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    What if we see just tiny faction of energy and matter and ghosts are simply interdimensional flashes - where energy occupying the same space as us becomes visible as it vibrates for a while at a frequency that we can see.

    We actually do see very very little. we are all energy and at a quantum level, in the main, we really do not exist - we should be able to walk through walls.

    I have had several ghostly experiences and I tend to think that they are really there but that they are not 'ghosts'.

    This could explain a lot of stuff........

    I have met people that appear to be perfect but who in many ways are invalidating much of their social interraction and therefore are as children.... (that does not make much immediate sense - wrote it last night after a few) real life, real people, this is what we need to be able to accept as part of perfection - I believe that we are one - we are simply energy - we can be lovely and we can be idiots.... but we are the same.... so the idea of perfection becomes unnecessary.....

    went today and dropped off some rope. Will be going back on Wednesday with a load of stuff. Have decided that my business should donate. I give every month to different stuff and the camp is getting the March money.

    Think I might spend a bit of time each week there as I think this is possibly going to be a very long haul.

    If there were more people another camp could be set up to disrupt the bastards further.....

    will try to get some more local publicity for the camp....

    Quote from drew

    I have 2 tickets for sale (Have to go to a Wedding which is why I cant go and tickets are for sale) if your intrested? :hippy:

    I'll have those off you drew if you havent sold them. I mean, Back to the Planet gigging again and The Damned also.... that swung it for me.... I was going to the Green Man festival near Brecon.... but Beautiful Days looks like a lot more fun.

    Quote from Atomik

    It's precisely this sort of assertion that undermines the credibility of conspiracy theorists. You may well believe that free energy is real, you may consider the case well supported, but unless you have seen a functioning free energy device with your own eyes and tested it using the full rigours of scientific methodology, then you can not say for a fact that free energy exists.

    I was in Dublin on a course and met many people who had seen the free energy device working. If you watch the videos you will see that the device is under full investigation by a team of credible and independent scientists who will report in July. The company are really very serious and I am convinced that they believe it works. There are many more clips available including a clip of the device working.

    I am positive that Tesla was working on similar principles, the manipulation of magnetic fields, and I know that his work was supressed by the US military.

    I am convinced - but we must wait until July.

    Swapped a kidney for a ticket last year - Hawkfest will be great and money saved will enable me to go to loads of other festivals.... Last time I went to Glastonbury I never found anyone and spent the whole weekend wandering......

    great thread. going to the camp for some of the week after next. I run an adventure activity business locally and will donate some money and rope and krabs. I will take lots of photos and add a piece to my blog site.
    Brecon police are idiots. They do this stuff everywhere though to demoralise and piss off the activitists.