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    Thanks guys. I'm fed up of being complicated. I was parked near other traveller caravan as it was kind of OK there. Still, I can see vans are much better if doing like this but didn't have funds. It's not the locals and covid as I was the only person getting that attention in 3 towns. That was when I was parked more solitary but not alone. I could convince you this is something else but I don't want the energy here even more so. That's enough.

    Here's an ironic positive note. The M.E. and chemical sensitivity has majorly decreased from 24 hour oxygen and an hour sat with my back to a tree every day. So much so, it'll be gone in 3-4 weeks going on previous healing experience. A psychic once told things would sort out when I go on the road. I kind of held onto it and now the proofs in the pudding. Allergies are so much less. Life's strange.

    Thank you for being big x

    Thanks for the input folks. Currently parked up in my caravan as I became homeless 2 weeks ago.

    OK, I'll just come out with it. Excuse Paul if this is not desirable and feel free to delete the thread. I'm at a point where I have zilch to lose and maybe a teeny tiny bit to gain.

    I've heard of targeted individuals before and felt for them as lost souls who were probably suffering paranoia. My current experience is jolting some what. I've been in 3 towns now and each town I've been chased out/harassed by a far right element. Usually VW Golf's, Audi's or Mercedes. Believe me I know how this sounds. Where I'm parked today, 95% of passing vehicles on this quiet country road have been one of the above. Including a white vw golf with a KKK number plate. It's being made overtly obvious.

    Homeless mostly because of living next to far right neighbours. 5 years of abuse has been turned on me and I'm the bad guy. Off the record "we know it wasn't your fault".

    Even the homeless in each town are being informed to stay away from me. No one could be expected to come close to help but I don't what to do. I know paranoia and it's not specific like this is do please don't assume it's that.

    There you go. I needed to tell someone. There's a lot more that'd make it obvious. Battery ddead.

    First time I tried it was for tennis elbow. Sorted that straight away so I opted to continue for 6 treatments as a general health boost. Half way through we decided to tackle my asthma of 8 years. I was on full strength ventolin 4 times a day. Changed my diet (less dairy) and started nose breathing. 3 days after the next treatment, I realised I hadn't reached for my inhaler. How I didn't notice before, I don't know but it was gone.

    Great believer in DIY complimentary therapy. Although I wouldn't say that paid for treatments are over priced, it can be costly, and if you're if you're ill and can't work, your scuppered mostly, acupuncture wise.

    I first found one of these for £2 on a carboot sale. I had a longterm illness at the time and had suffered quite uncomfortable long term "stitch" in my liver. I got home and pulled this thing out and fired it up and it was gone immediately. The relief.. It came back and I treated it again and after a few weeks it had gone. Had numerous successes with this device.

    The originals were £250 all in with the treatment manual. It claims on the site that it would enable anyone to treat as if they were a master acupuncturist. It's not stretching it in my experience. Also, I found it to be a much deeper and more beneficial treatment than needles. The current used is a thousandth of that used in tens machine.

    These are currently available on eBay for £16. I'm guessing they're bankrupt stock or similar.. deal, steal, sale of the century. If you buy 4 you get them for £6 each! So, some would say, for the price of one treatment, you could treat yourself forever. What I love about it is the perfect marriage between western science and eastern healing. What a force!…7c56ba:g:HG8AAOSwqd1Zu75q

    This is a waterfall I saw on the side of the road, on the way up Hay Bluff, with my lad in the summer. If you look at my profile picture you'll see an eye carved in stone. This was situated very near the waterfall. A magical little spot buzzing with nymphs and sylphs. The lift in our mood was palpable after chillin here for a bit. Set the day up that did. One of the best I've had with my son and it was in nature.



    Thanks man. The lack of a glass window is the breaker if there was one. It's a quite a biggy too, I agree. Just rounds it off doesn't it? I'm glad you said that. Keep looking but that'll be great if no luck. £60 too! If anyone's got a small one with a window, I'm ears

    Got myself a caravan for £200. What a bargain. All walls, floors and ceiling is solid, no damp, lightweight, fully working fridge and kitchen and it comes with a gas heater similar to one mentioned earlier. Sold! Fit the towbar and go get this weekend. I'll be up the mountain within a fookin month. FB seems better than eBay or Gumtree for that type of thing.

    After chatting on here though I'm totally sold on fitting a burner in it somehow. Can I ask opinions on this one? That's 4 inches by 4 inches at the bottom so is tiny and designed for rooms the size of the caravan. Functional if not ornate but looks like a good buy I think. Reviews are positive. Have to be next month's money but it's in my sights. Unless anyone thinks there's another option?

    s-l1600.jpg…-Heater-Best/163552736151 (hope links are ok?)

    Keep chewing folks.

    Talking fumes and particulates, only matters what's inside. Im sure a good construction will be ok. See no reason why a small flue that might be removable should be an issue. I'm looking to look like a camper so shouldn't stand out. I have many thoughts and q's but wanted to mention the CO brought up earlier.

    I'd have a CO meter anyway but as I get it, if it closed it creates CO. i.e. no CO from an open fire/open log burner. Not sure if some have gas exchangers. I chatted for over an hour with a fella who was BIG on real fires and the CO question. Certainly worth having a meter to test the veracity of some of the claims.

    This is my first youtube video. It wasn't intended to be humorous as it was off the cuff but it ended up that way. I get out in nature everyday so should have a more mature report at some point but, for now..

