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    Thank you for the warm welcome back everyone!

    Hope everyone is managing to keep safe and well.

    Hey TrippyTraveler! Ah that's great to hear that it hasn't changed too much from before!

    Thanks for the well wishes (:

    Thanks Bigbear67! Built your own conversion!! Love it! Love that this forum is full of 'do-ers'! It's really inspiring :) Yeah you're right, it's one thing the midlands has working in it's favour hehe.

    Take care!

    Hey MillieMercedes, thanks for the warm welcome.

    Living in a lorry sounds interesting, i'd love to see pics if you've posted any? Aww, is Dot a retired greyhound?

    That's great that you're learning the recorder! How are you getting on with it? I tried a few years back- i wasn't very good hahaha.

    Yeah, it's been pretty bad. Thankfully myself and family members have managed to keep clear of it until now! Hope you're managing to keep safe too

    Hey guys, thought i'd say hey! I'm from the West Midlands and am currently living in a house, but am planning to buy a narrowboat to live on at the start of next year. Until then, i'm trying to learn as much and gather as much info regarding living aboard! I used to be on this forum years ago but I lost my login details so i had to create a new account... A bit about me- i'm 30, i have a dog called Bertie and I play drums, cajon and guitar! I like long walks and nice boats :S

    Hope you're all keeping safe amongst the pandemic madness.

    Big love,