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    There once was an alien from Washington state.

    His name was George and he was always so late.

    He went off to church and discovered religion.

    Only to miss the next sermon because of a pigeon.

    Air Malaysia, now all seems to be very clear.

    Aboard our George jumped and then it disappeared.

    Coca Cola, they put up a huge sum of money.

    Because the whole world said it all smelt so funny.

    The illuminati arrived and in a blue fit.

    Said the plane had gone missing and all was to shit.

    But personally I think, It was that dam Pigeon.

    And nothing to do with Daft Punk or religion.

    For as the plane flew along on its way.

    The pigeon got sucked into the planes engine bay.

    Hi -poet-, welcome to the forum, I am sure I speak for everybody when I say a great big "Hello" and hope you have some fun here.

    Finest regards TrippyT

    I’ve got a considerable amount of Leather half hides that would make lovely throw down floor mats for that old fire engine.

    Cool Beans, we will have to find something to swap or maybe a bit of the old "bangers n mash", as the half hides could really give it a good vibe..

    Can you send me a photo or two at your leisure please.

    Thanks for thinking of me, awesome and thank you..

    Wow, that looks amazing.

    Hi Marshlander, Thanks for your support, its gone a bit Valerie Singleton with the red n black carpet and ivory fabric.

    I wanted it to feel like a tough camper, alas I think I have mobile vip lounge and bar for trance music. [panic]

    Greetings tahick, welcome back to this wonderful forum that I have found to be an absolute breath of fresh air. Kind, funny, friendly and clever folks with oodles of talents and skills who want to share. Your live-on-board adventure sounds like it will be a fantastic life journey. I for one look forward to following what you post already.

    You and Bertie stay safe up in the Mid Country.

    Peace and Love, TrippyT

    Its a sorry world when tools become disposable.

    Vaguely remember having to do a really gutty job with a 4 1/2" grinder and thought I'm not going to ruin my what was then an expensive Bosch tool. Brought a B&Q own brand which I think was £6 or maybe even less and from memory it did function, did what was asked of it but self terminated by the end of the job as it munched through its brush set rather quickly.

    The memory is flooding back now of us zip tying the on/off switch, plugging it in to an extension cable and watching in aw as it danced in a screaming death throw of blue smoke and orange flames about the concrete floor.

    Still the moral of this story is I probably would have killed and expensive tool that day unnecessarily, instead I killed a cheap one.

    Actually in hindsight there's probably no moral high ground to be had from that little story :)

    Hey SunflowerBlossom..

    Welcome to this forum, i'm rather new here, so cant tell you very much about it.

    What I can tell you is they are a friendly funny bunch with wit and intellect in varying proportions.

    I hope you have some fun and look forward to seeing some photos of your camper and your views in the chats.

    Cool beans and stay safe Rob.

    Regards, Trippy.T

    Doc, the Merc is a Perk. !!

    Awesome, they were so over engineered, nothing like the rubbishy new tin snails coming out of the factory these days.

    I'm starting to understand the Doc.fixit handle now :)

    Re: photos, I found if I opened a camera shot in gallery on my phone and cropped it in edit, then I reduced its digital size. On android its quick to do,10 seconds or so.

    Hi RogueTrader, thanks for the tips, the original post turned up in my WhatsApp as a message. It made me chuckle, so I just copied and pasted it onto this forum.

    Sadly no identifiable link to source, however I'm not such a "stick in the mud" I can't have my socks pulled up and will be more thoughtful on how I present future postings. ;)

    I have been thinking about this all day and I have come up with the perfect cost effective solution for local councils and the traveller issue.

    Just leave us the f**k alone, let us manage our lives without you interdiction and stupid enforcement notices. Let us live in peace around nature, we are kind folk and your poisoning us. All most of search for is to embrace and connect to a more spiritual way of life.

    Sorry to piss on your parade, but that looks perilously close to you allowing folks to think of that as your own writing ... Maybe I'm overly touchy about acknowledging one's sources, but even my tiny, though useful, PRS income is going to dry up this year with no gigs. No, I didn't write your essay, but someone did.

    Oh god no, I'm not that clever.

    It was purely drag and drop, with a few typos I spotted needing correcting.

    I posted it because I hoped it would give people a smile.

