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    If you fancy something different for a bit, you can live with us, as long as you fancy some camping trips and some smoke, lol, I'm sure you won't mind.
    We can get you a job too!
    It's an offer anyway babe

    My cat is kinda lazy, she just finds things and brings them in.
    Apart from when she was younger, she brought a really big rat into the kitchen, my mum was in there for ages, she shut the door, (the cat was out on her arse at this point) the rat ran under the fridge, mum couldn't get it out from under there, so she had to call my dad from work to move the fridge and chase it out.
    It was like a heretic hunt, torches an all, lol

    I make them as people order them, this weekend I'm camping though and I would do them whilst out there, but the last thing people want their brand new dread falls smelling of smoke, beer and grass cuttings, lol.
    I will add some piccies next week, that okay?
    What sort of things you have in mind, just something to decorate them a little?
    If so, that yarn you can buy at most sewing and wool shops is really good for that, but a lot of people have that and if you're anything like me, you like something a bit different :)

    I think it was given the death penalty (the squirrel that is) because we don't have squirrels here and it would do something to some native tree!?

    I could be wrong, but I think that's right.
    The judge that gave it the sentence is a right tosser, he called Moyle and he's a noted alcoholic!

    We had a squirrel given the death penalty over here, there was a mad hunt for it, they eventually got the poor little critter.
    Not sure how the hell it got here in the first place though, we don't have squirrels and it's not like it it could've just crossed a border really is it.

    I watched a bit of it on telly as it was that time of the day when there was nothing else on.
    The Killers weren't too bad (to watch on my tv, lol).
    But the majority of the crowds just looked boring, there wasn't a great deal of fun and frolics.

    The arctic monkeys are another one of those bands that have sprung from nowhere and think they're providing a new found sound to the music industry, when in fact, they just sound like all the rest.
    I hear Lilly Allen and Fergie are playing there. Two more people I couldn't be assed going to see.
    Where has the good music gone to?

    It's all got so much more fucking corporate.
    I bet it's filled with stressed out lawyers trying to dress down from their usual upper class, dry clean only clothes and celebs.
    Plus, the line-up for the music has gotten really crap also

    I am making 3 sets of hair falls.
    1. cyber falls - 35.00
    2. dreadlock and wool falls - 35.00
    3. wool falls - 20.00
    Just to see if anyone would like a set for gigs, festivals and such, then I know if anyone would like a set and what colours and style and stuff :wiggle:

    I've made hot chocolate with the Alpro Soya milk, it tasted great.
    I know you can cook with it aswell, so you should be cool with that!
    The hot chocolate ends up tasting like a warm version of those 'OY' soya milk shakes, but I like those, so it's all good :angel:

    For me, I don't mind rollies being thrown on the floor, as long as they don't have filters in them.
    I can't stand the sight of normal fags everywhere though, they're an eye sore!
    I admit a £50.00 fine is a bit harsh, although they might think twice next time, or try harder to not be caught!
    Wow, how hypocrytical am I, lol, I throw my fag ends on the floor, but I only smoke rollies!

    I've only ever had one panic attack and it's defo something I never want to experience again.
    I'd never had one and I wasn't stressed or anything.
    I'd just got home, my heart started to race, couldn't breathe, my fingers went to tense that they wrapped around each other and got stuck that way for the whole thing, couldn't move off my back and was stuck on the floor.
    My fiancee (silverfox) had no idea what was wrong and called an ambulance, how stupid I felt afterwards, but I found it really scary.

    I often think that caging birds is really cruel.
    They really don't want to be there, they want to spread their wings and fly away, be free, make some friends, do what the birdies do. they don't want to be locked in a cage watching us feeding our faces and watching telly.
    It must be a very unhappy life.

    I think some pets though, as long as they're cared for and loved, are happy with what they have, giving that they have a nice garden to run around safely or one of those Hamster ball things that will let them stretch their legs and explore a wee bit.

    Tis a good topic to bring up though, I often think about this in pet shops.

    I think maybe to help the child out a bit by doctors having a good old chat with the parents and advising them on exercise and healthy eating.
    I was a very fat kid, but my mum fed me a good diet, lots of veg and such.
    But when kids are going through growth spurts they can feel really hungry and perhaps over eat, that's not anybody's fault, that's what their body is telling them.
    Besides, I didn't go on a diet or anything as a kid or young teenager, once puberty kicks in the puppy fat usually vanishes over time.

    I do think that it will be going too far by threatening to take children away from their family and put them into care for a while.
    Some people are naturally bigger, especially as children, I was very active, always on my bike and up a tree, but that all made me hungry.
    There your kids, your responsibility.
    All you need to do is keep junk food as a treat, not a main source of food, take some time to cook them up a good tasty and healthy meal.

    They want to concentrate more on bullying and actual physical abuse with children rather than creating more problems I think.