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    I believe eating animals is an individual's choice not a species i make choices in my life based on whats good for me. I respect others choices based on whats good for them. I humans never needed to adopt the butt smelling thing our natural scents are pungent enough to be smelt across the room. I dont like or agree with the explotation unnecessary pain or suffering of any animal. I eat very little meat iv been long periods without eating meat my beliefs have changed as iv tried to learn who i am. The life in the animal is the same life in me and the body of the animal is the same stuff as me we are both consciousness and dirt only our perception separates

    hi im chris new here to the forum. Im sure there are many threads with many questions id like this to be mine mainly as a form of introduction into a bit about my self and you guys. Never really had any one to speak to about belief what the word means to you and the impact it has on your life. These are the sorts of questions i started to ask my self a few years ago now im here and here is all that is important for now. I respect all religions and all life. So to kick it off ill start with a question. To what extent does your respect for life reach is there a point for you that life is disposable enough for you to take a life human or otherwise? Much love

    The respect for the food we eat has gone for main stream society.The waste is discussting without these animals and plants we eat we wouldnt be here.We should have passion and respect for everything that connects us with life. The cow is idolised in hinduism simply becuase how much it contributes to the quality of human life. Im not religious but iv studided a few religions and take a lot of my beliefs from there ideologys.

    Dad was a GRP technition he also worked on some popular projects he made engine pods for rolls Royce plane engines he was involved with a lot of projects at Disney land paris and worked in team that made the 1992 winter olympics ski jump

    Racism is just a word used describe one of the personality traits of a narcissist. We premote racism or at least stimulate that area of a narcissists peronality in every day life. The standard narcissist will happy punch crap out of someone becuase they wear diffrent colour football shirt regardless of thier ethnicity. We dont have a racist problem we have a narcissist problem. Untill people can recognize that our society is a breeding ground for narcissistic behaviour,as most people with this type of personality are also a victims of not having thier basic human needs met at an early development stage in thier lives leaving them with a peronality developed as a defense mechanism. As long as society fails to provide v

    Basic human needs to its children then we will never see an end to racism.

    Hello im chris i consider my self as diffrent thats about the best introduction i could give my self. mysticism has inspired me to become the man i am today easy going open minded and emphatic torwards every piece of life around my intention in the forum is to meet similar minded people or at least people that will humour me while im lost in the cosmos the greater society arnt quite ready for me.