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    Quote from Dark Scout

    I agree personally, it's part of the reason I'm vegetarian (and drink soy milk) :)

    However tuna was the last thing I cut out - as I was around 9-11 at the time (my childhood memory is extremely poor) my parents wanted me to keep eating it to make sure I got enough iron and so forth until we found suitable vegetarian alternatives to make sure I wasn't deficient in anything while I was growing.

    Also, many people work around a basis of only eating what they would be prepared to kill personally, and perhaps they don't empathise with fish so much as sheep or cows?

    Yeh, it is difficult to empathise with fish I suppose. But then it is difficult to empathise with snakes and I find the Chinese stripping of snakeskin from live snakes just so upsetting..... I think it is a Vita Sackville West book, a description of a shark lying on the deck of a ship and just suffocating.... so disturbing

    My son is twelve. He does not live with me. he has only had meat to eat on a few occassions and he is nearly as big as me and has size 10 feet and is the mainstay of the local rugby team (much to my dismay)..... and I see kids that eat absolute shite and run around full of energy and looking great. Perhaps as kids we can eat whatever as we have a natural energy - but as adults we need to take care. Just a thought based on observation whilst running youth clubs.......

    I don't want to offend but I don't understand making a decision to stop eating animals except fish. As stated previously I think prolongued suffocation is a dreadful way to die and although fish are supposedly having a great time, living free, please remember that an increasing majority of our fish is now farmed and that in 50 years time there will be no fish in the oceans.
    If you don't like animal cruelty please do not eat fish. if you value the earths ecosystems please do not eat fish.
    Sorry to be so blunt.

    Amazing stuff. In the last 60 years, there have been approximately 1,300 sightings by pilots and about 15% have been confirmed by radar.
    It is important to note that in these sightings other crew and pasengers also witnessed the objects.

    man - aliens or interdimensional beings are out there.....

    My position is a real world view. Stop and think. Your choice of language, demonising the enemy by calling them savages and focusing on rape and plunder is highly emotive and could have been lifted from the front pages of any tabloid.
    Your right, we are not about to be invaded in the near future and we can act as arbiters in more troubled areas of the world. Darfur for instance should have and could have been sorted a year ago.
    Whilst there is an acceptance by a majority of the worlds population that war is innevitable, then it is, but by making consideration of war unnaceptable then that is what it will become. Unfortunately our leaders thrive on wars and there are more now than at any other time, excepting a world war.
    The problem with arguing with you cybw is that you have bought into the mindset that you are sold. There are no terrorists running about with bombs. Acts such as 9/11, 7/7 and the Madrid train bombing - they are all orchestrated by the security services to create a climate which enables the propogation of a new world agenda.
    If you like, list the wars that you think were/are just - but think carefully as you choose these as I am sure that I will want to explain why I would not have fought in them.

    The vietnam war was launched on a lie, the first Gulf War was launched on a lie, the second world war is not as simple as implied, American finance backed Nazi party which rose to power on the back of crippling financial penalties levied after the second world war....

    Everything is manipulated and not as it seems. No wars are justifiable and that is what I thought was a basic hippy philosophy... there can be no justification in taking anothers life.

    Einstein said something like if the young people stop joining the army, within a generation there will be no more wars.

    If you support the need for wars you support the global elites use of the mases as pawns in thier great game......

    Hippies should never consider war as an option...... ever!

    Quote from MadcapMagician

    Great. And where do you suggest we get our food from? Or are you into importing cheap, poor quality food like the current trend?

    Of course we would still grow food..... but we wouldn't overproduce..... Allow the market to settle once subsidies are gone and I think you would find that all would be just dandy.

    And no, I don't think that importing food is the answer. Conversely do you suggest we should be overproducing to sell cheaply, at the taxpayers expense, to undermine third world farmers?

    This discussion is well off topic I think - perhaps a new thread is needed about farming subsidy

    Quote from Cybw

    They can if some enterprising chap creates the facility to fill up on it at a petrol station. Done officially, so taxed, and its hard to imagine that the demand wouldnt be there in the current eco-aware political climate

    I do accept what you say about the excess produce being dumped on the developing world at the expense of local farmers. I dont know how you fix that problem but it is presumably possible to do whilst maintaining support our farmers need to keep operating given the current situation.