    Love reading other folks reports..

    I noted when was in my local "green shop" that the burner gave of zilch odour/particulate. I chatted with them about it and the agreement was a good solid construction and well built flue. Referring more to openng windows when smoke gets in. I find I'm much wartmer and need less heat if I get 24/7 fresh air. To live in a van and shut the windows would be defeating the object for me. I would not want to be down wind from a wood fire either.

    So, chimney/flues are not allowed on a campsite even if not in use? (hiding it aiside)

    The more answers the better, I can assure. You just could not over chew it with me :S:cry:

    I think it's there but I'll rephrase for clarity.

    A seasonl pitch woulds mean hook up for most, if not all, months of the year. Have 400w quartz element heater; chrome bath rad with 600w element; slow cooker would heat that space. Etc Etc. Wood burner, more tricky but will proper warm the cockles up huh? Might get away with smoke on some rustic Cornwall site but mostly it would be for bolting. Being in a position to have every long weekend away is primary (more important than getting out of social housing) and that would have to be sorted, heatwise. If I'm ever megaminted or suss an on the go earner, I'll be more able to just go. I may swap my sought after property for another decent rural property and just long weekend it. I want to have that option to bolt at all times. Permenenmtly tomorrow if I want.

    You're never gonna beat a stove but I guess you guys camp alone at such times? Or you all got iron lungs that eat smoke and spit phlegm? (phlegm should be a crrusty super power for log fire starter fuel- Just gob on the log and light it- ha

    It is a snowy and stormy night here in the morvan natural park in Burgundy and I am parked up in a stunning village park and it is 40C in the van. Have just closed the vents down on the fire and opened a window. Fresh air and heat,its lovely :-)

    Now you're teasing! Yeah man. Bet your aura's fresh as daisy out in that. Sounds lovely. Enjoy my friend. Just looked you up on google maps. Snug as a bug in central'ish France.

    I've never put a stove in. Not sure I'd want to hack into a £3000 caravan for the first try but if I had one in it done proper and sat there saying "why not?" you would wood'nt ya? I am a stickler for sleeping with a slightly open window though. Wood smoke makes me itch all over. I was in the Green Shop in Stroud last year and they gotta lovely burner. Gives the best kind of radiant heat. I like the heat fans you can buy to go on top that blow the heat into the room.

    Nice. Covered a few more angles there man, much apprec all.

    The burner means chopping the roof dunnit? Have I seen flues through windows? I'm looking to be small and compact. Currently, torn between Roma type van and a micro caravan for ease of getting around. Not sure I'll get a burner in the caravan. All in one fibreglass body. Probably the healthiest heat.

    This more to avoid social housing. I'll be looking for seasonal pitches but don't want to be tied to one place. Hopefully on eco farms or similar. Few communities I'd like to visit and stay at. But must be able to bolt for days or a few weeks off grid not "on the road" totally just not in housing estates, which can be ok but... Was up Hay Bluff again a few months ago and saw a few park ups taking in the breathtaking majesty that was all around us and I was panging to be able stay.

    Hmmm on the battery ball, I reckon. Ta muchly

    Aeolus has opened his bag of winds

    The village in which I live, literally for my sins, has a few nicknames around wind as it's particularly blowy here. Windy Alley is the one I use. So, now it's stormy time, it's like gale force up here. Slight exag but even blowier than elsewheres.

    isn’t it just. Plenty of folk shouting about what’s right and wrong. Interesting times a head of us.

    Interesting times leaves room for good and bad eh.

    I watched an interesting vid a while back. I didn't watch it all as it wasn't really my thing and he was a bit too flighty for me to listen to. But, whilst locked in prison he was given a message as clear as day in his ear and relayed it in this interview. I thought the message was interesting regardless of whether or not it was a real occurence.

    He was told- "there is a time to be Tortoise and a time to be Hare. Now, is the time of the Vulture"

    Seems pretty correct on some level.

    They're pretty quiet eh but as you say, duct in from elsewhere's, if needed.

    Bigbear67 Approx how much diesel in 24 hours for 2kw?

    Carver, that's them caravan ones ennit? I've seen them too. Oh right, been plenty of options for years then :) I wonder what the £££s difference is between the two options, economy wise.. ta, it does help. Found out more here in a couple of posts than anywhere else.


    Not the best vid but he did mention fume free which is great news. I didn't think you could get anything like this so I'm guessing they're relatively new. I'm sure I asked a similar question years ago round these ere parts years ago with much less luck. There was certainly a market for it. Something the chinese seem to be able to work out. Nice one. Doubt you could put veg oil in it which is a shame.


    I'll dive straight in. I've considered going on the road for a while (first time) and am looking at heating options that are viable for a health issue. Needs to be fume free. Log burner is likely the easiest and quickest answer but is there another option that won't require a chimney? It's likely gonna be a small camper/Roma type or caravan.

    I suppose it's gas then or oil maybe and that's gonna need some kind of venting. I've seen those caravan heaters that are built in and have ducting through living area behind the walls but I'm not sure if these are vented- I assume they're gas. It needs to be just warm air coming off metal.

    If you have your log burners going and open the windows for a bit of fresh, is it likely to fill up with smoke?

    I've often wondered if there are mini mobile gas central heating systems although it'd need an electric water pump to get to the rad.

    I don't think there is an answer but worth a try.