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    I fixed my telescopic shears. A spring inside the grip broke so I had to forge a new spring from scratch using spring steel wire, pliers and a torch.

    In case someone cares, and very summarily, here's my quick howto about forging springs:

    1. cut a length of spring steel wire of appropriate size
    2. heat it until red and let cool off slowly. This will allow you to bend it with ease removing all the quenching
    3. now give shape to your spring, apply heat as needed. If you're manufacturing a helical spring you can use a low rpm drill to roll up the coils over a bar of the right thickness.
    4. time to give the piece full quenching: bring it to red heat and cool it down quickly in cold water. At this point the piece is VERY fragile (don't try and bend it, will promptly break)
    5. now take some sandpaper and clean the piece: it is essential to the last step. It must come out very shiny. The cleaner, the easier your task
    6. this is the tricky part: apply heat again, but this time bring the steel to the BLUE colour (first turns yellow, then blue) and DON'T let it turn red. Try to apply equal heat to all the piece at once and work in good lighting. As soon as it turns to a deep dark blue, quench it in cold water. The spring has now regained its elasticity: if it breaks, you screwed up this last step. Oil or grease the piece to prevent rust and put it to work.

    This way one can spare a lot of money. Spring steel is cheap while spare parts are usually crazy expensive, if available, and the same applies to professional fixers.

    The credulous friend of mine (to keep her distinct from the clinically insane friend of mine, the murderous friend of mine and the alcoholic friend of mine) apparently believes at the same time , i.e. simultaneously, that SARS-COVID 19 was:

    -a hoax.

    -a virus made in a lab and spread by Illuminati because they are just such dicks.

    -something brought upon us by 5G cellular networks (that were originally devised as weapons).

    Any attempt to point out the inconsistencies of her weltanschauung quickly spirals into altercation and screaming. Why do I even bother ?

    Is another lockdown less of an option for our government, without the equivalence of declaring Marshall Law.?

    It's Martial, pal.
    Who knows what's going to happen. Lockdown does work though as we witnessed. Where I live nearly everybody took the thing seriously apart from a few whackjob friends of mine who yell "CONSPIRACY" when the wind blows and in fact new cases have disappeared, the last one was 10 days ago. But there are some studies suggesting that novel SARS-COVID19 could only induce a temporary immunity so we are still in deep high sea. Too many variables to make a guess, ours are bets and wishful thinking , at best.

    I'm one of the most pathetic swimmers ever. Learned late and casually while buzzing around a girl many years ago. All that can be said about that matter is that after her lessons now I... float. And somewhat move around. Also I float like a cork, which means that I never found a way to swim underwater unless I hug a cinder block before jumping from the boat. I like very much to reach for secluded spots of the local river, the places upstream of the toxic dumps courtesy of Solvay S.A. There waters are clear and full of little fishes and the river flows among small canyons far away from everything.

    What is off your rocker about teaching that Jesus was a spaceman anyway?

    Only that it is an unsubstantiated claim piggybacked on another unsubstantiated claim. Yes, something on those lines could've happened, Space Christ, UFO Jesus, Alien messiah, the galactic saviour comes to earth for our good and ends up stapled. No way to dismiss such theory altogether and yes aliens are likely to exist... somewhere. But at the end of the day this story, if true, is with all probability just sci-fi running to rescue magical thinking for the purposes of reviving superstition, if not entirely fabricated . Now when making such thunderous claims the exhibition of evidence is in order and since there is none of that that we are aware of , putting a tale like that in the freaking school books requires QUITE. SOME NERVE. However I would be glad to discover that the Czech actually came up with this doctrine. I always enjoy poking fun at other countries, in a cheerful way of course lol

