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    I'm having a bit of hard time finding some spares - first caravan!

    Bought this old Reflection Merit 430/4 but have a broken skylight come vent. Plan is to plant this in the side garden and let the kids paint and art it up as a play room etc.

    More than happy to pay for the spares but does anyone know a good place to start looking?

    Many thanks


    Ohhhh! Hiya pal!! :) Yes I do remember you then, so pleased to hear that you're doing so well and congratulations to you and Enigma!

    My latest Clan member is Erin Harriet :)

    I am indeed still in the Police Force and working in Armed Response for Counter Terrorism, I'm a specialist in defending nuclear material.

    I recall Trevstock and many festivals working as a marshal with great fondness too mate.

    Apologies for the delay, I was working a night shift.

    were you pitched opposite me at Trevstock? I think you were expecting your kids to visit that weekend. You also like to keep your shoes neatly placed in the tent, military training maybe? If it is the James Im thinking about. Hi man..... you are one cool dude... and great to hear from you again!

    Pretty sure I was the only armed copper at Trevstock :) yes, I was in the forces and the prision service too and yes, I do like to be rather neat. I don't recall your face to the name, sorry! I've also been to a few Trevstocks and met some very cool people. I had 2 kids then but I have 3 now and the still love camping and vans.

    I hope you've been keeping well, I have reconnected with a few on the old timers FB page, wonderful to see how most people have been doing and sorting out some meet ups for a few bottles of red around a campfire at some stage.

    Thanks for the warm welcome back... it's far less populated than before but I think that is the nature of electronic comms development.

    I'm not actually new here but I can't recall a password from around a decade ago, I can't recall what I had for lunch yesterday!

    But if Jo Campersomething, Stardust and Velvetcollie (?) are about and still doing camping, more than happy to try and join in.

    Just got another caravan and about to take a paint brush n spray cans to it for my Munchkin.

    Like I said "I'll be back"

    Hope all are keeping well