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    i read a book called free about a girl living a year without money on the stuff folk chuck away. Really interesting and she felt more powerful with less stress in her life however like you say it can only be done if the rich do the chucking away. really interesting read tho i fully recommend.

    hiya i tend to do things like shepherds pie, stews, pasta bakes, curries and chillis, soups ect. I cook from scratch and can bring it in on decent quality food for 35p per portion. I also bake biscuits, cakes and flapjacks.x

    any ideas how best to get rid of it. Im feeding li un so it has to be baba friendly its awful and making me feel sick and not wanting to eat. I cant take the tablets i had last time coz im feeding. I know its stress related and will go eventually but its gwtting me down now ta for reading. x

    i found with my 2 it was they had cracked it one min and not the next, they all get there in the end. Beth trained herself coz she watched milly.

    Another viewpoint maybe that once you learn to live without money and do not have to work for someone else to get it ect in a life of misery in a job you hate you are then free to be who you want to be and therefore hold more power than somebody who is rich. If you have nowt you cant loose it and the rich man has a lot to loose and a lot of stress to make sure that he doesnt loose it. Personally i wouldnt want power over others it does nowt for me. I think everybody should be treated equally as we are all human.

    sienna is 8 months and still going strong. as they hreach one an eat more food thy drink less milk anyway and it settles them so it may only really be in the night and the snoozetime feed needed really. it would be nice to continue until shes ready and at the moment shes teething and needs mummy more than ever for comfort. my mum said to me when i first started if you do it till three months then it was 6 months and the 9 months i think she finally has it that im continuing as long as sienna and me are happy with it.

    hiya hun im on my third baby and im feeding now for 8weeks my other 2 i gave in after being told bottles ect and having probs this time no chance. i done all my research n im not giving up. hop[e it clears soon hun.

    my middle girl beth who was my first co sleeper would not settle in her own cot/bed for ages, so she use to sleep in with us at sme point from 10pm onwards in the night. we all slept happily together. shes three now and happy in her own bed, i now have an 8week old who is a basket at side of my bed but comes into bed for milkies and nods off the in middle of night, she too prefers to snuggle up to sleep.

    until my section on the 11th june, i cant wait to meet my lil person but a bit scared of having the op again. thanks needed to share have been told i have low waters so i could end up having my lil one early.

    some of these rents are scary for what you get £300 for a studio flat. my mortgage is £375 a month for a large three bed terrace in decentish area, good schools, transport networks the lot. i moved out at 22 when me and jon bought this place. prior to that i lived at home worked three part time jobs and did a full time degree. stay at home keep ya goal in mind and save save save.

    makes me wonder with so many rights everyone has these days why it hasnt been banned if animals are being harmed and killed by it, surely you think they would i mean if it was a person being worked in those conditions it would be ended asap so why not for horses. it baffles.

    ive never done drugs or really drank that much and never when ive been pregnant just not my thing. I also realise no matter how much i drink i still got a little un or 2 nearly 3 to get up with come 6am as for sport no ta you can keep it. lol

    i ve been under nhs a few times since 2005 for various different ops and one night in with my daughter who was poorly they do a fab job. ive never had any cause for comp-laint with the exception of once of a midwife who was extremely short with me for asking for help re feeding my newborn. other than that ive found it to be a positive experience esp when you consider some countries lack of basic health provisions or an expensive pay per use system i dont think we do to bad at all.