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    I think this is a very subjective matter. Each and every one of us is going to have different opinions as to what constitutes promoting independance and neglecting a child.
    For me, I have no problem leaving my kids whie I take a shower, etc. I don't leave them while I go to the shop or anything, but I think that is more ue to the fact that our "local" shop is a 20 minute walk away, so I'd be leaving them for about an hour if I "nipped out" to the shop. That's waaaay too long in my opinion. I'll nip to my next door neighbours' house for a few minutes and leave them in the house. They know where I am going, they understand that I will only be a few minutes and they know not to do anything while I'm gone.
    My kids both get themselves dressed. Hell, they won't let me choose their clothes for them. My eldest rejects half the clothes in his wardrobe before he gets ready! :D
    They are both asking if they can start walking to school by themselves. Hmmmmm, not sure yet. I think I might do the "tail them from a discreet distance away" thing to see how they go. :D

    Body Shop now = evil! LOL If you are still looking, have you tried Barry M? Their make up is all cruelty free and recommended in the Compassionate Shopping guide.

    I was in hospital last year for just over a week. The food was really shite! :rolleyes: Had to get my OH to bring in emergency supplies. Try being a veggie that fucking hates mushrooms! Every sodding thing they offered me had wee bits of fungus in it! *pukes* Oh, and why do these bastards all assume that veggies/vegans have no taste buds?
    Sorry, I'll shut up now! :whistle:

    Oooooh Lush! :reddevil: :whistle: The question should be what DON'T I like from there? :D Melting Marshmellow Moment bath melts, I Should Coco soap, Spank Me With Saplings shower jelly, Dream Cream, Aromaco deoderant, Happy Hippy shower gel... Erm, all the feckin' shop basically!

    I've just treated myself to a set, so I keep screwing up big time at the moment! :whistle: :insane: Will amble over to the link you've given and have a look. A friend of mine has been spinning poi for 5 years and she is amazing! She has a set of fire ones. One day.... :reddevil: