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    Quote from Rincewind

    Hmm, azin discard technology - no' too shure.
    Do unto you rneighbour blah blah you said before.
    Bill n Ted said it better (taking Doc's stance into acc. as well) when they said that we must be excellent to each other and never, nay remember never for get to partieeeeee.
    S'what they said.
    We do our best Mr Foot. Bless'ee every one.

    I don't think some sort of techno utopia is going to save us. Eventually we will run out of resources to run in, and judging the future by the way technology is already used it seems technology will only lead to greater suppression of the majority of people.

    Though I do agree with Bill and Ted.

    They're all the same, once they get in power they will all act the same and ignore the people that voted them in. Voting for someone to represent you is a flawed system. People should have individual and ultimate power over their lives as long as that doesn't restrict someone else's right to do the same. Anarcho-Primitivism is a better way forward.

    Quote from Paul

    Implying that one group of people should have different rights to work because of their ethnic background IS racist.

    Yes that is racist. Though saying someone from a different country shouldn't be allowed to work here if there aren't any or limited resources is just common sense.

    Quote from Paul

    No two ways about it. Bringing the "learn to speak the language" card into it just magnifies that attitude.

    Hows that racist? It's just common sense. Like learning to drive a car before someone is let loose on the roads. It adds to social cohesion, and helps the immigrant to integrate. It's a win win situation.

    Though I'm not saying they need to learn the language before they get there. Just as long as they are willing to learn the language once they get there. And I'm not saying they have to speak it all the time. Just as long as they know the language.

    Quote from Paul

    It's exactly the same sort of bullshit you would have heard Enoch Powell coming out with all those years ago.

    Powell's views were based on race. The views in this thread are not, they have nothing to do with race.

    Quote from Paul

    Anyway, using "it's not a race, it's a nationality" is an excuse,

    Again, its nothing to do with race. Can you not see some people think unchecked immigration is a bad idea in an already over crowed and strained country? It doesn't matter if the immigrant is Black, White, Asian, whatever.

    People aren't putting these views across as a chance to be covertly racist.

    Quote from Paul

    Using terms like "swan in from the continent and have jobs and houses" and "we should take care of our own first" is the kind of sad ignorant language you'd get coming from the Alf Garnetts of this world.

    Who do you care about more, me or your family? I think you would take care of your own first. Though I'm sure you would still help someone who wasn't your family before you helped them if they were in greater need than your family. Just like immigrants fleeing war, genocide etc should be helped.

    Quote from Paul

    Personally, I feel this sort of shit just breeds more intolerance. It's like a poison that puts negative ideas into people's minds where there previously weren't any. Sadly though, if this is the sort of attitude present on a forum like this, it's gonna be a long long time before it gets eradicated.

    As you can see it's really not based on racism or intolerance.

    How is the opening post racist? He's talking about immigration being a problem. He hasn't mentioned the race of anyone being a problem. He mentioned one nationality as an example. Nationality does not equal race, or ethnic group. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with him. I'm just curious as to why people see the post as racist.

    Better to put up with a phobia for a few minutes than to possibly become seriously ill. We all have to do things we don't like at some point. If the doctor needs to do anything with a needle, then stick some headphones in, turn the volume up and close your eyes. Anything that will help, the doctor wont mind he/she deals with phobias all the time.

    Quote from Naeni

    if they kileld it after self defence whatever fair enough its human nature,

    Yeap killing in self defense is fine, any animal would of done the same. Though if the bear ran off after killing their son then it does seem a bit silly, but if they shot in anger you can't blame them really.

    Quote from Sthenno

    Fair enough. It's a bit off topic though, please start another thread if you want to discuss this.

    It's hard not to go off topic at times like people would in a physical conversation; but it's fair enough to keep on topic!

    Quote from Sthenno

    Was that your subtle way of distracting from the fact you might have been wrong? ;)

    Nope, It was just to point out a bit of consistency from governments would be nice with certain issues. If you're going to let someone put a bullet in someones head then let them smoke or drink. Either let them smoke and drink at 18, or don't let them enter the army till they're 21.

    Quote from Sthenno

    I believe there is currently a lot of pressure in the US to change the smoking age to 21. Probably fits well with their practices to be seen to support this. By the way, the site is here if anyone wants to check it out.

    You're considered mature enough kill for your country and to vote but you can't have a drink at a bar or perhaps in future smoke.

    Quote from John

    Hmm, you appear to have misunderstood me.

    Nope, perhaps you misunderstood my response.

    Quote from John

    However, smoking is not illegal. It is something people are entitled to enjoy within their own homes.

    Why should people be entitled to harm others?

    Quote from John

    If other people choose to visit those homes then they shouldn't be enforcing their own views on the people they're visiting.

    Unless the lack of said action results in harm, such as from breathing in carcinogenic smoke.

    Quote from Coyote

    Perhaps its about defending the freedom to do something of your choice, in your own home, that wont in itself be that bad for a visitor.....

    Can I expose people to my knife in my house if I want? If I just give them a few nicks to the leg that in itself wont be that bad for the visitor.

    Quote from John

    People choose to smoke or work in smokey environments. :rolleyes:
    Grow your own! :D

    The issue with the original post is that people aren't being given the choice.

    See there are no ethical tobacco companies. How many people even grow their own?