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    I brought my kids up veggie and they were healthy and strong, now 32,31 and 19. I fed them lots of veg and beans in the shape of burgers, sos etc. Lots of fresh veg and fruit. Plenty of lentils. Now you've got quorn which is good. Can make 'meaty' recipes into quorn recipe easily. My three have turned out to be 2 meat eaters and one vegan. All got own values and each healthy in mind and body.

    i became a veggie about 30 years ago and have never looked back. I became a veggie because we don't need meat to survive so taking a life to enjoy a taste is wrong in my eyes. Just my thoughts tho

    So far spring onions leeks peas tomatoes french beans courgettes peppers cauli swede cabbage and varied salad leaves. Rhubarb blackcurrants rasberries blueberries gooseberries and strawberries. And many herbs. All going well. Should be a good crop

    I went to sllimming world a few years ago and lost 3 stone. It seems to give help with in groups ect and it teaches you how to eat healthy. Only down side it costs money but it helped me when i was at a low. Maybe worth a look. Food diary is a must. You would be suprised how much you eat over a week. Deffo worth a try. Good luck and remember you are beautiful ok.

    great thread. i got spinach,peas and beans, beetroot,potatoes, carrots,leeks,spring onions, tomatoes all coming on nicely. My squash have started to show, been in pots for weeks so almost gave up on them. Lucky i saw some earth movement. Leaving them in pots to get begger for a while before transplanting.

    I'm a christian although i prefer to call myself a Jesus person. I follow His teachings not the churches, although i do go to churches to be within a body if you get what i mean. Now I personally wouldn't have an abortion for any reason. That's my choice and one that i had to make in horrific circumstances which i won't go into. I also believe in choice. My sister had one when she was 14 and still mourns on the childs 'birthday' and she is now 43. Again her choice. Lots of councilling and support from my parents and she now is married with kids one of 18 and one 7. At 14 she made a choice and was terminated at 13 weeks.
    I do however think 16-20 weeks is long enough. You know i have another friend whose baby was prem at 26 weeks. The baby grew and is now a mum with her own kids.
    You know in a perfect world no-one would ever have abortions but we don't live in a perfect world. I can't make some-ones decision for them. If asked i would talk and help them thu it, love and support them etc. I'm sure its rarely taken lightly by a woman. Imagine the pain caused by these pro life barracking women going into clinics. Isn't it painful enough for them to have made that decision?
    We are not here to judge but to love. Jesus loved the worst of the worst. He didn't care what they did he showed compassion and love in all situations. If he walked the earth today who would he spend time with? Those that society choose to judge and reject. I don't think he would go into many churches.
    And Elliot i'm not dissing you either, we are all entitled to our opinion, just remember it is an opinion. There are so many things to fight for, kids being phisically and sexually abused every day in this country, drug addicts, alcoholics, poverty etc. the list goes on forever. Whatever you do, do it with love and compassion to all involved.

    :) Just tried this, sweet and sour tofu balls.
    8 oz tofu, wrap in tea towel and leave half hour
    2tbsp w/m flour
    4oz pineapple
    green pepper sliced
    1 chopped onion
    3 tbsp sugar
    3 tbsp spy sauce
    1 tbsp cornflourdissolved in 7fl oz pineapple juice
    5 tbsp cider vinegar

    Mash tofu, season and add flour, form into balls. Chop pineapple and add pepper and onion. Put vinegar, sugar, cornflour/pineapple juice into a wok, bring to boil gently stirring till thick. Add tofu balls, pineapple, onion and pepper and heat for 3-5 mins. Serve with brown rice mmmmmmmm

    You can marinate your tofu and use in kebabs or pitta bread etc.
    Pack of plain tofu
    1tbsp olive oil
    1 tbsp cider vinegar
    1 tbsp mustard
    1 tsp dried rosemary or tbsp fresh
    1 tsp dried sage or tbsp fresh

    Cube the tofu, mix all other ingredients together. Stir in tofu and leave for 3 hours stirring a couple of times.

    When you use the oil and vinegar you can experement with other flavourings and herbs

    tofu satay, i love it
    5 chopped spring onions
    2 carrots matchsticked
    i inch chopped ginger
    i pack tofu (i use marinated or sesame seed or almond) cubed
    1 tbsp cider vinegar
    2 tbsp peanut butter
    1/4 tsp cayenne
    2 tbsp sesame oil
    2 tbsp sugar
    Heat oil in wok, add carrot and ginger. Stir fry 3 mins add tofu and vinegar. Cover &simmer 3 mins.Add onion for minute, turn off and leave covered. Make sauce by mix peanut butter,oil and sugar till smooth. Add to stir fry and mix well. Enjoy. Nice with noodles

    Im in the middle of crocheting a dress, old 70s style. I sell lots of crochet but might keep this one for me. I've done crochet bags out of carrier bags to. They are great and strong and makes good use of what would be landfill. I get people to save them for me cos i use proper bags when i shop so dont get any. You can do mats to.

    i been using a moon cup for over a year now and its great. But i have got polyps so my bleeding is ridiculous for first few days. So i now use washable sanitary for those days and my moon cup for last few. Works well for me and i think it puts you in touch with your body more. If you cant wash it there is always grass etc or just dont worry and pop it back