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    Glade was awesome, but I think that was mostly down to being camped with lovely people and working at Tea and Empathy.

    I had a good time, and there were just enough artists to see that my evenings were filled but there wasn't enough of the other cool stuff you get at some festivals like instalations, film screenings and performance, and healing areas (ok there was a small tent ot two). Glade is a music festival but I get the idea that for most people there, it really was all about shoveling as many drugs into their bodies as humanly possible, and where as I'm certainly not anti drugs I think that level of excess does end up taking away from the festival vibe - and you wouldn't take your kids there.

    Probabably would go again, but there are plenty of better festivals to choose from!

    There is no point in being angry about your local councillers if you are too apathetic to go out and vote for anyone else.

    People from alternative parties can't really make any difference unless they are voted in.

    I ran for the Green Party in my local area and only got 5% of the vote, I'm astonished by the amount of people angry that we have our local government run by tories but they are too apathetic to vote against them.The worst thing is the BNP are using general voter apathy to gain seats.

    Things won't change unless people use their right to vote.


    I don't post on here very much, but yup I will be going. I think it'll be exhausting but hella fun. 2 weeks later I'll be going to All Tommorows Parties at Butlins in Minehead too. whoop.

    Breakcore is so much fun :)

    I think Chris Rock put it best, something like he believes that Live Earth will put a stop to global climate change the same way Live Aid stopped Poverty!


    Thanks to the nioce folk that have posted links on this thread- they have all been book marked.

    By the end of this summer I WILL be doing fire poi.

    (whether its done well is another matter entirely)

    My Lush tips are:

    Karma shampoo- residue free (apparently) it works well, makes your hair smell lovely and lasts for ages. my hair os pillar box red and it fade the colour though.

    Buffy the Backside slayer: It exfoliates your skin and makes your skin nice and soft.

    Lemslip: half soap, half mosturising, and good for using in the shower

    Angels on bare skin: amazing face wash and exfoliater- it smells like lavender and leaves your skin
    noticibly clearer!

    I guess all those points are very true. I've only ever been to Ozzfest and The Carling festivals before and always had a boyfriend to hide behind, going on my own will certainly give me some extra freedom!

    I think it must be all about confidence, until just recently I doubt I would have been able to pitch a tent next to someone I didn't know without feeling quite nervous.
    My outlook on life has changed now- I really think going it alone may be fun!

    As for being lonley... well I've always thought crowds are one of the lonliest places to be. paragraph>

    My friends are all being wishy washy about buying tickets for festivals this year, and it looks like they are all mostly just interested in the big metal ones anyway (wacken, Gaspop and Hellfest).

    Now Beautiful Days has sold out I want to get my tickets for Sunrise and The Big Chill, but I can't really afford to buy tickets that I may not be paid back for if my friends are lame and decide not to come.

    Do you think its unwise to go to a festival on your own?

    Do you think it will be very lonley?

    and most importantly- do you think it is unsafe?

    Feedback is much appreciated :D