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    thats your way. i respect that.

    an atheist should be an atheist, and a christian should be a christian, i dislike missionary activities. i would not tell them to be like me, im a bit liberal about this.

    dalai lama says, if science says buddhism is wrong, buddhism will change. there is no revelation in buddhism, neither dogmas. they dont say world was created 3000 years ago. so, i think, there will be still a buddhist meditating peacefully in a colony at mars one thousand years later.

    its all about literature. short stories, essays, sometimes poetries. also caricatures. what about you, do you produce something about art?

    bardo thödol is the book telling what happens after you die. western cultures know it as 'tibetan book of the death'. its also a guide to teach us how to live.

    'you will encounter a powerful white light when you die, dont be afraid, its home'

    'be a servant of all sential beings'.

    yes, us flag and western culture are a way of rebellion iran, its the truth, i didnt invent it in my room.

    wow so much hate about politics. if i write something political in a turkish forum, people will act the same. i think its universal. thats why i hate politics.

    Most likely the guy knew nothing about Turkish/British history, either.

    Its funny but its sad too. Ignorance can get you into big troubles sometimes.

    in iran, the opponents against the state love western culture. if you live there, you have to make a choice between islamic sharia or madonna. us flag, western pop culture is a way to riot. this guy bought that flag because of that.

    thank you.

    actually, i put this news to make people laugh, its not about politics.

    the stupidity is here, a guy from iran comes to turkey, buys a british flag designed towel. he knows nothing about britain, maybe never been to england. he just buys a towel. like buying one with a holland flag or a jamaica flag. police arrested him, they think its a political propoganda, than they said it was just a towel. poor iranian guy. you know nothing about the stupidity of turkish state.

    hey. i made an easy 'create your own conspiracy theory' simulator. pick three words from below. and create a new conspiracy theory.

    george washington * coca cola * ricky gervais * mind control * religion * illuminati * aliens * malaysia * flat earth * nasa

    example: george washington was an alien and aliens control our minds by putting something in coca cola.

    thank you for your interest.

    Hi Poet,

    Welcome to the forum!

    You'll find a nice lot of people here, and lots of information about many things, especially alternative living.

    You will enjoy it here. Participate, have a pleasant time!

    thank you, i really like here :)

    Hello Poet. Welcome.

    From Turkey eh? My ambition is to visit Gobekli Tepe and Goreme and the underground cities. The virus / lockdown has not affected me too badly, I work from home anyway and am very happy with my own company. Luckily I live in a little lorry so I can isolate and distance very easily. Of course I am very sad for all the people who have become ill, and who have died, or who have had their businesses ruined. But personally things are fine. Sounds like your lockdown there is more stringent?

    I do find it strange to be in one place, it's not horrible, but it is very strange and I find myself waking up some mornings thinking, 'Right where today then?'

    i havent seen gobeklitepe yet, but i want to. i had seen urfa, where gobeklitepe is, but those days gobeklitepe was not found yet, at least we didnt hear anything about it. underground cities in goreme are great, first christians hided from the state there. i hope you see there one day.

    i dont know if its more stringent here, but i can say, for the people above 65, its forbidden to go outside.

    Hi -poet-, welcome to the forum, I am sure I speak for everybody when I say a great big "Hello" and hope you have some fun here.

    Finest regards TrippyT

    thanks buddy. it looks like a great place :)

    i hear it first time now. must be fun. is it in india?

    at least you have a buddhist centre in your country :) we dont have it here..

    We're doing OK really, life not that much different from normal. Only really go out to shop once a week, & to my workshop & bus park when I get chance. Missing getting out on the road a bit now, but hopefully it won't be forever.....

    How's yerself?, how is Turkey affected by it all?...

    we are always at home. so i can read more books..

    in turkey, some days its forbidden to go outside, mostly weekends...

    hi and welcome, what kind of artist, what’s your thing? :)

    i write short stories and essays, sometimes poetry... but i dont have a book yet. i feel im not ready for it yet. (kafka style) :) also draw caricatures, as a hobby...

    hi big bear.. how is your corona days.. are you enjoying your time in this science fiction days:)

    hello, i'm an artist from turkey. i'd like to have new friends, maybe they may come here one day, or we may go to east together...