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    Taking back control is going long as 'taking back control' means the Govt taking it away from the man in the street who will be left powerless if/when we leave.

    The Times Newspaper:

    Britons will lose their right to sue the government for breaking the law under Brexit plans that could allow ministers to escape censure over air pollution.
    Legislation to ban individuals and companies from bringing compensation claims against Whitehall after Brexit is being drawn up, The Times has learnt.
    Swathes of the law covering areas such as the environment, workers’ rights and business regulation will no longer be subject to financial redress through the courts.…-sue-government-750dhfjj3

    Quote from Daisysmum

    the web, in particular, is a mine of misinformation...........Regards glaucoma, there is an initial relief of ocular pressure but chronic use does not maintain the effect. The web might tell you dosages but it doesn't tell you the research.

    Your assumptions are tending towards the cynical, maybe justifiably so from your experience on the medical forums. I went to look at the thread on Social media where Eddie, myself and others had discussed glaucoma and cannabis back in September. This is the link I had provided to counter some do-gooders that had dropped by to comment (erroneously) that CBD oil does all that cannabis can do. It's from the US National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of Health). While complex to understand, it does inform you about the peer reviewed research with references, and looks at whether long term use affects its efficacy.


    An earlier report on the effect of smoked marijuana indicated the possibility of tolerance. Thus, the IOP reduction appeared to be inversely related to the duration of marijuana use.30 In contrast, Dawson et al31 reported on their ophthalmological findings comparing non-users with long term users of marijuana (10 years or more). After applying the water loading test to both groups, the reduction of IOP associated with marijuana treatment was similar between users and non-users.

    Cannabinoids and glaucoma:

    Oh, I see somebody deleted some of those movies.

    No, I've checked the logs, no-one's deleted anything, it's something to do with limitations of the forum software, it can only show a max of six vids or pics in one post. So if you want to post more than six, make more than one post.
    Anyway great stuff, I'll come back to those when I've got time to watch.

    3.44 in , luton with green windows in the back in front of blue ambulance, it was the convoy about to leave stonehenge in 82 for greenham common .

    Good to know we've been in the same convoy :) That's a lovely pic in the 'show off your home' thread.

    Lol, my predicted choices if faced with an illness that could be helped by cannabis are based on my decades of cannabis consumption but truly scientific research of my preferences is limited. I would never dream of chastising others whose serious condition is best served by a particular level of treatment with a given ration of CBD & THC according to peer reviewed research.

    What I can say is that there are many people who use or have used cannabis that would prefer to medicate by using the plant itself rather than a distillate. Now obviously if their Doctor is sure that they should instead use a pharmaceutical product exactly tailored to their needs established by research, those people will listen. But otherwise there is no need for them to be prohibited from using the plant itself and doing so would save the NHS a lot of money. It may not be appropriate advice for certain serious conditions, but for milder conditions such as pain relief its worthy of consideration but not worthy of guilt tripping. A personal choice.

    It was about footprints found in Crete, which may have been hominid, which made some headlines mid September. I reckon the Mainz museum curator, beset by falling attendance, may have read about them and seen the potential.:whistle:



    Others, both in field and in the general public, claimed the team was making some kind of Eurocentric bid for humans evolving in Europe. The European “cradle of humankind” was assumed a century ago, with more than a dash of racism, but was long ago cast aside as more and more fossil finds, beginning with those collected in South Africa, showed that modern humans evolved in Africa.

    Co-author Ahlberg, in conversation before the theft, made it clear that the team has no interest in resurrecting the idea of an ancestral European homeland.
    “Some people have suggested that we are driven by a Eurocentrism claim. We are making no claim whatsoever,” said Ahlberg, adding: “They mustn’t confuse this with the origin of modern humans. It’s clear modern humans evolved in Africa.”

