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    All my partner's have insisted it's me who has changed.....I can see that possibility but; perhaps equally, have seen changes in them throughout the lifetime of the relationships also.

    Id love to believe there is some kind of soul mate out there but I truly don't see it or how it is possible.

    I sometimes miss the chat but mostly I miss some of the intimacy......not all of it though. I really dislike sharing my sleeping space with anyone and equally despise other people's schedules intruding on my my own.

    Think maybe some of us are just supposed to be on our own.

    I miss the chat more Than the intimacy I think

    First marriage breakdown after 20 years of hard life and grinding away at the rat race.

    In reality should never really have happened, but hey-ho is now part of my history.

    Several years later met a hippie chick, thought I had found my soulmate.

    Things good for about five or six years, then the change.......

    Wanted me to give up smoking both legal and illegal, doesn't like festivals anymore, suddenly developed a like of things that I don't like.

    I know my soulmate is still in there but I have no one to talk to anymore.

    Why do people change I am the same I have been for the last 40 odd years.


    Good day all,
    I was on here a few years back, met some cool people, but life got in the way, so not been on here for ages. Now persuaded life to do as i tell it, so looking for some chat and banter.
    Too skint to do festivals anymore, and after doing Isle of wight back in 2007, said i would never do a big festival again (robbing bastards).
    I am a regular at Small world in Kent, been every year for last ten years, although I only do the summer one.
    Anyone on here go small word? I have a great time, don't get me wrong, i do chat to people, but would be good to be a bit more friendly, me i mean, not very socially adept at talking to random strangers.

    Anyway, have a good day one and all.
    catch you on the other side,.

    Love being barefoot whenever i can. And at this time of year (March) start rubbing surgical spirit onto the soles of my feet to toughen them up a bit.

    Hi Paul,
    I don't come here as often as I should, use a PC not a phone, more a time issue, i do come for advice, have looked at gigs and festival guides and the like. Like many i have fallen into the facebook trap.
    Maybe a UK Hippy facebook group, a closed group so you would only allow in those you choose, but keep this for more detailed stuff, it would spread the work, but maybe be not quite as demanding, one thing, don't spend too much money mate, you wont get it back.
    Take care.

    Quote from sunflower

    no not becouse of the hippy namby pamby human rights debate but simply why should thay get the easy way out.

    ever cut there balls off or leave em in a room full off mums that or i need a new punch bag

    As l started this let me tell you my view.
    Firstly, my masters degree was in criminology, hence the website, it is intended as an educational resource, thats why there is no graphic pictures, or speculation.
    Secondly, l personally do not agree with the death penalty, however, l do kind of like the idea of castration for rapists and child molestors, still not quite humane, but, thats my view.
    Always knew that this site would not be a fan of the death penalty, and quite right too.
    Just thought it might get people chatting, it certainly did that. :reddevil::reddevil:

    What do we rekon, death penalty in the UK???

    Maybe we should have it for;
    Child killers
    Serial killers

    Or maybe in the 21st century we are more humane, or eye for an eywe???

    If yiou want to find out more have a look at my website.

    Quote from John

    Odd, you should have got a ticket then... There were tickets to be had for good while after they were released. At least a week, I'm sure. Maybe it was a mix up in the system. Strange.

    I know, l don't like giving people too much hasstle, l have emailed them a couple of times since but don't get a response. Am having to look at other festivals next week, but really wanted this one, perfect for my kids first festival.
    If anyone on here knows any of the organisers, or hears anything, appreciate it if you let me know. cheers guys...

    Really frustrating, sent off my ticket application the day they were released, but obviously not quick enough. Just keeping my fingers crossed for Monday's cancelation release, my kids are so excited, so hope l dont have to let them down. Seems thier organisation is not that hot for this festival, shame really.

    I loved the look of this one, waited for them to release tickets, which they did a couple of weeks back, asking people to register to reserve a place, which l did. Heard nothing, sent an email asking if l was on the list, otherwise l need to find another festie for that weekend, still had no response from them.
    Does anyone know any of the organisers, or anyone else who might know the situation ???
    Was taking my kids to thier first festival, real bummer if it not happening......