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    yea, basically. i can give you the theology behind that if you want but whats the theology behind the fat guy?

    or it can be attempted by another equally as gifted theologeon :insane:

    *back on topic*

    ...and the theology of the fat guy is?

    As opposed to trying to learn morals from a guy who sent his own son to be tortured and slain :whistle:

    yea, basically. i can give you the theology behind that if you want but whats the theology behind the fat guy?

    of course it scares you. it brings you face to face with the truth of sin and reality. dont appologuise for finding it scary. it shows you have at least an ounce of concience. Thats a good thing ;)

    Wow, here's a door i didnt think id knock on. Of course there will be alot of editing, its TV!!!

    I didnt wath this prog and im NOT watching the U toob clips either.....this lass scares the poop out of me, and i think you do to. Sorry elliot, each to thier own, but its all a bit scary to me....

    Way i see it, she should be out enjoying life, not preaching hate and outdated

    thats true! if we're all wrong then no big deal we'll all die and thats the end....

    ...or it could be the truth. what if your wrong?

    Rather than illustrate and illuminate, belief gets in the way of truth Elliot.

    also emotion gets in the way of truth. its up to every individual to be accountable for their own decitions. me for mine and you for yours right. i cant tell anyone else how to live. i can share what i believe and they can respond in whatever way they wish as there the ones who are accountable for it.

    Truth doesnt take effort to maintain nor belief to understand. It simply *is*. :)

    i agree

    remember this is a thirteen year old girl. not a theologeon we're talking about here. but yes i do believe that sin is sin in Gods eyes and a little white lie is sin. God is absolutly disgusted with sin that it has no place in God's perfect heaven. Anyone who has fallen short of the glory of god has turned their back on him and are desined for hell. the point the bbc largly cut out is how God loved us so much that he sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins so that we can be forgiven and brought back into relationship with him. The bible talks about salvation through jesus. Jesus said 'i am the way the truth and the life and no one shall see the father but by me'

    what do you think that means for you?

    I can't understand how it has taken you so long to find this show as it has been repeated 3 times to my knowledge, as i have seen it 3 times.

    It's funny how you say you saw it last night and yet at the same time you tell us that you have tracked the family down and talked to her father, that was very quick timing on your part there. In fact lighteningly quick.

    I also note that you say you talked to her *father* and not her parents, having seen the show 3 times, i know she has a mother..

    hmmm whats your point? :insane:

    To be honest i have a lot to say on this subject, but like Medusa i can't be arsed with the constant back and forth that i am wrong and you are right and that your way is best and my way is bad. .

    Then repent and it wont be:whistle:

    Having raised 3 childern who are all very much the same in that they have the same values and morals, who i brought up to have decency and respect for themselves and ppl around them. It saddened me to see this show and i watched it twice more to see if i was missing the piont.

    is that because it highlights your mistakes as a parent?

    My children are who they are, yes largely 'cos of me, but also because they have been ALLOWED to question and disagree, they have been ALLOWED to search for answers beyond what i or my other family members, or our Rabbi has taught them and as a result they have a very rounded veiw,

    rounded or undecided (take bits and pieces from what 'suits them')self pleasing belief?

    i found this girl to have EXTREMIST veiws

    good. i found the same thing :)

    I can't help thinking the life is going to be very hard and sad for this young girl, as she starts to go out in to the *real world*.
    Yes, maybe we are all brainwashed to some degree or another, but most of us have been given a choice by our parents - this child (and lets not forget she is a child)hasn't been given a choice, it's been bible, bible, bible.

    wow, have you seen more videos of her. have you seen the rest of her life outside the documentary. well i guess ive made a horrible mistake:wall:

    Oh and so you know none of my lot where having sex at 13 and i don't know any 13yr old who were or have been.

    yea like they would tell you if they were :rolleyes:

    How does a thirteen year old come up with “The bible is the infallible, inspired, inerrant word of the living god” unless those ideas have been given to her? And if no alternative idea have been offered to her to explore equally, then how can she come to a faith "by herself"?

    well like anyone else. you take away what you have learnt. question it and then make a conclusion ;)

    Programmes like this make me feel really sad. I also watched an american version with younger children and there was a little boy who was about 10, and after getting over the fact he was an annoying little shit, I felt very sad for him, he was acting the way he was becuse he was in mass distress that everybody was going to burn in hell if HE didn't save them.

    think you talking about the westborough baptist church.

    which i agree with you there. very sad.

