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    I wouldn't bother because they really won't listen. A proper protest might have an effect but these are slowly being made illegal by the powers that be so you would pretty much be protesting in order to stand up for your right to protest - they can't keep putting people in prison for it.
    If I seem like im going over the top see indymedia dot org dot uk there is an article there about a guy being deported without trial.

    Thats cool.

    There is a guy who has mapped out all the connections of the servers across the internet and sells the maps, which are basically crazy masses of coloured lines on black, as a moderny art thing. Based on that I thought it might be interesting to map out all the roads/routes you ever travelled down and see how what that would look like but, short of carrying a sat nav system all the time that would extremely difficult.

    I don't know about any baby booms at the moment. If anything I think the world population is set to come down in the coming years as certain balances are restored. "ongoing acceleration of world consciousness" - that I can definitely see, I believe that things are changing quickly in terms of how people see the world.

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    is there any evidance to suggest this?

    natural foods have been tested on people for thousands of years. Additives and things have been developed by people, over the last like 50-100 years, who think they could do better than nature; messing with nature is generally a bad idea. If this seems over the top then I'll sight the example of sweeteners - invented to get around the (natural) fattening property of sugar, they have been shown to do damage to brain cells.

    I'm glad someone posted this as I was going to ask about which part of the nettle you can eat. I thought it was all the leaves but flicking through a ray mears book it said you should only eat the tops. Is the rest of the plant bad for you?

    The Chinese are intend on eradicating the tibetan culture. What would be good is if groups of people in the 'free' world did all the relevant research and adopted the tibetan culture as their own.
    Just a thought.

    One thing I will say danni, is this - In our daily lives we all do and say things to people that are unkind. These things can be on many levels - an example of something subtle would be an idle comment about another person, which can upset that person if they found out or lead others to treat that person less fairly, All these sort of actions, no matter how minor, are done with a small amount of hate. This hate when recieved tends to get reflected around from person to person, sometimes enough of it comes together in one place for people to do these sort of things. As long as we are putting small amounts of hate into the system then we are all responsible.

    It is sickening. The problem is that the world leaders don't care enough to put any sanctions in place that might change things.

    I have a weird thing on these sort of lines. A lot of times I have been walking along in my own train of thoughts and as part of this a number or word would enter my head, at that exact moment I would happen to look at something and see that number or word - usually its a house number. I thought this might be fairly normal until I told my sister about it and she said it was pretty weird. I wondered if it was just a case of me having a sub-conscience map in my head which I was just referring to and therefore looked in that direction because I knew sub-consicensly that number was there. (I know this sounds really random but I hope you can follow anyway) Today I was waiting outside work as I was early, watching some geese fly by thought how cool it would be to be able to fly then looked down at a passing van with the word flight on it - I couldn't have known that van was going to pass.

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    I also do not belive that there is a heaven or a hell, how full would these places be now!

    Apparantly there is a bit in the bible saying that heaven has only 144,000 places and if you count up all the saints etc it mentions it already exceeds that.

    Feanor makes some good points here, a lot of the problem I think, is that younger people respect and look up to their elders like they did in generations past so it is difficult for role models to exist it seems. At the same time parents need to taking more responsibility and thats a tricky one as as far I can tell a lot of the incentive for bringing children up well in the past was the fear of the shame/embarrassment if they didn't but this doesn't seem to affect 'chavs' etc.

    p.s. and I'd love to know the mentality of the liberals who are saying you have to go easy on criminals, though I warrant it is just a case of taking the easiest option.

    Really dont know what to make of that but as far as mind control things go I read a website claiming a tin foil hat would actually magnify the wavelengths most likely to be used by such a device

    I think we may if
    A. we survive globalisation etc and settle into a more stable situation
    B. develop more efficient ways of getting out the atmosphere than rockets. There was an interesting idea in new scientist that suggested putting a rock in geostationary orbit (i.e. orbiting in time with the earth's spin) and running a cable to it which you attach a lift to....