    Yes but I would still buy my veg oil from the supermarket!! And the government can't tax that!

    Why should farmers be supported. If you set up a business you do not get subsidised. They run a business and as far as I am concerned a pretty shitty one at that with many contributing to animal abuse, pesticide and fertiliser use, witholding of access to land, building big huge barns, killing badgers, birds of prey, foxes, factory farming, it goes on and on....

    Some say they are caretakers of the landscape... great job that ripping out of hedgerows, the overgrazing of hills, draining of uplands etc. Lets see them gone and the land naturally regenerate to bush then to forest mmmm..... lovely.

    Quote from Cybw

    Good to see that it should pose no problem. The real question is if this is possible why the hell isn't it already done officially. I dont know about cost, but like fairtrade people would pay the extra cash and then some to appease their guilt about the environment and the treasury would rake in yet more money to pay for Brown's dream of utter state control!

    Diverging very briefly off-topic as regards farm subsidies the implementation may be bodged, but considering the number of farmers adding to the suicide statistics even WITH the system the consequences should it be removed for them.

    They can't adequately tax veg oil as fuel as you can buy it at a supermarket without fuel duty levied on it. Simple as that - it's not about saving the environment it's about tax revenues...

    As for farm subsidies
    Hard Facts
    · Subsidies from the EU encourage farmers in the developed world to over produce
    · This excess produce is then sold on the world markets and dumped on the developing world at super cheap prices, which leave local farmers in that country unable to compete
    · Rich countries spent $330 BILLION in 2001 subsidising their farmers
    · that's 6 times the amount of aid given to developing countries
    · Every day, a European cow gets more in subsidies (approx US$2.20) than 1.2 billion of the world’s poor have to live on.

    I have a lucas pump and so long the system is a good one with pre heating of the oil it works fine.

    As for farmers and subsidies - they shouldn't get them. At all. Have you seen what european subsidies does to the global market and the position in that market place of third world farmers? It is soooo wrong...

    Quote from sunflower

    ok this topic interests me.

    can someone inlighten me as to why we dont just bring in veg fual for all cares ??????????????????
    wouldent this be A. econanamail B. much healther to mother nature ?

    My car runs solely on veg oil - all diesel cars can do this - although I start mine on diesel to get it warmed up and then switch to veg when its at about 70 - 80 on the temp gauge. No loss of power and runs fine.

    I believe the government don't encourage this as they did gas conversions some years ago as they cannot find a way to tax veg oil. I get mine from macro and of course I declare and pay 0.27p per litre government..... but you see, many wouldn't..... and 0.50p per litre motoring that is carbon neutral is very tempting....

    Very difficult to get chip shop oil as you need to be registered as a waste disposal centre or similar.....

    Its crap, I dont even get to be able to have free access to central london like gas cars.....

    Your lack of inspiration certainly was worth the distress!!! Look what you've done, quality messy art with some amazing photos.
    You have inspired me to write about spontaneous behaviour and how liberating it is - bet you feel just great.......

    I dont eat any meat and I am increasingly moving back to being vegan (might start a new thread). Maybe I am just a bit too squeamish but I think the process of letting the things slowly suffocate is wrong, the boiling alive of shellfish, lobster etc horrendous. I just don't like to see the cruelty..... add to that the gross negligence of the fishing industry who are forcing upon us all a global disaster - world oceanologists state that there will be NO fish in 50 years....

    Today programme on Radio 4 from 6am this morning (not sure of interview time or if it will be available as play anytime on the internet) have the captain of the Belgrano and the British officer who managed the sinking of the ship - think I'll be asleep - but if on the off chance - if anyone is listening and can tape it?

    Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    that's not new news is it? although the link you gave didn't have much info
    the sun is gradually gonna be getting hotter and larger (into a red giant i believe) so it's no surprise if temp. is going up on all planets?
    there IS a direct link between the solar cycle and cloud formation on earth (clouds equaling global warming)

    :insane: it's not a scientific issue anymore. it's all gone political.

    No, the planets in the solar system are increasing in temperature at a rate not consistent with the life cycle of the sun. Perhaps to do with sun spot activity. The next solar peak will be 2012 and it is estimated it will be 30 - 50 % stronger than any we have seen in recent history and now scientists are linking change in sunspot activity to volcanoes and earthquakes here on earth...... Who knows what is going on..... I just think there are many, many factors and the case for human activity carbon emmissions is is still simply a theory.