    I *do* have very strong beliefs... I am a Marxist/moral atheist... but I would never brainwash my daughter into believing that I am right in my beliefs...

    again, not brainwashing.

    so basically what your saying it. you know what your believe to be true but you wouldnt share that with your child and teach it to your child. i find that incredibly hard to believe

    I am raising a child that knows how to question...

    There is nothing that suggests this family are doing otherwise

    When the girl in the clip started crying when she was talking about how god sent jesus to us which saved her from her sin (wtf she is only 13 years old :eek:) I nearly started crying too... because it made me wonder if she was crying because she felt such enormous gratitude... or because she feels so wretched and trapped... because she hasn;t been given any options in deciding how she wants to live her life.. what she wants to believe...

    if its the latter then that would be upsetting but having spoken to her father i know its not :)

    El you came to god when you were an adult... you chose your path.. don't you think it is sad that she can't? Also how understanding do you think her parents would be if she did choose later in life not to follow god's words?

    why can't she? she has found a security by questioning as you can see. there are times when her and her brother are chatting about things. she talks to people all the time and people question her and she talks back. its a two way thing.

    do you think that when people question and ask things that she ignors there questioning. of course not. watch again. im sure you'll see.

    i think the parents would be understanding but incredibly saddened at the thought of their daughter following anything but the one true God. Man, id feel the same for her after see what an amazing young girl she is now! but im completly confident that this isnt going to happen. She knows jesus and once you know jesus, everything else is worthless in comparison.

    She's "brainwashed" (not the best term, I agree) because she holds extreme views that she is too young to have formulated for herself. That would be true whether she held extreme christian, muslim or pagan views. No child has the emotional maturity, intelligence or life-experience to legitimately formulate those sorts of views off their own back. It doesn't matter whether what she believes is right or wrong - what matters is that she has been indoctrinated with that belief as a child, rather than coming to the belief herself as an adult.

    thing is tho. we all as children are then 'brainwashed' in this way to believe what we do. the difference being. we believed the lies. its normal to us tho as we are in the majority and every kid at school felt the same.

    to be honest i was shocked at the level of maturity of this little girl but i dont think thats a bad in in the slightest. whos to say that she can't handle that kind of emotional maturity at her age. you can clearly see in these videos that she does.

    most kids her age are having sex. i personally dont think that those kids are ready for the complexities of a sexual relationship but kids still do it.

    These sort of discussions with you never go anywhere and I cant be arsed getting into it with ya

    thats cool, ill just quickly reply and you can read it when you like :)

    Leaving the Christianity aspect aside for a mo..youre an intelligent person right? So why do you ask such stoopid questions when theres any challenge to your beliefs?

    well assuming your an intellegent person you'd agree that on the basis of this girl being brainwashed, the same rules applied to any of us would leave a conclusion of us also being brainwashed leaving your comment completly open to be withdrawn?

    are you prepared to withdraw your statment of the girl being brainwashed?

    of course not because in actual fact its not my beliefs being challenged but yours. hence my line of questioning.

    The child believes everyones going to hell and that she needs to go out and witness to people to save them.Thats messed up to anyone who doesnt share those evangelical beliefs.*shrug*

    the belief that everyone is not going to hell and the devil doesnt exist is messed up. This girl knows it and is completly confident and secure in the truth. its confidence and security because it is the truth.

    does that bother you? if so why? are you insecure about your own feelings? why would you say that was?

    is it because your so called 'truth' is in fact not 'truth' but built on a hiddious lie and is in fact messed up. the only thing that gives you any security and confidence to say these things is that on this site your in the majority....

    I cant take more than the first two but shes not 'inspirational' Elliott,shes a brainwashed 13 year old child spouting nonsense.Of course you cant see that but thats what is actually going on there.

    how exactly is she brainwashed. how do you 'brainwash' someone then?

