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    oh mate i use to have panic attacks on buses in new places ect, only way to deal with it is make yourself go for it. I found it really hard at first but now im confident and happy within myself. Make a list of what you wanna achieve and just go for it? youll never know if you dont try. I use to panic about going to uni i went anyway did my best and i got a 2.1 out of it so i was chuffed.

    mite sound a bit of a mad question but in the book does it give you instructions to crochet right handed and left handed? im left handed and knit left hsnded but but all boomks tend to be in righ, my mum taught me to knit (also left handed)

    My husband use to work in the courts in manchester he was handcuffed to some of the loveliest people you can imagine, believe me some of the teenagers are the worst. They use to have people who use to bite the guards. On one occassion he was spat at and if you refuse to walk the guards just carry you then drop you on your head at the other end. I also remember him bringing home impetigo when i was 6 months pregnant thanks for that one lol.

    yeah there lil angels most of the time they have their moments lol but there really laid back and placid and my eldest likes to play with my youngest by showing her toys and what they do ect its really sweet she calls her teddy. are yours good?

    awww she is so sweet, it brings back memories cant believe how fast the last 10 weeks have flown my daughter is getting so big now. what weight was nel?

    no your not a bad mum your a person in your own right with dreams, feelings and a set idea of what you want to do. I feel quite limited too as i have 2 kids one is 19 months and the other is 7 weeks old, we all hate being indoors. Id love to explore more and take em to beautiful places that you just dont get round here, like the ones my parents took me to see as a child. You only get one life live it and enjoy it. Im also trying to talk my husband into going to a festival next year with the kids too as couldnt leave em behind they brighten my days x

    your life isnt your own these days your every movement registered. we are all noted from birth on the database of the uk thru hospitals, registered births now child trust funds are was for the gvt to keep track of you and make money out of you. do we have to have one even if we have a passport? not that mine is any good as it is in the wrong name. will we be expected to pay for these cards directly or are they gonna increase taxation to fund it?

    i got one too coming up after having my baby, im dreading it coz i got a bicornate uterus so it always hurts, i have my appt in a few weeks hope i get a female nurse. Glad you got your choice it makes you slightly more relaxed than having a male doctor do it.

    id love to go maybe next year tho as im having my baby on monday so gonna be busy and laid up for a few weeks, whereabouts is it? I was looking at it on net and they do coachs from manchester which i could do as i dont drive but cant really take two babies on the coach. i really need to pass ma test dont i?

    hiya i was on the pill for 6 years until i had my first daughter, i was on it from age of 16, i found it made me depressed if anything however the fear of getting pregnant was too much for me to stop taking it. It worked fine as a contraception, i then went back on it till we decided to concieve our second child due 2nd july and then im gonna have to decide again what to do contraception wize, my friend had a coil fitted and said its really good for contaception and hardly any bleeding at all, i dont fancy this tho or the inplant or the injections and im allergic to plasters so the patch will be out too. Usually the doctor will advise against the pill if you have a number of factors against you such as, if your over 35, a smoker, have heart probs in family ever had dvt that type of thing. sorry if not helped x

    Hiya hun mmmmh cud be two, im due to go in to give birth in 2 weeks had ma last at 36 weeks, I only had one at a time lol and people are only asking me now if im pg im currently 37 weeks lol. Good luck its loverly to see them on the scan ive had 7 scans this time x

    Hiya everyone im new hear so just getting to grips with the diff forums, i love this one its fab. Im due to have my second baby in 2 weeks my first is 17 months old called milly. Im a cloth nappy user, ect i got a freedom sling off net its really good, never had one for milly but this looks fab esp as ill have ma hands full with two. Milly is in a pushchair as she doesnt yet walk, shes getting there but dont like to push her i believe shell get there in her own free time. Im gonna breastfeed too coz its loads easier than bottles (this was last time).