    Let's just backtrack on 350 years of political progress and rub out all the advances brought forward by the likes of Cromwell. That's a good idea.

    A woman that swans around doing absolutely nothing soaking up a load of public money just to talk some convenient toss once a year ain't much of a role model. Can't see many people going for this.

    There are many ways to damage the environment without releasing CO2 and also CO2 levels aren't a great indicator as the levels of CO2 in the air vary naturally over time anyway.

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    No one has any right to call you a hypocrite, unless you're preaching to them. Your personal choices are exactly that.

    Good point PTM, Ill have to remember that when next talking to argumentative meat eaters.

    I think it's true a lot of veggies have some leather and not sure how this fits with their views, saying leather is a by product is misleading as it makes the beef industry a lot more profitable.

    Personally I balance the ethical side with the ecological side. For hard wearing work shoes, leather is the ideal material, that will rot down unlike any man-made ethical equivalent. I know that in a ideal world there would be ethical leather, harvested at the end of the animals natural life. Based on the life expectancy of natural and farmed cows it should cost about six times more, which I would be happy to pay for the fair treatment of the animals. I accept this isn't the way it happens and therefore use leather for only two things for which it is ideal - my work boots and a belt for the final sharpening of knives/scissors etc.

    EDIT and a wallet, but that I do feel bad about. will have to get sewing some point to make a better replacement

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    I agree, julian, tptb will screw us for as long as they can, but how long can it realistically go on for?

    Until either

    A. Enough people stop being sheep and make the right choices in how they shop etc - even tesco would fold in few days if people stopped trading with them. The consumer has a lot of power in that sense.

    B. The planet and its resources are abused to breaking point - and the resulting mass famine, disease, infertility etc. will make people reconsider their options.

    Whichever comes first - its a tough one to call, in my opinion

    I believe there is a grain of truth in what they are saying. Convenience is deeply lodged into the psyche of our society and therefore even though the public conscience realises that something should be done they will happily settle for paying lip service to the environment or whatever and carry on what they are doing almost regardless. Recycling will help though not that much - it is the tip of an iceberg but then again I think you have to try and the fact that people are starting to act like they care is a start. As regards the conspiracy side - there could be some of that; I have come to the conclusion that the powers will try and make sure theres always some crisis or pressing issue that we need to think about in order to stop us from thinking about things that they don't want us to - politics, the wider picture etc. Examples include health e.g. how much fat sugar and fruit and veg we are eating, carbon emissions, which are in no way correlated to actual climate damage, another tack is the distraction with public things like the olympics and the rejuvenation of towns etc. (a local town is pumping millions into becoming 'world class' while ignoring whatever more important issues it could be sorting). So on level its always just propaganda but you can try and make the choices that reduce your impact on the world which I think is well worth the effort

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    Um, what exactly is the aim of your website? Is it an educational resource or for people who just want to read about murders?


    I don't know what your stance on this is but I'll say the same as PTM. England and most other countries abolished the death penalty for good reason.

    The prime objectives of the judicial system should be
    1. Preventing people from commiting the crime again
    2. Rehabilitating them so they can see the effect of their actions on people and start to move away from the behaviours and attitudes that led them to act in that way.

    It is widely accepted that, for the worst crimes, especially, that a level of revenge can be part of this. This is the wrong view.

    The other argument for the death penalty comes from a grievance that money and time has to be spent accomodating a criminal which would not be the case if we used the death penalty was used. Killing someone to avoid expense or inconvenience is a deplorable idea.

    There's a very good quote that goes along the lines of 'A society can be judged by the way it deals with its lowest members'

    Resorting to fission for energy has always been a step too far in my eyes. The balance of the chemical elements we seems to be serving us well, I don't see why we would want to change it. Followed to its logical conclusion all we would be left with is iron.

    This is the strategy the goverment should be adopting

    Big Business: This year has been very good for us, we've hit all our targets and now think we can make more money if we open a new factory here. We will need a supply of 1GW.
    Goverment: Fuck off