    I am worried that some government will give the go ahead to some maveric scientists to fill the upper atmosphere with Sulphur in immitation of a massive volcanic eruption, to block the suns rays, and THEN we have a massive volcanic eruption and are plunged into a nuclear winter.... or some other similar crazy scenario like putting into orbit millions of mirrors to reflect the sun....

    I don't think that there is such a thing as perfection. Perfection is a concept and is subjective. I think that this concept is irrelevent as there is much that we cannot change - so our sexuality is set at birth, our personality is fixed by the time were are 7.
    We can however work on our behaviour and tweek things to help us gain clarity and to encourage better interpersonal relations. For many though, working on fixed behaviour patterns is a long and difficult process often bringing up past traumas.
    Those seeking perfection live a life very unlike ours. For most this choice is not the right one. We can do our best and try not to upset or hurt anyone - I think that is simply all we can hope to achieve....

    Quote from Sthenno

    I reckon all supermarkets should do what Lidl’s do… they only charge 3p for a carrier bag but nearly every person I’ve seen coming out of there has their shopping in boxes or re-used carrier bags from other stores.

    Yeh, and lidl's do not pander to supposed 'customer expectations' of a quality shopping experience, but cram a lot into a small (as far as supermarkets go) space. Must be good....

    The bag is, as everyone seems to know by now, a joke. Do you think that those who do not re-use plastic bags are going to suddenly start? Its about convinience and I do not see mr and mrs smith doing their weekly shop with ten of these fashion accessories.

    I think that humanity has simply lost the plot....

    I do not want to have this argument. Wars are never the last resort and are NEVER jusifiable. Wars are controled by a ruling elite who do not give a fuck for the welfare of the soldiers or the civilians.

    Your position is disturbing me and I am not sure that this forum is a place for you to be comfortable in....

    Your idea of majorities voting for supremacy is very flawed. Have you not heard of voter manipulation and boundary re-organisation.

    Your nievity is sooooo worrying. Sorry, I did not want to call in the I have seen all this before card... but your ideas about Iran and pre emptive strikes - its bollocks.....

    As for the Kantian argument... Fuck you.... there is never a right to use violence and if you try to indoctrinate me with that crap I will fucking kill you......

    In the same position as you. Looking for something. Not sure I like any of the interiors of any of the vans on ebay but finding it just as difficult to locate a decent van to convert. Ive built a van before and it was rather lovely and definately not difficult to do.... Think I will go for the home conversion unless I see a real bargain. Been trying to find a small coach but they are like hens teeth....

    I was off topic there I think, sorry, just spent a lot of time in rersearch today and I am exploding with anger.....

    I am a remote viewer (at least have started down that road) and I know that it is possible to remote influence individuals. Now, I also know that you will say where is the evidence.... I would refer you to the wealth of documented CRV information available on the internet.

    I have it on impeccable authority that Jimmy Carter, whilst on a trip to Russia was followed by a group of Russians who just attended everythign he did but were not known by the Carter team or introduced to them. Jimmy Carter was not the same man upon his return to America and he never made another decision for the rest of his presidency. It is suspected that the Russians were psychically infuencing him and disrupted him so much that he in fact never recovered.

    I am currently involved in a CRV thread looking at dream influencing -going into someones mind whilst they are in a sleep state and pasting in images and ideas....

    Subliminal images are being used even though they are illeagal - Bush used them against Carey and it was noticed....

    Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    why are people so desperate to believe we are heading towards big brother?
    i know our state is far from perfect and there is some oppression and quashing of human rights.. but I feel we are a very long way from George Orwell's 1984.
    If people feel England is heading towards the equivalent of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.....:eek: I've missed something

    There are 4 MILLION security and surveilence cameras in London alone. These cameras work when the police want to catch someone but don't when the police have done something they wish to hide, like kicking someones head in or shooting a man who is being held down 7 times in the head with dum dum bullets (which are illeagal for use in war). We are going to get biometric ID cards. If you are muslim you should live in fear of your door being knocked down at 3am, If you want to live alternatively you are opressed by the system, Supermarkets know exactly who you are through loyalty cards and this I am sure is made available to the security services, your cc purchases likewise, you phone call records likewise - The government have a massive computer that tracks keywords on the internet and hauls out information about those using those words. The intelligence service is answerable to no one (remember they phone tap prime ministers) and they have virtually unlimited resources..... we are being controlled through flouridisation of water (part of a nazi idea to help subjugate populations), the media who are not journalists, massive individual debt to the system.... it goes on.