    Hi MillieMercedes, its a really good question, I read it this morning and have been mulling it over all day. I guess in a perfect world it would be nice to have some sort of support system from our local government/council, especially as modern roaming has evolved. As a human it feels so much better to belong to something or some sort of community than to be cast out alone. Sadly our sort of traveller is seen as very third class, along with most others.

    The sub genres of traveller would I guess be a logistical nightmare for any council. Gypsies are a recognised minority and culture supported by the Romany Council, they are to some extent provided for. Showman have big yards and big rigs that roll, these folks are complex to say the least, but they have influence with the council too. The Irish are bling bling are pushed from pillar to post, brushing it off as normal living and argue with authority like its sport. Old school new agers hide out of sight and we have become good at being accepted in small communities/villages and are tolerated as harmless eccentrics. New new agers have campers and your legal with tax, white diesel and insurance. I think my point is this, living the way we do were sort of on our own because we chose to step away from the norm and we have become a bit of a logistical nightmare to councils and they fear us. To them we are the "scissor that undoes the cloth"

    I was pleased to read you got some water, a waste tank, even a wheelie bin you acquired and that the council came up, recognised you and asked questions with a view to support. I personally have a deep seated cancer in my bones for council functionaries, the police and most authority from battles past. But I did feel a good vibe from your story and that is how things have evolved.

    Keep choosing your sites wisely, safety in numbers and manage your clan. Anything else is a bonus Millie. :)

    I think I’ve worked it out...

    4 year olds can go to school but university students who have paid for the tuition they haven’t had and the accommodation they aren’t living in, can’t go to university.

    I can go to school with many 4 year olds that I’m not related to but can’t see one 4 year old that I am related to.

    I can sit in a park, but not tomorrow or Tuesday but by Wednesday that’ll be fine.

    I can meet one person from another household for a chat or to sunbathe but not two people so if I know two people from another household I have to pick my favourite. Hopefully, I’m also their favourite person from my household or this could be awkward. But possibly I’m not. In fact, thinking about it, I definitely wouldn’t be. But as I can’t go closer than 2m to the one I choose anyway so you wouldn’t think having the other one sat next to them would matter - unless two people would restrict my eyeline too much and prevent me from being alert.

    I can work all day with my colleagues but I can’t sit in their garden for a chat after work.

    I can now do unlimited exercise when quite frankly just doing an hour a day felt like I was some kind of fitness guru. I can think of lots of things that I would like to be unlimited but exercise definitely isn’t one of them.

    I can drive to other destinations although which destinations is unclear. I was supposed to be in Brighton this weekend. Can I drive there? It’s hundreds of miles away but no one has said that’s wrong.

    The buses are still running past my house but I shouldn’t get on one. We should just let empty buses drive around so bus drivers aren’t doing nothing.

    It will soon be time to quarantine people coming into the country by air... but not yet. It’s too soon. And not ever if you’re coming from France because... well, I don’t do know why, actually. Because the French version of coronavirus wouldn’t come to the UK maybe.

    Our youngest children go back to school first because... they are notoriously good at not touching things they shouldn’t, maintain personal space at all times and never randomly lick you.

    We are somewhere in between 3.5 and 4.5 on a five point scale where 5 is all of the virus and 1 is none of the virus but 2,3 and 4 can be anything you’d like it to be really. Some of the virus? A bit of the virus? Just enough virus to see off those over 70s who were told to self isolate but now we’ve realised that they’ve done that a bit too well despite us offloading coronavirus patients into care homes and now we are claiming that was never said in the first place, even though it’s in writing in the stay at home guidance.

    The slogan isn’t stay at home any morstayo we don’t have to stay at home. Except we do. Unless we can’t. In which case we should go out. But there will be fines if we break the rules. So don’t do that.

    Don’t forget...

    Stay alert... which Robert Jenrick has explained actually means Stay home as much as possible. Obviously.

    Control the virus. Well, I can’t even control my dogs and I can actually see them. Plus I know a bit about dogs and very little about controlling viruses.

    Save lives. Always preferable to not saving lives, I’d say, so I’ll try my best with that

    one, although hopefully I don’t need telling to do that.

    So there you are. If you’re the weirdo wanting unlimited exercise then enjoy. But not until Wednesday. Obviously.