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    Escape is a pipe dream.

    Seems to me most people in society are too proud and so convinced by their personal enigma that their overwhelming positivity and mental fortitude will bite them in the arse.

    Gotta stay positive to overcome being shat on. Right? 💣🤮

    That's too much like deep thinking for me Zendaze. But I'm trying to figure out what you're saying... But what if "Escape" isn't a pipe dream, ,,, but the middle ground,,, another way,,, an alternative. Isn't that the ethos of being a Hippy, or Hippyish, or Hippydom??:flowerpower::flowerpower:

    I'd say being a bit negative is the best way to avoid being shit on ..... or dodging the pile of shit! The shit is everywhere. We just need to find ways of dealing with it.

    We all have our opinions of Coronavirus and how it should be dealt with.

    The second spike in Sweden is interesting ,, and it is also very low.!!

    What amazes me is how quickly society can change and how willing and easily the masses will blindly obey and follow orders. Yet looking back, history tells us that people very readily become sheeple... Just look at the rise of the Third Reich,,,,, or,,,,,spraying kids with DDT,,,, or slavery.

    Whatever happened to free thinking? Personally, I will only wear a mask in a place which will absolutely prohibit entry otherwise and I need to enter that place to get goods or services.

    And it is then removed the moment I exit said building.

    I'm making hugelkultur beds for growing food. All the materials are on site. Fallen well rotted hardwood branches, green materials, top soil and plenty of well rotted horse manure.

    Once created, how long before they can be planted out? Everything I read has different timescales from plant immediately to wait a year?

    A city isn't a natural habitat for humans.

    Just look historically at the reason settlements grew and grew to become cities!

    They are a perfect place for controlling the population! An ideal power base!

    I say that if you can, then get to hell out and into the countryside.

    Aaahhh LosingBaggage,, come on now!!!!! Get writing, but don't hold hold your breath waiting for the Renault Master !

    Somebody has gone to the effort of producing an ebook. There's a facebook page for off grid country living UK. It's got around 17,000 members and judging by a lot of the comments, some peeps are in dire need of figuring out how they are going to keep a roof over their head and a set of wheels under their feet.

    We both know that being open to the thoughts and ideas of others is a pretty good thing. Even if it's just to say,, " ok, I've read ****** and it's crap".

    But there's generally always something of value to learn. Even if it's figuring out the way NOT to do things.

    So can I please ask you what advice you'd have for folk who want to quit the 9-5, but still need to pay the diesel, road tax, insurance etc??

    Hey Treestump, I was just thinking this was another Drop shipping, get rich from doing nowt, type ebook as peddled all over Youtube, facebook and Instagram,,,,, My curiousity and the fact it's my coffee break time got me wondering what you're promoting !!

    Soooo I looked up the author Simone Kay.. Well, anyone who's name is Twigs, and who is a self styled nomadic, healer, artist, off grid traveller, must have some valuable insights.. So I'm going to buy this one tonight.

    Not because I need an income for travelling, but because I'm interested in creative ways of earning a living.

    On the subject of "Making Money On The Road", that's something lots of people would love to be able to do. To have a lifestyle of relative freedom and live simply. To escape the shackles of the 9-5 and jump off the hamster wheel.

    My offgrid lifestyle looks pretty mainstream. I run creative businesses, yet I last was an employee almost 30 years ago. Thinking outside the box is vital.

    This would be a great place to exchange ideas and thoughts on earning a living outside of what the late Stuart Wilde called The Tick Tock.

    These Utopian Movements and Intentional Communities are rarely Utopian. They are frequently a mix of hierachries and egos. And often descend in to a nightmare. Think Branch Davadian, Waco community. Rallies are generally for those who are against things. Being against things is fine,,,, it's sometimes necessary.

    However, Utopia is wherever and whatever you make it. It could be a walk on the beach with the dog. It could be the simple pleasure of hot tea and warm crusty bread. It could be living quietly , pottering about or grafting on an allotment. Utopia is a state of being. It's a choice. It's not a movement!!

    The currently outdated concept of class will have little to do with a dystopian future so no, I did not mean what you suggested.

    And if your going to attempt something along the lines of a double anecdote probably best not to use the word never as makes at least one of them look like a lie.

    Dear Losingbaggage,

    I wasn't going to "attempt " anything!! But thank you for your advice re "double anedotes and lies..." whatever that means!!!!

    May your life be filled with wisdom, peace and especially kindness and thoughtfulness to others.

    Love and blessings to you.

