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    None of that is really addressing the problem though is it ? I could easily post 40 Pages of shite (and probably will ) but most forums nowadays you just need to post once or twice, to prove that you are a real person then your in !

    I was responding to the OPs Question with my opinion ! I probably will stick around for a bit anyway If I feel some love :flowerpower:

    Normally I am the chuck away guy but during the lock down I broke my yard broom in half where the handle fastens to the head , everywhere was closed so I repaired it and added a piece of wood to strengthen it ! Its still going , also I repaired a guitar lead that had gone bad

    (would have deffo Binned that before ) just needed Re Soldering !

    I have a question guys , a lot of this forum I cant access Because I have not made enough posts ! how can I make enough posts if I cant access the Threads ? do i have to post 40 times in the welcome thread in order to talk about anything on here that I am interested in ? not wanting to appear critical but it seems to me a bit lame

    Good Post ! the thing is I am one of these old Fuckers you are talking about , Never had nothing I didnt scrimp and save for so no Debt ,paid off a mortgage by working 7 days 12 hours and when there was no work got on my bike and worked away ( 10 years China India Morocco Poland ) Wherever just to make a living ! Old people are not smarter they were just brought up Different , I dont blame the young I envy them , When I was young and had Fuck all I had everything I needed I just didnt know it then

    Wish I had the words to explain it better

    Hi Mally here from Runcorn Cheshire ! This place was recommended to me so I thought I might pop in and have a look round