    Never underestimate the growing market of Aryan supremacists who want to establish they don't have African origins.
    There's no evidence for hundreds of years and then two seperate pseudo archeological trinkets hit the press within a month.:whistle:

    I guess its early days yet ;). The dating comes from a co-located extinct species of horse and another article (in the IB Times) has the proviso "The first paper describing the teeth will be published online next week, but the importance of the find may not be clear until more is known about what species they belong to. At present, the fossils are being examined in detail by a specialist team, but if the teeth do turn out to belong to an early human ancestor, they would be the oldest hominin fossils ever discovered by some distance."

    You'd need rechargeable AA's of course, not ordinary ones. You'd do much better with a 12v car or alarm battery.
    Whether you have 12V or 13V doesn't matter, it's too small a difference and is in the range of what the batteries can produce. 15V should have worked but is risky. If you connect a voltage that's too low, it just doesn't work but if you connect a voltage that's too high, you risk damaging it.

    I too find Infowars a good source

    The BBC has some bias but Infowars is off the scale in its bias. Infowars is Alex Jones, a one man cult and his 'snake oil' and conspiracy theories. What is it with most preppers and their idolising of right wing extremists?

    He broadcasts from a semi-secret location dubbed “The Central Texas Command Centre and the Heart of the Resistance”.

    He defends Trump and helped his election. His own lawyer calls him 'a performance artist'. He's anti-feminist and a misogynist who has attacked women who've gone public about Trump's sexual bullying.

    Infowars sell 'Patriot' products at inflated prices including tablets with lead in them. Lead was found in the Infowars Caveman Paleo Formula and the Info Wars Myco-ZX supplements. People who take the daily recommended dose of the Formula product would ingest more than twice the daily limit for lead under California law. People who take the Myco-ZX product would ingest more than six times the daily limit for lead under California law, giving them a much increased risk of heart attack and sperm damage.

    Have a look at how often the Infowars editor has been conned or found to be lying:…annot-get-anything-right/

    Quote from alices wonderland

    Climate change is REAL and we need to tackle it at home first

    Climate change is a global problem that needs tackling through International agreement. The greed and ambition of individual Countries is the biggest problem it faces. Already the Tories have talked of Britain becoming a tax haven and there's been plenty of talk that they're keen to drop regulations that are 'inefficient for businesses'.

    Quote from alices wonderland

    (Brexit) It's not just about the here and now though, it's about our future. The new way to farm, trade, fairer way of living as sustainably as possible. Correcting or addressing the very many issues that many of us have campaigned for or against and yet to see that change come to fruition or best practice achieved.

    Do you really believe that? The Tories have formed committees to go through the regulations and strike out what they don't like without even reference to Parliament. e.g.

    Quote from The Guardian

    The cornerstones of wildlife and habitat protection have been quietly left out of the withdrawal bill ripping the heart out of environmental law, campaigners say.

    A key principle under EU law which provides a robust legal backstop against destruction of the environment – the precautionary principle - has been specifically ruled out of the bill as a means of legal challenge in British courts.
    Based on the idea that the environment is unowned, the precautionary principle creates a bottom line forcing those who want to build or develop, for example, to prove in law what they are doing will not damage the environment.

    Other key elements of EU legal protection, the polluter pays, and the principle that preventative action should be taken to avert environmental damage, have also been ruled out in the bill as a means to protect the natural world from damage by policymakers, development or industry after Brexit.…ental-law-say-campaigners

    Quote from alices wonderland

    Flag flyers in every Country on the planet, The flag with twelve stars is a relatively new thing, plenty of folk waving that too.

    Not really. Maybe you don't often drive around areas with a high population. The only flag I often come across is the George Cross (yeah, that Greek dude) hung from the window of private houses scattered here and there. I hope you won't claim that people who do that are unlikely to be far right anti immigration extremists. Also its often seen on t-shirts, every time with a knuckle dragger inside the shirt.
    While looking for a house we've dismissed three straightaway because the neighbours had that symbol of hatred hanging outside. Yes, due to the BNP, EDL, BF etc, that flag has become a symbol of intolerance, racism and violence.

    Quote from alices wonderland

    Of course some folk will always grab any negative news and run with it, pull out every straw looking for the shortest, publicise unsubstantiated % and figures to give their own views credibility, spread negativit, even in the face of defeat.

