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    Ho hum its not just the people earning 100k a year who are going to get the pay freeze. Its anyone earning over 7k a year.
    Working for the NHS is pretty much a thankless task at most times, i feel sorry for all the student (I will be one of them soon) who are studying for degrees at uni, and are going to go into a job in 2011 2012 and have no insight into when they will be getting payed enough to pay off their debts!
    it ok for the senior nurses who have risen enough up thier band to have a decent wage.... but the newbies are going to be stuck on the minimum pay for years!

    I know Nurses who have just qualifyed, have so much debt, and kids to look after.... who can barely afford to live,.... so they have to work up to 60 hours a week just to get by. The yearly incriments that are going to be frozen, are much desired. No wonder people complain about nurses so much.... but when your that overloaded and stressed its not bloody easy!

    Alistar darling has announced that from 2011, nurses will get only 1% pay rises.

    This is outragous! The money you earn as a nurse is low, but you get payrises each year. So now people will be stuck on a low wage and not being rewarded for their expirience!!! Why can't it be a cut to bankers and polititions wages!! They are the ones who got the country into debt not people who work in schools and hospitals!

    All together.... Fuck you Alistar Darling!

    Thats brilliant bassninja!!!

    I want to do OT for mental health in the end, and try create big art projects =)

    Working with the young people is great, even though some of them can be right cheeky little youfs! ;)

    Im now working on an acute phyciactric ward.... Its rewarding, challenging and can really wear you down, but enjoyable.

    Im hoping to get a job ive just been interviewed for on a stroke ward, as an occupational therapy assistant, just waiting to hear back from them :rolleyes:

    Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    he was jailed for six months for possessing a firearm?? is that normal?! not killed or threatened anyone, just had it?

    Who cares if he did not use it.... no one should possess a fire arm they are unnessery and dangerous

    Wooo hooo! im off tommow having trouble packing and what to take.... i did not take anything last year.... just clothes a blanket and myself... Was very uncomfortable the whole weekend..... So bringing everything apart form the kithen sink

    Weather is looking up to.....

    I will be the one dressed in two tone and skanking to a hand held cd player on the campsites :D :D :D

    I always have a vivid dream about a place by the sea.... it have huge concrete walls seperating the beach and the toen... with stairs you have to climb down to get to the beach. Sometimes I dream there is a carnival on.......

    I wonder if that is a past life cos Ive never been there before :o

    There is a womwne in my town who does angel readings.... I am very sceptical but have herd many great reviews about her.... including picking up an ex boyfriend who died in a road crash then saying the sex of my friends unborn baby....

    I want to have a reading but its £30 :mad:

    I know when you dream you cannot feel pain, but I have felt many dreams that husr so much... normally clutching round my rib gage so I cannot breath.... or round *private areas* like I am being abused.... both are really scary... cant wake up from them at all

    Quote from tekno

    I really like the Kate Moss hotpants and the Bench jumper.... But am skint atm... I'll have money in a couple of weeks though is there any chance you could hold on to them for that long? Pretty Please :D

    Yup I can reserve them for you :)

    Ok this is the recipie I used from the net

    For the cake

    100g drinking chocolate
    230g self-raising flour
    200g caster sugar
    100g dark chocolate, minimum 60% cocoa solids
    125g unsalted Butter
    250g cooked Beetroot, (not pickled!)
    3 large Eggs, beaten

    1. Preheat the oven to 180C/gas 4.

    2. Grease and line a 25cm deep round cake tin

    3. Sift the drinking chocolate with the self-raising flour into a mixing bowl, and then mix in the sugar.

    4. Melt the chocolate and butter together in a bowl over hot (not boiling) water.

    5. Purée the cooked beetroot in a food processor, then whisk in the beaten eggs.

    6. Add the beetroot and the chocolate mixtures to the dry ingredients and mix together thoroughly.

    7. Pour the mixture into a greased lined 25cm cake tin. Bake for 50 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.

