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    These are hand made Bracelets made by myself with Pandora style beads/chains

    1)[/IMG] £5

    2)[/IMG] £6

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    All bracelets have a safty stopper on them so the beads will not fall off them unless you undo the wrong clasp, you open them with the clasp that says love on it if you would like one please PM me with the number of the bracelet you would like I would prefair payment via paypal :)

    I might know someone but its a big MIGHT before Christmas as he's just set up a little side business so might be too busy but he might do it not sure how much he charges though

    i went to a fish spechalist place on friday and the man there told me that i could put some fish in that day so i got 3 zebra fish but he said something totally diffrent to the man in the garden center who said i could wait a week before putting new fish in the tank the man at the fish place said i had to wait 4 weeks so now i'm confussed :S

    ah right thanks i thought it was something going wrong :o I'm hoping to get mostly guppies but there are these other fish that are quite cute i'll post a photo when i get them, thanks for putting my mind at ease xx

    hi guys I have recently bought a fish tank i've wanted one for a while theres a shop near me sells them but is shutting down so selling them cheaper than normal i got a new pump, heater and everything with it and set it all up tusday i cant buy any fish for a week after the shop been set up but there's alot of tiny bubbles coming out of the pump and its making alot of foamy stuff on the top is this normal? or is there something up with the pump? i have tried it on diffrent speeds and there are less on diffrent speeds the heater is working fine its just the pump i'm worried about because in shops there arent that many bubbles at least there doesn't seem to be and i don't want to kill the fish i get. Thanks for any tips Kate x

    i understand where you are coming from and if WW2 hadn't have happened i don't think the world would be the place it is now especially technology wise and i dont think people would have the same appreciation for each other or other country's

    thanks sorry i posted this when i was tired and having a panic attack i hadnt slept properly at all and all this because my brother is filling my head with shit when he obviously doesnt know the real problem even though he has been told but has obviously chosen not to listen or understand he likes to think he knows best when he doesnt know anything at all :o:curse:

    Hey all I really need to know this because its getting me increadably stressed out/depressed about 3 weeks ago i got the assment form and filled it in and sent it back but still havent heard anything i really need to know so i can deal with what ever the ansaw from them. After speaking to my brother yesterday and him saying they'll proberbly take my money off me because i can walk,talk and think (my disabiltys go much futher than that theres stuff he doesnt know) its really scared me i've been worried about this since before the form even came i dont see me getting a job i have pretty much no qualifications and no self confidence to go somewhere and be intrerviewd for a job people think i'm just been lazy but i arent and the worse people are my family mainly my brother. I've tried looking it up on the internet as to how long it can take but cant find anything surely if an employee was putting me under this much stress I would have a case? so why should the 'goverment' get away with it?

    there doing some work around hull to get fiber optic broadband to some people but BT isn't in hull a company called kingston communications have pretty much the monopoly over the whole of hull there is a rumor going around that BT are near where i live at the moment but how true it is i don't know its been this way since something silly like 1904 and while we haven't acctually had any trouble (yet) with KC lots of people do as they give a pretty shoddy service there proberbly trying to improve it now if BT are in

    no we didnt get one with the sky box but it appers to have sorted it now thanks for advice :) have you had a good experince of talking to sky then Mayfly? because i never have :( they always try and blame your internet providor

    Hey guys so today we upgraded to sky HD but when it is connected to the internet/phone line it disconnects the internet constantly so we contacted sky and they said it might be the micro filter which i found out afterwards we dont acctually have one plugged in so i'm gonna try and get one tomorrow BUT the sky box isnt near anything else IE phone/router there at the other end of the room (its quite a big room here) so with the micro filter what else do we plug in to it? if anything? thanks for any advice

    i've had this a few times my last one was a few weeks ago horrible things my last one i was stuck to the bed and i was trying to shout of one of my dogs which i later found out that he was outside my bedroom trying to get in but mum didnt relise what was happening so she didnt let him in so now i sleep with the door open a little hoping that if it happens again he can wake my body

    no checked that yesterday but another thing that happens (i saw it happen today) is Toby (the dog) throws his ball at the computer so he's probably caused something to go wrong with it, its only done it for about 1/2 an hour today then stopped and hasn't done it since and it was a different sound but i will have to have a better look at it next week when my brother can give me a hand

    ok so there's no internal speakers the computer isn't making the sound this morning (so far) but spotify was complaining about it using too much memory i looked that up and that appeared to be a separate issue that comes with spotify's latest update, next to the computer is a thing that monitors the CPU, Memory, Speed ect but the sound was really sounded like it was coming from the tower itself i was speaking to a friend last night who said it could be the mother board fan? but he was just guessing :-S

    well when mum first heard it she thought it was music coming from the computer because it does sound kind of like some kind of rap music i know that this probably really isnt helping but its the best depiction i can give, it happens about every 5-10 minutes for a few seconds

    Hey all need a bit of advice with mums computer it keeps making this really strange sound sort of like theres a ping pong ball bouncing around inside of it we were given the computer by my brother who had, had a new fan put in the computer not so long ago my brother said it could be the fan or the hard drive (really hoping its the fan rather then the HDD)

    thanks for any reply's KT x