    I wish you well along your path..... Lesley. xxx

    You're absolutely right Bernie. I'm not complaining. Just running around, totally clueless and fast realising just how little I actually know!! There's never enough hours in a day and a million jobs to do!

    The growing food bit..... well I can grow enough food to feed a small town. But the DIY, building, fixing, repairing bit.... :shrug::shrug::shrug:

    I think double glazing will be a must do! I love the idea of shutters too OldKeith. I'm on a steep learning curve here.

    Despite having lived in the countryside nearly all my life, somedays I feel this downsized, alternative, live gently on the earth, grow your own food and be more sustainable lifestyle is ................... WAY beyond my current level of skills. My place came with a container load of tools and equipment. I haven't a clue what 90% of them are for!! If it wasn't for YOutube tutorials I'd be stuck!!

    Has anyone else made life changes and felt seriously out of their depth?

    I'd thought of installing the wood burning stove. It's a Queenie; the type used in Bowtops and great for making tea or a pot of soup. The bench style seating is now a pile of plywood and foam bits.

    I'm at a loss as what to do with the windows. They'd be OK in Summer but freezing in Winter!

    I've made a start today. I'm woman on a mission.

    I've got a static caravan on my land. It's in an idyllic position and easy for hooking up to services. The previous owner bought it new back in 2003 , with the aim of knocking down the little farmhouse and building a MacMansion with swimming pool:insane:

    It has never once been lived in,,, has a living room, kitchen , 2 bathrooms and two bedrooms. And has two doors!

    It's in perfect condition except the livingroom seating got trashed by two terriers digging for fun when they lived there for a few days!

    I don't want to remove it as the height on a low loader will damage a tunnel of trees.

    I don't particularly want to go to work with the angle grinder, as the caravan has permission and is on a map of the title deeds and so is allowed to be there...

    So my thoughts are Tiny House!

    The windows in the bedrooms are flimsy rubbish, so would need replaced or improved.. I thought of ripping out the built in furniture, installing a wooden floor and wood burner, insulating with sheeps wool. The scoured sheeps wool is free as it's scrap from my business and the woodburner is sitting in the shed!

    I need to do all of this on a budget,,, shoestring! I then thought of renting it out as cheap as chips accomodation, or giving it to someone in return for a half day per week help around the land.

    My DIY skills are limited to ripping out, preparing and cleaning... I suppose I could manage to lay flooring at an absolute push.

    Does anyone have any idea how cheaply I could do this? Any thoughts on how to do this?

    Good Grief is all I can say too Likahamadoolihan. Presuming the YouGov stats are correct,, free thinking is doomed.

    What's that quote?? "We get the leaders we deserve"

    And today,, talk of placing Covid Marshalls on the streets.

    OOps... my mistake dear Losing Baggage.:whistle:

    "Asshole Compliant citizen ,,, a trodden on member of the proletariat"....

    Ok,,, My mistake,,,, so you meant Compliant citizen for the middle class??

    And trodden on member of the proletariat for the working class??

    I presumed that being compliant and trodden on was kind of the same thing!! And not a class thing!! So I grouped those people together ,,,, ....But then that's just me who doesn't give a f**k about class and doesn't regard those who don't share my views as assholes/

    A huge WELL DONE and hugs for staying under the radar in London for 5 years. I've never even managed a fleeting visit to London without picking up at least one extortionate parking ticket or parking offences fine... and never managed to park my car anywhere other than a NCP carpark with fees greater than the average Daily Wage. Keep up the Ninja Van Living,,, be calm and be happy..:flowerpower::flowerpower::flowerpower: Blessings Be. xxxx

    But LosingBaggage, the EU have said they won't be accepting Scotland into their corridors of power ... So what Ms Sturgeon wants is irrelevant. She's not getting an invite to the party. The train has left the station! The ship has sailed!

    You're saying the options are 1. Become compliant or 2. Wing it under the radar.

    Being under the radar is nigh impossible, even if you choose to bug it out in the North Of Scotland, the Mountains of Wales, the moors of Northumbria, I doubt anyone in the UK can actually be under the radar for very long.

    I'm in favour of a third way. That is a more inclusive society where personal freedoms and choices go hand in hand with responsibilities. Where ordinary people like me can live comfortable, sustainable lives with purpose. And where we build community.

    Call me naive or idealistic.... but I've been on this earth for a while longer than most and experienced my share of challenges and shite!!

    I see change,,,,, and a fair bit of it positive. Communities are being built. Groups are coming together. Yes,,, there's a whole lot of shite out there, but there's a whole lot of good things happening too.