    The capitalist want the proletarians to believe that there is no such thing as class struggle and thus no need for class conscience but with such strategy they show to believe in the Marxist doctrine more than the working class. They reckon the need to form a political block against the people while at the same time working to atomize the working class into many lonely and powerless individuals trained to believe that any resistance against their power is futile. The reason is that the rich always have an immense fear of the vast masses of poor people that could easily wipe them out of existence with a single shake once they realize their power. "Persuading you he doesn’t exist is the devils best trick"

    One cannot expect that all the people will comply with social distancing forever. It is simply not feasible, it is against the human nature. It is possible to practice isolation for a month, six months, maybe a bit longer provided that there is consensus about the effectiveness of the lockdown but in the long term a life spent in isolation isn't even worth the hassle of being lived at all and people will snap ever more in the future. Perpetual isolation, no handshakes, no hugs, everyone sealed in a plastic bubble: I am SURE that there is a bunch of sick nazi control freak degenerates out there that would cheer to that. I propose to grab and throw them all into a septic tank. We are experiencing a pandemic: not the first time, surely not the last. I am no denier of that and I believe in the effectiveness of temporary lockdown measures , but not in the "new normal" state of perpetual isolation we should all accept without questions. It's insane bullshit.

    It isn't that in Italy we're having it easier either. 14-25, tops, and so much mostly unexpected rain coming at all times. Only in Sicily the weather is appropriately warm for the season = over 30 C°

    when they stole our car, the police did nothing. those who found it back were other gangsters.

    when we went to trial as victims , the judge received a full confession from the perpetrator and then promptly dismissed all charges fucking in the ass us, the victims, and letting the thug free.

    when the police stopped me they shoved the barrel of a machine gun in my face because i had not fastened my seat belt.

    whenever i needed help i had to help myself.

    when my friend was assaulted the police did jack shit, she had to use a hammer to help herself.

    when a riot started and the bar owner called the cops, they never showed up and the bar was completely devastated.

    i don't know anyone who ever, ever got help from them. just false accusations, beatings, fines and endless troubles.

    then it is not like i choose my opinions to be popular. but maybe in your country the police actually serves a purpose. here they are just like a mix between the gestapo and a mexican cartel. you go to talk to the town mayor with members of your party and when you get out you find the political police here to harass you. the cock sucker had called the SS to deter us from further questioning.

    i despise them like an infectious disease , a pack of rats or a cloud of disease carrying mosquitoes. i hate their guts without any trace of human mercy for them. do i feel sorry for my opinions ? hell no. end of transmissions

    I learned way back in the 60s that fighting with the cops was a quick way to get your ass beaten.

    there are just 2 ways to deal with them, you obey (no guarantee to get out of that unharmed even if you're clean) or you shoot them dead. any other way of conduct is a direct ticket for the obituary. personally i avoid them in every possible way, i don't want to deal with them even if they are relatives. i just don't consider them humans. they're pests. they never help you and calling them just means that you are trading your troubles with a different set of troubles. they never mean to help anybody but their miserable career as human dogs.

    no i never feel sorry for cops, even if they die in a fire. my respect goes entirely to firefighters and medical personnel, for what concerns me the entire race of pigs needs to roast on coals , i feel precisely zero empathy for that bunch of sadistic fascist degenerates in a perpetual power trip. what they deserve is an artillery barrage followed by napalm and a spray of HMG shells. screw them to hell. each and every one of them. end of story.

    What kind of a question is this ? all lives matter, even those of looters. I don't think that looters are from another planet, they are just petty thieves and thieves usually come from poorness that is born more often than not out of discrimination and social oppression. Also I think it is quite obvious -at least to me- that sacrificing life to protect property is just a ferocious remain of those ages when thieves were hanged and I'm not surprised that in a fundamentally semi barbaric society like the USA many would be glad to see looters - and everyone else suspected to be, mainly if black - shot dead on the streets by the army. It's not like looting and mugging people while taking advantage from a natural disaster like an earthquake , those kind of people are called jackals and sharks for a reason. Even looting can have a political meaning in the context of an uprising, I am pushing boundaries here and I know this, but people who use a calamity and the ensuing distress to predate are disgusting and don't deserve much pity. Those who break stuff and steal during a revolt... it is more complicated. It may get political. However i am very sure that most of the outrage because of looting is just a blanket trumpist argument to throw shit at the protesters, at large , labelling anyone who takes a part in that as "scum, thug, lowlife, terrorist" etc. I say that the responsibility for everything is on the heads of the cops and the government. And if the protest involves a degree of unlawfulness, well revolution have always been unlawful acts. The pigs are lucky that the protesters, given the attitude of americans, are not shooting back volleys of live, lead gunfire in response to charges and tear gas. In all honesty, fuck the oinkers.

