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    I love the buddhist teachings, they have supported me through many of lifes ups and downs. Theres a local buddhist centre here too. I've been a few times, but it's difficult to fit into my routine atm. Definitely something I plan to commit to in the future. If you havent heard of it already, then check out dharma seed - it's audio of all the buddhist retreats dhama talks. They have a pretty extensive back catalogue too ...

    Oh no MJ just makes me think of Michael Jackson 😱😂 so is Dovedale a more regulars kinda thing? I’d love to go, I’m seriously lacking a hippy community of my own these days!

    Greed increased, respect decreased as food supply was taken for granted and more removed from people’s everyday lives. it’s been great over the last few years, the broadcasting of unethical treatment of animals and plant based diets even becoming fashionable. I could never have imagined that all those years ago when I first became veggie. I don’t think most people are intentionally careless or cruel when it comes to animals, I think they just never gave it any though like a lot of things that aren’t in front of their faces. Out of sight out of mind. I do feel more hopeful now towards a real change in society’s attitudes toward industrial meat farming and consumption of meat..let’s hope it continues to progress...

    iv wanted to stop eating animals for a long time iv cut down meat consumption to only eating what i hunt and not eating animals that have been farmed for the purpose. Eating animals is natural to a lot of spiecies on earth indont dissagre with eating animals but i dissagree with the mass explotation of animals for profit.

    Yeah I agree....We have always been hunter gatherers. But the disgusting mass production of cheap available meat has lead to the exploitation and abuse of innocent animals. If only everyone ate a minimal amount of meat (like our digestive systems are actually designed for). It would make the farming industry much more humane. After being a long term veggie, I will now occasionally eat meat but the majority of time I'll choose meat alternatives.

    From what I gathered when studying discrimination in psychology, racism is basically a neurological through back from our primitive tribal days, when man had to be weary of those who looked different from other tribes and being a threat...I guess some of the more limited in society are still working with this logic...Nothing a more equal social structure wouldn’t solve - so I guess we’re stuck with it! 🤯

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve just landed here in UK Hippy, it’s great to discover you all! It all looks very interesting, I do love getting involved with some great discussions! I’m a single parent, in my 30s, going back to uni in sept to study counselling. Mostly veggie, love music and festivals, generally pretty leftfield...anyway that’s a bit about me, I look forward to knowing more about everyone else too 😃 x