    I'm choosing the third way and there will be plenty of people joining me.

    My Granny was a traveller / tinker / gypsy... whatever title you choose, because she wouldn't have cared for Politically Correct labels. I went hawking with her as a child. She had a saying any time I moaned ,,,, " complaining will do you know good,,,, action will,, so what are you going to do?? You can make a kirk or a mill of it!! "

    If that idiot sturgeon woman gets her way Scotland will end up so deep in the EU mire as the poor cousin that there'll be wistful reminiscing of the old days under the Westminster incompetents.

    Dystopia is coming. You'd best decide and prepare now whether to be an asshole compliant citizen, a trodden on member of the proletariat or under the radar siding with neither.

    It certainly is Draconian. We have been under virtual house arrest. Our movements controlled. Families separated. Lives turned upside down.

    If we stand back and look at the news footage since lockdown as if we are watching a fictional tv drama, then the whole Covid period looks like a dystopian nightmare.

    Yet, we blindly obey without question.

    Bit by bit our freedoms are being eroded. These are incredible times where we have instant access to information and knowledge. Never before have people been able to take actions and communicate so quickly. Yet the majority of the population are living as sheep.

    On a side note..... Come to Scotland. The black and yellow "NO Overnight Parking signs" in Scottish laybys are not legal and not covered by any traffic regulation order.

    Hi Zendaze, I wasn't talking about vaccinating by physical force, but citizens not qualifying for certain privileges if they aren't vaccinated!

    This could happen. As for current laws, well who would have forecast in early March we'd all be under house arrest within a week? Laws can change very quickly. We are living in very unusual times.

    In a world where 30% of all food produced ends up in landfill, dietary choice can be a very emotive subject. I see the Dietary Choices / Lifestyle debate as choices the luxury of having a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM.... give or take a Buddhist monastery or two in deepest Tibet of course.. Our ancestors hunted, gathered, fished and farmed because they had to. They ate what was local and seasonal.

    Thank The Goddess that we are all different and not all making the same choices. A world full of nowt but Carnivores would be disastrous..... and a world full of nowt but vegans would be equally disastrous.

    We can all see the carnivore model... But the vegan model is equally damaging to the environment. A world with the eradication of domesticated poultry, cattle, goats, pigs, sheep etc would have an adverse environmental impact. Our grasslands would be unable to regenerate. Many wild flowers and species in upland areas would become extinct. More chemicals would need to be used on agricultural land as there would be no animal manure. And that's just the start. Read about some of the rewilding projects in Scotland and the North of England. Animals are essential to the ecosystem.

    What is needed is common sense and joined up thinking. When talking of "morals" that generally suggests superiority in thought over those lesser beings who chose to eat meat. Instead I will use the word "ethics". We all have our own ethical stance.

    What is really needed is a society where food is valued not just to stuff our bellies, but for nutritional properties. Where the five decade period of intense farming is assigned to the annals of history. And everyone has an awareness of food production.

    I rear animals. The chickens lay eggs and the fertilised eggs go on to hatch 50% boys.

    Do I have respect for the lives of the boy chickens?? YES!! Do I rear them with care and respect?? Yes!! Will I or others eventually eat the boy chickens?? YES!!

    Their lives would not ever have come in to being if they were not to be used as a valuable food. Their shit is valuable fertiliser for the soil,,,, they even prepare the soil for veg planting. An tonight they are happy little chicks, well fed and now safely tucked away in their house until morning,,, to save them from the badgers.... who have plenty of earth worms to eat. Balance... Balance... Balance...

    OK,,, I ramble on a bit.... but what I am saying is as a society we need to think more deeply. And re the OP,,, if a potential partner is so closed thinking ,, so blinkered that they only see their own perspective,,,, then who really wants to be with a person like that?? Vive la difference!!

    Hi Plant Girl,

    I've never lived in a van so can't give you safety tips from experience. What I can give is thoughts from the land owner side.

    Until recently I lived in the countryside within commuting distance of Edinburgh. I had some spare/un-used land and frequently had van dwellers stay over.

    Those who stayed largely needed to stay around Edinburgh for Family / Work / Necessity / Whatever reasons. Pitching in the Edinburgh postcode overnight is a nightmare and usually results in clamping. They all had a handful of van friendly land owners who allowed them to pitch up. It's a win/win situation.

    Personally, I would spend a few days searching out similar people in your area. Planning is everything, even for free spirits. Equestrian properties and livery yards can be good places too. Hard standing for lorries, electrcity and water. And having a van around overnight is a bonus. That bit of extra security for the horses and tack room. There's always the negative people, but you will be surprised at how helpful most people will be.