    How deep is that rabbit hole? The % quoted has been widely reported in the media and is from four days ago.…ts-public-regret-decision

    The only other figure I quoted was the missing 490 Billion, which was widely announced yesterday.…evision-gdp-a8002871.html

    And today's press:…-may-latest-a8004676.html


    Economic experts have made an explosive suggestion of a further referendum to reverse Brexit, to avoid the crippling of the British economy.

    The influential Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said the deadlock in the exit talks now threatened a “disorderly Brexit”, with severe consequences.

    Its report controversially puts the case for a dramatic rethink on the agenda – suggesting halting EU withdrawal is a route to avoiding that fate.

    I wouldn't bother criticising that the links come from the papers that have a more left wing viewpoint, as googling the issue will bring up confirmation from the right wing press.

    Yes, there is a lot of value in freedom.

    The freedom to travel and work without borders,
    The freedom for a family that's built a life here not to be deported,
    The freedom to trade without borders, paperwork and tariffs,
    The freedom from those bigots out there that wear a flag
    like its a nationalist war cry against those whose skin's not shiny white.

    What do I least like to see in the world? Intolerance, war, racism, nationalism, climate damage.
    How do I hope to see the world? Peace, the triumph of humanity over greed, equality becoming the preferred norm. Nations commited to dialogue and global responsibility.

    What are we getting if Brexit goes ahead? Falling wages in real terms, depressed economy and an Island cast adrift.

    What do we have now, a Government that this week found out that we are 490 billion less rich than the Treasury claimed, no longer have a net reserve of foreign assets, and therefore no safety margin.
    A Government that have encouraged our Brexit position to be a public fight with Europe, a Government who refuse to make public their analyses of the impact, a Government at war with itself while the vultures within it drool at cherry picking from the regulations set by Europe.

    Thank goodness that more people are realising, changing their minds, beginning to see whats going down. 52% has already become 42% and the talk of a second referendum can be heard from more serious voices.
    Of course the Brexiteers will rant that Brexit is democracy in action, as though its somehow undemocratic to vote more than once, but as our realisation of what a Brexit would cause sinks in, it would be foolish for us all not to think carefully.

    Although a lot of the cheap 2nd hand options will be SD (standard definition) because of people selling them on when they upgrade, bear in mind that HD gives a much clearer image, unless your eyesight is poor.

    What a change from the old days. The first and only TV projector I've owned was thrown out by the military in the early nineties when they couldn't fix it. I managed and had the luxury of a cinema at home for a few years. But the projector was massive, its housing was nearly a cubic yard in size.

    Still I'll pester you to sign the petition Stinkypete:D. I agree there's no need for any law (except in regard to under 16's) but still there's people going to jail. Another lovely guy I know who deals is due in Court this week and worried he wont get to see his family in Jamaica this Christmas or even get deported permanently. Another friend who's too hard up to buy it often is instead using shitty drugs from the NHS to deal with his pain.

    I'm not someone who thinks the campaign for medical use is the only campaign that's worthwhile, but its the most likely first step that MP's and political parties are willing to back right now. The Greens and Libdems are on board, Corbyn has said it should be legal for those with medical needs and so have a few of those scummy Tories. MP Paul Flynn and a couple of others joined a 'cannabis tea party' across the road from the Houses of Parliament last week ;)

    Quote from Daisysmum

    If I truly, truly wanted to I could go outside hunt around for ages until I found some Valerian, or source my own seeds and grow the stuff. Then source the procedure used for extracting valproic acid from valerian root, It has to be in one of those damn text books. Hunt for the tox book to find out the LD50 for Valproic Acid so that I don't accidentally poison myself.... I am not saying that you are going to OD on cannabinoids. But however accurately you measure stuff out no matter what you think, however sure of your accuracy you won't match a drug company - they have a lot at stake if they fu*k up. I'm lazy, I'm happy to let someone else measure out my daily dosages - I truly couldn't be arsed, I'm doing pharmacology, not chemistry.

