic can stop you giving up and freaking out.

    The only problem I've found is that now I've learnt a set of approaches to calming myself down I feel like I should know how sort out all my problems, so when I really start to feel bad I don't go and speak to anyone about it. Seem to be able to calm myself down eventually tho, so maybe it's alright.


    however, some 250.000 people claim £600m in benefits for stress related illness

    What, so because something is stress related it isn't an illness? What about depression and anxiety disorders caused by stress?

    How do you know what that 'surplus' is though?

    Not wanting to exploit animals doesn't equate to trying to 'raise yourself ethically above them.' Animals sometimes attack and rape each other but that doesn't mean it's fine for us to do so.


    I just cant see it happening , i don't know it is just an opinion, we are too politically correct in this day and age. I just don't mind being intruded on it is not going to make the slightest difference to anything i do or have done in my life.

    Why is it that any vaguely liberal idea these days can be labelled 'political correctness'? This has nothing to do with appeasing minority groups or semantic change.

    LOL That is funny. What's wrong with being a metalhead? Thought more Pagans than that disliked Khaotes, or maybe I'm just being paranoid. :o I tend get on well with most other Pagans I meet, anyway.