    And,,, now I'm living in an beautiful organic croft in the North East of Scotland near Speyside. There's a zillion places to pitch up in the area. But is anyone is looking for a good spot to pitch for a few days,, a week,,, a month ,,,,. Then give me a shout. Spring water, electricity and yummy food in return for a few hours help with the fruit and veg gardens.

    Hey Boris, you're welcome any time.

    Mature woodlands,, private spring water supply, organic food, massses of wood, your "own" mature woodlands, burn with waterfalls, chanterelle mushrroms, wild blaeberries,,,,,,, and you won't need a tog rating duvet in your van. You'll have "dog" rating warmth from a resident furbaby or two.

    I'm using my own home produced air dried timber and have stacked enough to last a lifetime.

    My house is small and has a wood burner, solar panels and triple glazing but has never had central heating. I don't expect to flick a switch and get instant heat. I just light the stove, open the doors to the rooms and wait!

    And, if I get cold I do what everyone used to do. I put on another jumper and a big pair of thermal socks and fill a hot water bottle. I remember a time when wearing only a tee shirt indoors in winter was unheard of.

    And if it gets very cold here in The North, then it's time for my Eco Friendly Terrier System and I just put another dog on the bed!!:D:D

    IMO this is the slippery slope towards other vaccines and potentially nanotechnology.

    I will be relying on my Immune System.

    And talking of immune systems and the vaccine, vaccine, vaccine mantra. Well I have a little terrier. She'll be 14 yrs old in a few months time and got vaccinated at 8wks and 10wks old. She hasn't had a vaccination since them. But last year she got a Titer test; an antibody blood test to tell if the original vaccine is still protecting her. And YES,,, it was!!

    So her body hasn't been subjected to 13 extra vaccines. Living proof that she doesn't need a vaccine every 12 months.

    Life will go on as before.... Covid will be little but a memory... The rich will get richer... The poor will get poorer.... The divide will widen... and shopping and buying stuff that isn't needed will still be the number weekend activity. People will still want cheap consumer goods and food. Society will move towards a cashless economy ( in a bad way and not a barter way)!

    If absolutely nothing else changes, then the private nursing homes should all be brought in to NHS care. What was that statement on the purpose of the NHS? "from cradle to grave"??

    If someone wants to eat a vegan diet - that's fine! If someone wants to be a vegetarian, pescatarian, ominvore or carnivore, then that's fine too!! To each, their own choices!

    When I first met my ex partner he just presumed I was a vegetarian and mirrored this behaviour. He made such a statement about his "ethical" choices. I told him that whilst I respected and understood his choices, I did actually eat meat.

    I explained where my meat came from and the conditions the grass and natural pasture reared animals lived...and how I would continue eating meat.. Suddenly he felt he had permission to reveal his inner carnivore!!! Hmmm!!

    To each , their own. I wouldn't impose my choices on a person and wouldn't expect them to impose their lifestyle choices on me.

    But now my life is so simple... all present and future partners in my life must have four legs and a tail.. Love and respect is a given .:):):)<3

    It is a perfect spot. High on a hill over looking the Moray Firth and the Mountains of Sutherland and Caithness in the distance.

    There's also a 2 bedroom static caravan on site connected to services. It's around 15 - 20 years old and never been lived in. I use it as my little terriers quiet space when I'm working.

    With a bit of TLC it may be suitable for someone good at DIY... of which I'm rubbish at!!!

    Hi Everyone,

    I've just found this forum and pls kick out this post if it isn't allowed. I would like to advertise,,,,, However, if I should be in the advertising section, then please direct me.

    I live in a beautiful croft high on a hill overlooking the Moray Firth in Scotland. The woodland is ancient. The land is organic, rich and fertile. The grounds were amazing but became neglected. I'm slowly bringing them back to what they once were. I'm growing food on permaculture principals. My nearest neighbour is one mile down the hill. But I'm only a short drive from a town.

    I run my own successful little creative business and keep 3 mini horses and little pet dogs.

    I have a secluded woodland site with a private road separate from the drive to my home. Private water supply and electricity on site. Wood is sourced from the woodland. There is also an area for food growing and chicken keeping although anyone staying is welcome to share my kitchen garden.

    If anyone would like to site their caravan / mobile home / tiny house / whatever..... they are welcome to do so in return for around 5 hours per week in the grounds. The water is private supply and the electricity is included.

    I'm about 35 mins drive to The Findhorn Foundation and a 5 minute drive to the coast.<3<3<3<3