    8. Remove from the oven and leave the cake to stand in the tin for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack to cool.

    You can make a creamy filling however it was just as good with a sprinkle of icing suger on the top.... lovely and moist like a chocolate fudge cake!

    Ok new Item Bootiful jacket from Tara London... It has a fleece inlining and is MEGA warm.... would be good in winter but might be usefull now for campers/ festival people....

    It has only been warn once

    Size S/M £15 + postage

    Quote from Pekkle

    I'd just be really worried about sending it by cash tbh x

    I can only sell by cash and cheque at the moment sorry.... im having trouble with this damned paypal gadget :mad:

    Karki bench jumper size8/10 £7 + postage

    Very pretty skimpy tie top, backless and nice and colourfull size 8/10 £4+postage

    Hippy top, nice colours size 8 £10+ postage (its brand new and good quality)

    see through pink mesh top S/M size £3 postage

    (Purple Animal hoodie size 12 I think quite baggy and thin matirial £7+ postage) Sold

    More to come

    Right this is the first time I am doing this.... I have not got paypal either so postage would be greatly appriciated

    Blue Prom dress, with pink flower pattern size 8 £10+ postage

    Closer detail to mesh underskirt and pattern

    Kate Moss hotpants new never worn size 10 £7+ postage

    Small shoulder bag, would suit a young girl £3+ postage

    More detail on bag

    Pasly crop top S/M size and super stretchy (shows alot of tum) £4+ postage

    Sleave detail

    I have expirienced sleep paralysis many times.... :eek:

    Its quite scary... I feel like im crawling out of my body and trying for get out off my room... once i went through my door and was on the landing screaming for someone to come and wake me up....

    Other times I feel hands all over my body they really hurt aswell.... I try to look at them or grap the hand... once I got hold of it and woke up to find myself clutching my own hand...

    Then there was this time when i crawled out my body and looked in the mirror to see my face distorted and almost like a dragon.... I screamed a horrible electrical sound.

    Ive had a few horrible dreams recently since my brother passed away... once i felt a suffocating feeling in my sleep and saw him standing over me, I asked if i would ever see him again, he just replied "No" and floated up through the ceiling

    Had a few ghoastly expiriences to... one being sat in my friends house when there was an plucking sound from a musical instrument... we all herd it, but she told us a toddler drowned in a small pond in the front garden... he sometimes plays with things in the house... sure enough there was an old violin displayed on her windowsill

    And in a London theater back stage, I was on a school tour... the guide asked us if there was anything strange about the corridor... i could smell lavender very strongly but nobody else clould... He told me a famous actor in the victorian times used lavender to block the smell of his incompatent bladder and some people could smell him today :D

    Quote from Pekkle

    30 minute walk to the festval from the campsite though, there is even a shuttle bus!! Lol.



    What? is that the staff campsites.... i was 2 mins away from the main areana last year

    thats a little bit extreme.....

    However I dont take kindly to people who can only be descibed as evil sick montsers getting good treatment in prisons.

    Solitary confidement maybe? I feel the the american prison system is much tougher than ours.... apart from capital punishment perhaps???

    than again if someone raped and murdered your child surely justise for you would mean death to them? They are not innocent like a child they have done something that is so clearly wrong... so their human rights are not the smae in my opinion....

    Its a long subject im just confusing myself now :insane:

    When people are rude to their parents :mad: Spesh when they are rude in front of their friends

    .... Also when people argue with eachother whilst others are in company... I just think its plain rude and uncomfortable for everyone....

    Quote from Roodye

    Nice one!
    Who you most looking forward too?
    Natty, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and basically all the lock-up bands on Friday for me!

    The lock up stage looks like a blistering line up.... although im gonna have to choose between pennywise or Rage.....

    Im looking forward to seeing Flogging Molly the most though :D

    Im going!!!

    Its madness..... The further you camp away from the areana the quiter the campsites are..... bring ear plugs and if you buy a crate of tesco value larger (or any brand) They will swap it for a crate of carling :D