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    Welcome back, Etherea! Have a new name that’s an anagram:

    Gwenevere Veia Heathdale

    = Etherea having a wee delve

    Welcome, Shadowwolf and Mr Fang! As my welcome present to you, I have new names for you that are anagrams of your original names:

    Vlad Theodosius Wisewolf

    Fleetwood Silvius Shadow

    = Shadowwolf lives outside

    Divinus Forestgleam

    Mungo Ives Starfield

    Vitus Sam Goldenfire

    Vitus Leif Dreamsong

    = Mr Fang lives outside

    I used to go to a nudist beach on Fire Island (New York) with a friend. That is, until I got the memo about sunbathing and skin cancer. :(

    I never really paid attention to whatever jewelry anyone might have been wearing, but I'm pretty sure I would have noticed some dude in a cock ring if he was deliberately parading it in my face. It's not so much the cock ring that might have bothered me -- it's his behavior that I would have found disturbing.

    Welcome, Yogibearish! Did you know that “Berish” is a Yiddish (Jewish) name? And it means “bear.” :monster:

    As my welcome present to you, I give you a hippie name that is an anagram of your screen name:

    Herbie Yisroel Forestmagic

    = yogibearish from Leicester

    From here to the padded room soon, it'll be soft all the way...

    Anagram gal, hit me again please...

    Try... dancing wind ( an old friend of mine)

    Indica Dawn Ming

    Danni Magic Wind

    = I am Dancing Wind


    Ok, a little steep for someone who earns what I do ( can't bring myself to mention money ) so I'll have to tie you up with litigation since that's in my old skill set:eek:

    That sounds like Donald Trump. 8|


    An anagram is a name, hard to copyright, here surrendered to public domain by your act of submission without request, renumeration or notice of documentation of prior copyrighting.

    That sounds like Trump’s vampire buddy Rudy Giuliani. =O


    The "character" I mentioned is however clearly fictional since druids likely didn't have private eyes ?

    I wouldn’t know about druids’ privates... :shock:


    Just kidding, my aborted legal training likes to surface after a hard night...

    Stick to the day job. lol :D

    its hardly going viral I know but since Stone Whitan got 3 good reactions in one night I've got him in an envelope ready for postal copyright now ( thin dude )

    Too late. Since it's my anagram, I've already beaten you to the copyright. But I'll gladly transfer it to you for a mere $9,999,999.00.

    Welcome, Want2shine! Have a hippy name that’s an anagram of your screen name:

    Stone Whitan

    = Want to Shine

    Fear of spiders is very sensible regardless of gender -- and may have some grounding in primal survival instinct. There are spiders whose venom can result in some serious, permanent physical damage.

    More anagram names for everyone who has already participated in this thread:

    Cathriona Genequa Stardust

    = TheConstantGarde Aquarius

    Indrapramati Lotus

    = Paul Administrator

    Indrapramati: Sanskrit, meaning “protected by Indra.” Indra is a guardian deity in Buddhism.

    Olethea Ree

    = Etherea Leo

    Olethea: variant spelling of Alethea, an ancient Greek word meaning “Truth.”

    Begonia Rain Mimma

    = Rainbomama Gemini

    Raymius Superman

    = Rumpusmany Aries

    Spencer Moon IV

    = Pencs Omnivore

    Boopsie Jay Dancer

    = Beadyjean Scorpio

    Asia Fern Hendrix

    = Hendrixfan Aries

    Bebi Rain Lightgrrl

    = Lightbringer Libra

    Feofan Daydream Vision

    = EnfysaDafaid Omnivore

    Feofan: Russian form of the Greek name Theophanes, meaning “Manifestation of God.”

    -- Nephele

    StoneRoad, have some hippy names that are anagrams of your screen name. :)

    Rosita Mondae

    Sara Moontide

    Adom Asterion

    Adonai Storme

    = I am StoneRoad

    Asterion: Greek, meaning “star.”

    Adonai: Hebrew, meaning “lord.”

    -- Nephele

    Interesting views.

    What Paul said about cockney girls made me smile, because we have heterosexual married friends who came up here from London, and the gal is easily the most dominant of the two. She's a lovely lady, even though getting on a bit now, but if you know her, you don't cross her.

    She is well know for bawling her husband out in Aldi or Lidl, with something like:

    "Get your ass away from them men's toys and get over here, we got shopping to do!"

    (This is justified to some extent, her old man has one of the biggest handyman tool collections I have ever seen; most of it unused, and some of it still in boxes!):D

    LOL! This totally cracked me up! Reminds me of Susie from Curb Your Enthusiasm:

    I think there's some truth in that, but personally speaking I genuinely don't get that kind of emotional very often -- excitement, passion, and anger yeah they're definitely part of me, but tearful, insecure, sad, and all those other things men are supposed to have difficulty with, well those things only come out in very extreme cases - most of the time I feel quite contained.

    I guess hormones account for a lot of it. We women go through reproductive cycles that you dudes do not. :hippylove:

    I think women are more emotional than men, whereas we have more practical energy -- not a hard and fast rule though as I can also think of several exceptions.

    I think society allows us women to be more emotional. Men get often get ridiculed when they express their emotions. Except for anger.

    I would understand him if he spoke in a few other languages :P

    Plus, there's always Google Translate. And online dictionaries, for folks who have never heard the term "schadenfreude" before and think it's a German surname.

    EnfysaDafaid, take your pick:

    Pyramus Jeb Earthshyne

    Sunberry Japheth Aymes

    Thuban Seraphym Jersey

    = brahstyrpmaheseyjneu

    Thuban: Arabic, meaning “snake.” This is the traditional name of Alpha Draconis, the brightest star in the constellation of Draco the Dragon.

    -- Nephele

    PS to Beadyjean and Lightbringer: Thanks for the "like"!