    Luckily with cannabis, its much simpler. The seeds are readily available, there's a ton of books on cultivation and thousands of articles on the web. There's stores all over the Country that can supply growing equipment and if you don't want to grow it, well every town has its dealers.
    It's impossible to overdose on cannabis and many of us have decades of experience of using it. My friend who suffers from glaucoma was able to find numerous articles on the minimum dosage required and how often to take it.

    Quote from Daisysmum

    It is now legal it prescribe, as a registered health professional with a current license, qualified to prescribe medication, Sativex. It is also legal for a registered pharmacist to supply Sativex to someone with a prescription from a registered health professional.

    Unfortunately, unlike NHS Wales, NHS England won't subsidise Sativex due to its high cost, so its just not available for patients.

    If I suffered from a medical problem that cannabis could help me with, I wouldn't want a prescription for Sativex. I've always hated wasting money and that applies to wasting the NHS budget as well. I'd much prefer to smoke it or prepare some 'cannabutter' at a tenth of the cost.

    I'll just put on my Moderator hat for one post.
    In the case of this thread don't worry about discussing its pro's and cons because Wurzel hasn't objected, well not yet. But don't expect to do the same in other threads in the 'protests, direct action & campaigns' forum and then say well we got away with it before.


    Lol....can you imagine the party of the landred gentry feeling the need to encourage the public to march with them in protest at the lack of....of....more money for the wealthy? Less council housing? Too much free healthcare?
    A most basic understanding of the history of fascism makes a joke of calling out 'intolerance' at those who protest against it.

    A hotdog won't cut the mustard when I'm in the mood for Ikea meatballs with jam. About as much use as an Ikea assembly manual:whistle:


    Never been to ikea

    *cues Emerson, Lake and Palmer* "Oh what a lucky man you are!":worthy:


    It's almost like the antichrist is hiding beneath the hippy peace and love banner.

    Nasty hippies, getting all concerned about a thread that has been at times like a UKIP love-in.:pp
    No-one has been stopped from expressing their viewpoint unless it was clearly racist, which thankfully is rare.


    Let them (Britain First) gather, let's hope no one turns up. Don't publicise it, Stay away, avoid their propaganda. Someone somewhere would welcome the chance to silence everyone.

    I'm glad that people oppose Britain First wherever they try and gather. They support a fascist viewpoint and many adorn themselves with fascist insignia. Those supporting their marches are either thugs or at the least they're people happy to walk arm in arm with racist thugs.

    I might be able to make it up to Wolverhampton tommorow morning so thanks for the heads up Wurzel:thumbup:

    Recent BF outings have been at least a bit of a flop and long may that continue.:D

    Drugs are available and in development. But I guess you mean not on prescription

    I hope that like many States in the US, Doctors will be permitted to prescribe unprocessed grass and hash where appropriate:).

    I know people who can't afford street prices, which of course are inflated because of the risks to liberty. With sativex being ten times more costly than street cannabis, and with an apparent lack of clarity of when they can prescribe it, it's home office licence hasn't helped much.

    "Sativex remains just as illegal in Britain as herbal cannabis. Even though it has received MHRA approval for use in the treatment of MS spasticity and may be prescribed by a doctor, it remains a schedule 1 drug under the Misuse Of Drugs Act 1971. The Home Office has indicated that it intends to amend the law but has not yet done so. This means that any pharmacist who dispenses Sativex at present would be guilty of exactly the same criminal offence as any street dealer in weed or hash.The Home Office will, of course, turn a blind eye to this but not to medicinal herbal cannabis even though, in every sense, it is identical to Sativex (except that Sativex also contains alcohol and peppermint oil). Most PCTs and health authorities are refusing to fund Sativex because of the extraordinarily high price that GW and its UK distributors Bayer want to charge the NHS."

    So this petition is based on making it legal to prescribe, not because I think it needs to be controlled by Doctors, who are busy enough anyway, but because of reckoning many MP's can will permit a change to the law on medical grounds but not yet for recreational use.