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    Quote from James

    Interesting views, from an armed Officers perspective am all for it for new intakes and training and psych evaluations like I had to do but let me have a look at what people are saying and see if I have a counter/opinion.

    i've received training as a waiter, also cleaning wash rooms & toilets.
    once the training was complete i was left to get on with the job.
    about twenty seconds into doing these jobs for the first time it all got a bit dull and i couldn't be frig*ed following training guidelines.

    Arm the homeless

    Quote from joss

    The village i live in flooded again

    dude i hope you and your folks are OK,
    But, this is just for starters.. its all going banannas all over the british isles.

    fortunately there will be advantages amongst the frequent and increasingly prolonged periods of flooding, (within our soon to be disease ridden cities), and amongst the millions of displaced citizens.

    i went down the thames the other week in one of those bus/boat jobbies, half way between the national gallery and tate modern the top of the boat was scrapping its way underneath bridges. ..what a hoot! nobody said bu*ger all, they just carried on not making eye contact with each other & pretending everything was just peachy
    F*ck me, i've never seen the tide so high... the thought of the great city of westminister permanently underwater makes me smurk like a looney:insane:

    Quote from Funktion-1

    Make sure you raise the floor space off ground level - use old storage palettes (trust me, it makes a difference between damp and dry) - get a nice burner - or depending on the size of the bender ur making, make a nice fire pit in the middle - and take care arranging the covers (tarps) around the chimney - it's best to send the chimney out at ground level, then up

    why off the ground, stuff bubble wrap, paper, old clothing, under ground sheet.
    tarps around chimneys sounds a bit iffy to me, why not buy a silicone cap and rule out any chance of burning to death

    Quote from Paul

    This is an interesting debate and it would be a shame to have to close it.

    no it isn't, and it wouldn't

    this is an exchange between misinformed white people, who all have access to A level sociology books, piss poor.

    Quote from Dapablo

    It appears to me that people don't know what racism is.

    please, do tell us?

    In addition, the N word has been used by more an a few rappers on a COUPLE of releases.
    the word is everywhere in US entertainment,
    thats entertainment (music,films, literature,)
    therefore imported here as cool.

    Quote from Coyote

    Life of Brian :D

    :D indeed.
    am a little slow on the uptake.
    my mrs made me watch citizen kane last week caused i'd never seen it. after 39 yrs i understand what rosebud was

    i can't think of a time i've wanted to use the N word.
    However, i think its perfectly acceptable for one social group to make fun of another.
    just as long as these exchanges are mutual.
    it is very important that people KNOW each other before we call each other names.
    ~ calling a friend ginger, or a slapper, or reclaiming & using "racial slurs" empower us as friends.

    Because, these same words are used in anger by the far right, homophobes, my dad, or by those feeling uncomfortable with another's disability, all these insults are just words, their "value" and power has been diluted & de-mystified.
    Perhaps, these words can be reduced to the level they deserve, like childish noises, like farting.
    Much rather this than the high status we afford these crudities

    if our media are frightened of an 18~19 yr old woman trying very hard to be street (& certainly channel 4 are frightened), then we are living in a dangerously racist society.

    the uk is dangerously racist because discriminatory values are so deeply imbedded within our news/programme networks, where "any degree of racism" is seen to be "swiftly dealt with.."
    this woman from the BB house is canon fodder, shes just another airhead, she might be a racist she might not,
    But its our media NOT our culture thats racist.

    great photos,
    try ekoneem for the midges. they won't come near you cause you'll smell like pickled onions. this stuff really works.
    or, try avon skin so soft body spray, midges hate it

    Quote from Zambaku

    Aye, I'm a bit worried about the food and water bit myself.

    you've every right to be worried.

    my neighbour and his family were drinking well water all winter ~in spring the pipe serving their dwelling became blocked with a cottonish material, they checked their water source, the well had a decomposed sheep floating in it.

    Quote from Zambaku

    Just whondering if anyone had any tips or links with tips on survival in the woods, especially in the winter, kind of planning on moving permanently and leaving society all together.

    you're out of your mind... we did it for 18 months, cause we had
    no choice.
    no power,
    no lpg,
    no running water

    recommend you take

    toilet paper
    traps, fishing nets,spears, a gun (sorry if this offends anyone)
    insect replent
    washing powder

    have a serious think about,
    yurt, shelter
    water source
    your diet
    how will you keep food fresh?
    keeping clothes, bedding, books dry?
    but the big one (everyone thinks is a piece of piss cause they spent two days at a festival and thought a funky stink of themselves was a bit of a chuckle..)
    washing clothes, how?
    OR, washing yourself when everything on you/near you is wet & covered in mud & crawling with insects/human waste material, and its raining??
    think about how long it will take, and how much energy you'll expend chopping the wood to burn in the stove to heat the water to make coffee..

    lots more great facts to tell you ~but really can't be bothered.
    you'll find this stuff out all by yourself!

    have fun, but please, don't burn any bridges until you're absolutely sure you really are met to be the wild man of the woods.
    have a wonderful day, peaceout.