    The government have and are putting in place the infrastructure that will make 1984 a reality - I fear for an economic downturn or major crisis which could force the authorities hand in making full use of their powers.

    Just remember the battle of the beanfield - relevent to this site - I was not there but I remember the outrage at the time, but hey, it was only a few hippies... remember the miners strike, a key moment in the dismantling of working class power....

    sorry for the rant.... It's just that I am worried for all of our futures and I despise the scum that are making this and many other countries into police states.

    Quote from Cybw

    Thanks for clarifying. This may be a slightly unfashionable view, but..

    I would in no way wish to 'dismiss' or diminish the loss of life. I used the word unfortunate more to take into account that this was after all a state of war. The value of the life lost does not decrease, but at least we have to accept that in a war life is bound to be lost and I would hope that most people would make a distinction between a death in war and a murder. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the conflict it is also true that Argentina did - for want of a better phrase - 'start it'

    I can't help but think that whether or not it posed a direct threat the ship was at least a valid military target. How practical would it have been to sink it as it turned its guns on us - we might be uncomfortable with the principle of striking first but a war is a different situation surely ? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and whether having known that as many as 300 lives would be lost it would still have been acceptable morally to shoot it down is a very interesting question. I'd be interested to hear anyones comments on that.

    I absolutely disagree. 650,000 Iraqi deaths are murders as the war was started on a lie, where there was no threat, to pursue oil revenue and to fill the coffers of Haliburton, The Carlisle Group etc. We do not have to accept that life is lost in war. There are in fact plenty of non lethal weapons - it's just that the military are not happy with bloodless warfare. (I do not support any wars) I make no distinction between a death in war and a murder. They are the same. The soldiers that die are manipulated into those positions and are 'murdered' by thier taskmasters.... The civilians that die are simply disposable assets. As for the Argentinians started it, have you never heard of diplomacy - chatting about a problem for a bit to reach a compromised solution.... I mean, geographically the Falklands, like Gibraltar and any other outpost of the old empire are nothing to do with the UK.

    If I remember rightly the ship was sunk by torpedos, so it could have been hit at any time. If you believe in striking first then you must also agree that an attack now on Iran is justified? And on N Korea? And you must support the Iraq war?

    Quote from Atomik

    It was 35 miles outside the British exclusion zone, it was moving - not "pointing" - away from the Falklands, and it was no immediate threat. If it had "turned around at any minute", it could have been sunk at that time. There was no pressing reason to destroy it at that point. It's a little sad when someone can dismiss the loss of over 300 lives as "unfortunate".

    was just about to research that one.... so long ago forgotten the details.... I do remember the famous Sun headlines of GOTCHA which expressed the feeling of a good proportion of the general public at the time but ALL alternative, socialist, trade union and some mainstream media were either appalled at the decision or questioned the need to sink the Belgrano.

    This was a publicity/revenge act directed by Maggie and as such she should have been tried as a war criminal long ago......

    Yes and if I remember rightly Dennis Thatcher had large interests in land out there - just been working with a guy who was on S. Georgia when the Argentinians landed. He hid and survived on penguins but handed himself in after a while. He was shipped out fairly quickly when the british army captured him and his captors and was sickened by the sinking of the Belgrano.

    Amazingly he was in Afghanistan when the Russians invaded.....

    Loads and loads and loads!!!! yiippppeeeee

    Possibly Endorsit

    Definately Hawkfest - Workhouse - BGG - Beautiful Days - Shambala

    Gatherings Dorset - Welsh

    Oh to have been fucked over, given up, then to decide to shut everything down and for a time, until I have found a new direction, to enjoy searching.........

    The stop the cities were great fun. I was working for BT at the time so was already in town. I used to edit the trade union magazine and encourage staff to walk out and show solidarity!!

    Hey Naeni - we could met up and you could check out my hair....