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    Yeah we`re definitely socially conditioned to think it`s normal to spend the vast majority of our lives working then look forward to the few years of freedom we get at the end..when you`re too old and tired to really do much anyway..

    i'm already too old and tired to do anything... and i've got fookin' years left to work an' all. :S

    but to answer the original question, nah, it definitely ain't just you, especially round these parts.

    There's nothing wrong with muzzling dogs. Or children. :angel:

    Although my yoga teacher has a staffie and it's probably the softest, friendliest dog I've ever met.

    I get paid to look at shit (care assistant) so I'll definitely take the trees over actual shit.

    Me too, I look after learning disabled people, so shit goes with the territory. All over the damn territory sometimes. :eek:

    The weirdest thing about being older is when you see coppers who look they must be bunking off school, and the fuckers have the right to arrest you and everything!

    I shall be 40 soon but as a big part of me still feels 17, I confess I'm not coping well at all with the idea of being 40. :panic:

    maybe it's a reaction to having turned 50 already, but it really helps to see beyond the numbers, after all, they are pretty meaningless really. what's important is not how old you are, but how you live your life, whether you are true to yourself irrespective of the figures. we're all gonna end up in a box one way or another, so put the numbers to one side and do the only important thing, which is to live a good, happy life, while you are here. go for a walk, look at some trees and shit (um, not actual shit i don't mean), smile to yourself, remember that you could have been born as a slug or something, and you'll find that being 9 or 90 is neither here nor there. ;)

    Im 51 and still feel 19 inside

    that's the spirit! :thumbup:

    50 going on 15 here. :pp

    sometimes stuff occurs to me like for example how i am actually older than the prime minister of this country, yet i am a scruffy, long-haired, (sort of) hippy who has no understanding of things like tax and mortgages, instead going through life wondering about stuff like what do dogs dream about and how many stars actually are there in the sky anyway, preferring to listen to a good choon than watch question time, and... then i think, actually fuck it, i'm just gonna live my own life in the way that suits me and bollocks to anyone who thinks we should think or act a certain way just to fit in. plus, david cameron is a complete and utter wanker anyway.

    You must be going through a lot of emotions right now Sarah. But at least the lad's going away for the right reasons, as you say. I expect your relationship with him is bound to change now, but that's all part of the fun of having kids and seeing them through the tough business of growing up. :D

    Last year, on the solstice, i packed me sleeping bag and bivvy bag on me bike (the sweaty pedal one not the fast brrrm brrrm one) and went off and slept under the stars in a random place. i then did it a few more times during the summer. so yeah, it's great to do something different, take yourself marginally outside your comfort zone, from time to time. you don't have to circumnavigate the arctic in a dinghy to feel a little bit alive now and again. i hope to do the same this summer on at least a couple of occasions.

    Fookinell, just watched Enemy with Jake Gyllenhaal. Completely bonkers. Kind of an 'arty' film, quite surreal and hard to fathom, you know, what's real, what isn't? type scenario - slow pace, lots of dour, brooding performances from the actors, 'washed out' cinematography, atmospheric music, general weirdness.

    Gyllenhaal plays a teacher who sees his exact double in the form of a bit part actor in some random film he's watching, and sets out to track him down. cue lots of baffling weirdness. first thought was it must be a twins-separated-at-birth thingummy, cos up to that point the narrative appears linear and straight-forward (apart from the baffling opening scene). it's after that point that you have to really start questioning WTF is actually going on.

    And suffice to say that any hope of the ending making sense of it all turned out to be forlorn. Which was kind of how it should be I guess. If you pay attention right from the very beginning (like I didn't) you might make more sense of the ending? Put it this way, there's a definite connection between the beginning and the end, some kind of circle being completed, but what the chuff it ultimately means i honestly haven't a bastard clue. :S

    And of course, calling the film 'Enemy' is already predisposing you to view the film with certain expectations, and constantly trying to tie the events on screen with the title.

    Anyway, I love weird films and thoroughly enjoyed it but YMMV. :D

    Mark Steel, I think, said he saw the Four Tops..........but there were none of the original members on stage, did he actually see the Four Tops or not ?

    that's kinda like money. for a five pound note to be worth five pounds, enough people have to agree that it's worth five pounds. so i guess enough people would have to agree that they are the four tops, for them to be the four tops. i could get three people from work and tell everyone we are the sex pistols, but we probably wouldn't be. unless we could convince enough people to believe that we were. then we would be. or something. (i'd be sid vicious by the way.)

    you could also argue that as the sex pistols were originally rotten-cook-jones-matlock, when they ditched matlock in favour of sid vicious, they themselves were no longer the sex pistols?

    Yeah, I did think of Trigger's broom when I posted this.

    The difference between people and, um, boats (well one of the differences anyway, there are probably others) is that people have a consciousness.

    And yeah, when somebody suffers total memory loss, can they be said to be the same person when, for them, that person doesn't exist?

    And if you cut your toenails, you remove a part of 'you', yet you still consider yourself to be 'whole'. Where do you draw the line? How many bits, along with toenails, can you cut off until you're no longer you? At some point you'd die - but then we still consider someone to be the same person when they're dead don't we? So if all of you disappeared APART from your toenails, are the toenails then 'you'? In which case, why are they not you when you've cut them off? Or would they need to retain a foot to be you? A whole leg?

    What if when I died someone took off all my skin and filled it with banana flavour jelly, so that I looked exactly the same, but was, you know, a bag of skin filled with jelly? Would that be me? Or would it only be me if you took out the jelly and put all the other bits back? In which case, where am 'I' at the time when skin and body are separated?

    Or what about in a million years from now, when you can take my consciousness and place it in a computer, from where I can remote-control my body? Where am 'I' then?

    I'm beginning to think I don't actually exist. :eek:

    I like paradoxes.

    Do you? Know any good ones?

    Here's one.

    Say you have a big boat. Over time, with upkeep and whatnot, you end up replacing every single part of the boat. It's still the same boat though, right?

    You don't decide at some point, well I've replaced X parts of the boat, so therefore it's now a different boat, do you? Of course not.

    But suppose you had stored away every single part that you took off the boat, and later decided to rebuild it?

    Now which is which? ☺

    Snowpiercer. The last humans on a frozen, uninhabitable earth are stuck on a train endlessly circling the earth and living under an oppressive class system. The people at the back of the train get rather pissed off with it all. Based on a French graphic novel and directed by a Korean, it's pretty good if you don't think too logically about it. OTT cartoon violence in the style of other Korean films like Oldboy, and with a bonkers performance by Tilda Swinton. Nice.

    ah, that explains it. i was half right. which is about as close as i ever get. :angel:

    but the again, i know naff all about birds. in fact the only thing i know less about than birds, is women. :S

    come on, people, sign this thing and let's save the velociraptors.