    They should beglad that they are not in Mexico - look how mexicans deal with the cops during a revolt about police murder

    Overthrowing that mockery of a communist party would be just the best thing that could happen . It is a montage of the worst that politics can offer. I already said this, but to me the CCP is actually a national socialist regime , the only part missing is the charismatic leader , because that Xi is obviously lacking in showmanship .

    For decades China has been left free and even encouraged to become the engine room of the global capitalism. This was because western capitalists were too greedy and too myopic to see the obvious result - China taking the place that once belonged to Europe and then to the USA. The Chinese knew that such a positions required bank, but muscles too and so they upgraded their Navy from being a laughable force that couldn't even develop a viable submarine to a sea armada. A war with China would by now become a doomsday scenario in every regard and not just because of nukes. And sanctions - how stupid is that ? Don Fart slaps them with tariffs, they come up with similar measures. The west seizes Chinese assets, they do the same with ours. The greedy capitalists wanted to outsource the workforce using cheap - and often enslaved - far east workers in order to reap higher profits and beat the competition with low prices. They created just another bubble and this bubble could burst, and if that happens prices of products will skyrocket, what then ? Will the capitalists be willing to bring back their factories in the West and pay their workers like they HAD to, during the cold war, just to make people believe that "we're better than them" ? only if they will be allowed to exploit western workers the Chinese way this time, I guess. A lot of our governments will become very sympathetic of the sufferings endured by those poor tycoons, I think. Maybe they'll play the patriotism card in order to force the people to get into voluntary slavery in the name of the interests of the "nation" with loads of wartime-like propaganda and rhetorics .

    And in the end, there will be no market left to sell all the superfluous crap we manufacture today. A little élite of global masters now owns everything, the people is left with nothing - no assets, no money, no job,no rights, no passports, nada. This is when the predictions of old Karl will knock at the door of history.


    I don't chase people who owes me money. I've given in the thousands to people who was in need. Never asked back. Maybe because I'm a communist or because I'm unknowingly a muslim. I find very vulgar to ask for money back. Those who paid me back , I regard them as fine gentlemen. Those who didn't, my judgement upon them is suspended. It is one of the very few things that make me feel proud of myself.

    people i know had it super hard and ended up in icu spite of not being elderly or sick . not a common flu. probably the world is going a bit overboard with the covid paranoia but those i hate the most are the cursed, retarded, insane conspiracy theorists that are only good at making things even worse and spreading panic, rage and misinformation, not to mention the sheer IDIOCY of things like "cellular networks give us coronavirus". they are the worst. it is tough. it will come to an end. it is not purposefully man made. it is not an attempt to give us evil mind controlling vaccines. this is bullshit from brains of people that belong to the insane asylum. all those who believe this are semi illiterate idiots, alcoholics and heavy drug abusers.

    If in the USA they have such a massive population of homeless and inmates it is just a fault of their society. They claim to be the land of the free or other bullshit like that but freedom without social rights is just freedom to starve. Now they have a president that is the perfect frontsman for the selfishness and irresponsibility of their ruling class. And their working class is going to pay a high price for being so stupid, they always fall into the rhetoric trap of "left means more taxes, socialism, communism, tyranny, Stalin, and blah blah blah" .