    Elliot....i#ve read some of your previous posts and i'm sure your beliefs are really important to you ..but this is just so wrong...this child has been brainwashed..extreme terms to you maybe...but did you look at her eyes ? this poor kid has no idea of self...I find it all so sad.My daughters have been brought up to find their own way...they have their own concepts and its the opportunity and the access to different ideas that make them who they are.Its up to me as a parent to love them.. not to push my ideas but to give them the right to go their own way...this child has been denied her own human discover for a child she deserves so much more

    ive actually read and researched where she's from and been in contact with her father. there was soooo much that was cut out of this and the bbc have cut out all talk of jesus and of grace as well as her having non christian friends. also her and her family do watch secular shows not just preaches.

    in terms of love thats interesting that you wouldnt bring any of your own oppinions to your children...what like none. how is that love then? surly if a guy has just come out of prison for multiple rape or phedophillia and your daughter wanted to go out with him you'd say 'no' right? or would you 'let her go her own way' thats rediculas. in love you know whats best. my idea of whats best and yours may differ somewhat but as a parent you do what you feel is best for your child right?

    thing is your all the ones that are brainwashed everyday but the worlds idea of what is true or right. if you can say that she's brainwashed that surly you can see how you are also.

    everyone is preached to by somthing. weither it be experience, lovers, TV, Magasines, philosophy or the bible. you have a choice when raising children on how to train and teach them. i think this is one amazing little girl and if she was my little girl id be one incredibly happy father. id loved to have had the childhood she has. totally!!!!

    This was a show on bbc 3 tonight. its a documentary about a 13 year old girl who is a christian evangalist. there are alot of cuts made to the show so it does come across are fire and brimstone judgement and harly anything about Grace of God but still what an inspirational young girl!!!

    Part 1/6

    Part 2/6

    Part 3/6

    Part 4/6

    Part 5/6

    Part 6/6

    Touching, Amazing, a totally blessed young lady.

    hey there reality :)

    I have this crazy theory to go along with the akashic record idea and possibly where our ideas come from. Its about our first steps to reaching the point where we can draw all knowledge from the aether. In our stage of energetic progression in this reality we are currently able to draw energy rather easily from water. Have you ever noticed how you always feel great after a dive or a swim of a bath or any other interaction where you are completely emearsed in water? The idea is that water stores and transfers the energy of what ever it comes into contact with. Energy is easily measured in water as a wave form. You should check out the work of Masaru Emoto. He's doing some wild scientific experiments showing that water stores emotion. The biggest influence on water tho is the slow vibration given off by the earth itself. The planet pulsates at a freequency determind by the movements of its physical makeup as well as the external gravitational pull of other soler obljects which inturn are affected by other forces etc. Any way, the particular freequency that the earth ocilates at is what you get in a focused form from water. Its the ultimate feelgood freequency. The freequency stored in the water transfers its energy to you (through the morphic field?), who are mostly made up of water and that then inturn transfers through to the parts of your body that are responsable for emotions. The waves of energy continue on to stimulate the chemical processes in the brain responsable for emotion. The emotion stimulated in this case is happynes and calm. Now assuming all knowledge is stored in wave form, in different freequency's, throughout the universe. Everything you ever wanted to know could be in the water around us and in us. Its just a matter of trying to "remember it" using the brain as a "receiver" and "processor" for all the knowledge that is already out there and at our fingertips.

    Water is the catalyst for us to learn to absorb the energy of everything and in so doing become one with the universe.

    thats quite a wild theory. it sounds incredibly super spiritual. it seems this word energy is used so much in science hey.

    like using the word energy makes it sound so much more connected. everyone is looking for something to make them feel more connected to the earth or whatever. why? dont they feel connected already?

    and what does it really mean to feel 'more connected'?

    "Going boldly nowhere......" that's funny!!!

    Well I have read a little about his ideas on archetypes and I love the idea of a collective unconscious. it ties in with other stuff i've read about collective mind spaces...Sheldrake's morphogenic field, the akashic records etc. Love the idea that the brain is not a producer of thought but a RECIEVER....getting even more bizzare when we think about where ideas actually come from!!
    Think we need more cake!!!!

    i think what is more likely is that its a producer as well as a reciever

    But for it to be specifically quantified by non scientific methods, and then put out there with such specific definitions, makes it incredibly dubious to be used as a treatment, doesn't it?
    I'm all for it being effective, really i am, but i don't understand how people know that it works, and have got it down to a fine art. Perhaps this is just my own ignorance though.

    :clap:totally with you here!!!

    hey thats really cool by the way. and whats even cooler is that your sharing how to make them to allow people to make there own rather that keeping the info to yourself to make money out of people...

    nice one :)