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    People dont get caught enough times, i dont understand this law....have they asked anyone if they want this? coz only drink drivers would want this.

    Apparently they dont want them to lose their jobs which could affect the the economy is more important than lives. Well im glad i know where i stand when i cross a road.

    well thats stormfront for you...i remember a thread about nationalist anarchists...their trying to recruit them now. Nationalist anarchists are a joke and believe in racial seperatism...everyone living in their own villages. They say it wont end in violence and everyone would have to agree. Apparently nationalist anarchists are working with some black nationalists who will want the same thing...but i think that if u had that then...white people would get the best resources and better villages. So it wont be equal. Their idiots and not technically anarchists if they dont want to get rid of that hierarchy.

    im so glad ive got 2 legs otherwise i might have felt like punchin someone in the face...i dunno why people feel the need to belittle someone coz they have one leg other than their own insecurities.

    If she's a nut aint got nothin to do with her leg.

    She breaks the law, she should get the same equal oppressive treatment like everyone else who is criminalised for taking drugs.
    It is really your own fault if you look up to a clearly flawed and imperfect woman. As far as children go...well maybe we should try and socialise them into not being brainless twats who are so impressionable that they'll just follow like sheep.

    I find it frustrating that while some people are actually concerned about more concerned with Tibet and the oppressive regime of China.

    I find the vast majority of the time, that if nothing works in her getting really is up to her. Who am i to take away her free will if she wishes to destroy her body after all, it is hers. And...well i dont know the full story of why she's taking drugs. She will either die or she will eventually realise somethings...but i think we just have to leave it up to her.

    they dont like criticism and protesting is basically someone saying, "i think your full of shit". If it was a protest to ban them...that's different. All their doing is informing the public of their actions in their religion.
    Are they harming people? Depends how far in you are. But coz they are so secretive and sensitive to public criticism...when people enter into their religion, they dont know a lot because scientology doesn't want them to know a lot until they pay a bit of cash.
    So where is it?

    Quote from SithInKnots

    I laughed so hard when the god hates fags group got sued for useing 'We are the World' in a twisted propaganda you-tube video. I think the leader of that group wanted to do what L. Ron did - start a wacky f'ed up religion just to see if people would follow it.

    I think the most I've been disturbed by a white supremist group was when watching a news story program that showcased a pair of young girls (10ish?) who would tour around singing hate filled rasist songs. Such indoctrination is just frightful.

    Think I found the tv show 'bout them on youtube called: White Nationalism: Prussian Blue (parts 1-5) Scary.

    Think that was louis theroux...or there was something like that.

    Quote from Sarah

    Put yaself in the father's shoes for a minute.. his profession I guess might be pretty goal driven.. imagine the challenge of transforming his mongoloid daughter into a "normal" infant.. imagine the credibility..

    I personally think its fucking warped :mad:

    that's why i dont understand not him...but through verstehen...i know where it comes from. They said they are going to wait until she is old enough but...i wonder if they'll ask her the question do you want this? or if they'll wait until she says i want this. They might plant the idea in her mind.

    I think they should wait until she's older.
    Also...judging by her face, i'd say she's a bonnie baby. I dont understand why they want to change her face. I think they should be focusing on managing her health rather than changing her face. Oh and it is a risk to put someone under a general anaesthetic. So if i had a baby i would avoid as many operations as i could because they are dangerous. All sorts of complications can happen.

    I dont understand it. I dont think its for her...i think its for them. They have a problem with her face, not she.

    If i had a son i would want him to be equally supported as a daughter of mine getting beaten by a man/women.

    I think that if there are men who want to let them march. Don't quash their free a women i need to see men supporting this as well. If they stand at the sidelines it just makes me think you dont see them equally.

    I'd march with men to stop female violence against men. I'd be pleased that they'd march with me. We should have solidarity with gender.