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    I absolutley agree with hedgewitch - watercress is the way to go...... what about watercress soup - amazing....... watercress salad - OMG...... spring water and fruit too though and a bit of either a sauna or a run......

    Sorry but I believe the vaccination process to be intrusive and also unproven. Like many others I can say my son is large and healthy and he is thus after having no vaccinations.

    Anyone seen the extent of the experimentation by the drugs companies on us servicemen - man - I simply do not trust them........

    I love my dog and she pretends to love me... she does what she thinks I want her to do when she know that I am watching........ keeping her as a pet..... yeh, no worries about that....... she is a dog...cats also fine I think.... most other animals I am against as pets but there needs to be discussion - hey - lets discuss........ humans - wankers a pet owners.... much trainging needed,.....

    Lots of water but not the shit from the tap, either proper filtered or spring water. A sauna is great as would be a soft massage like aromatherapy, especially with some stimulating oils, clean out the lymph. If your brave you could have a day with no food then a day of fruit...
    Best of luck - bet your a bit shaky by now but some exercise calms down the nerves (I prefer the sauna - Stalin said it was heart exercise for the lazy - but then he did die of a stroke)

    I think that if we work to change ourselves, to grow and to try to love, this has a morphic resonance that will one day help others along the same path - its the 100th monkey effect.

    I also think that we cannot simply sit back and allow the kind of stuff that our governments do to simply flow over us, without comment or action to try to effect positive change.

    I think that many people are so blinded by propaganda and the desire for stuff that they cannot be expected to embark on a process of personal development - so

    I think we need to keep banging on about the lies and plans and deeds of the elite in order to, one day, see many more eyes open - then perhaps we will have an expenential growth of love.

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    Until my mum started to google me and started knowing about things before I had told her. I wouldn't be surprised if she is reading this now :rolleyes::waves: I know this is the WWW and a public forum but I share stuff on here that I wouldn't normally talk to my mum about and I feel incredibly uncomfortable with her reading it. It is like being a child and having my diary read or my bedroom searched!

    I got into a bit of bother - I write an honest blog - full of politics and stuff - and I write about people and me and what I am up to.... My sis and parents are not too impressed.... but hey - I am being more honest than them by putting it out there and making myself vulnerable to criticism.... i'd rather people actually know me rather than knowing a veneer - done that for far too long.....

    I think that we are islands that bump into each other on occassion. Perhaps we really never know someone - not even our partner - at least this is my experience - I wish that it had been diferrent. Hmmmm... next time round will mind meld on first date.......
    If I think friends know where I am then thats fine, if not then thats fine too. I think freedom is a state of mind and for me I prefer people to know where and who I am - it makes me feel safer and that although not with me in body - someone somewhere is with me in spirit. After all life has to be about sharing - doesn't it?

    Best to just stop. I think I heard that the decaf process can add some nasty stuff to coffee and assume it does so to tea.... I am at times a coffee nut and I also drink gallons of tea but when my supplies run out I go for weeks on herb teas... I don't often notice any withdrawals but I did notice being very irritable when I gave up caffiene a few years back - that was a choice - I wonder if my reaction was based on an expectation of a reaction?

    fucking bastards - when my mate was paranoid about dealing and we used to say crisps or some such shit instead of blow then we need to up it all..... so - are we gonna be cockneys..... apples and pears.... i'll be talking cockney at the site from saturday evening...... I will have me camera but will still need my mince pies....

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    Oh cool, be great to see you there! You heading up from Devon?

    Yeh, from Lynton - you wanna lift?

    Well, I had never met anyone from here and I am so glad I made my way across from Wales on my way to London. Had an amazing time - the pics will be fun as I think all were increasingly feeling the effects of the booze as the day progressed. Thanks for chatting away with me as if you had known me for years.........

    Its sad to cook a massive mal for one - but I just did it.

    Nuts and seeds and bread and butter beens made the roast and I surrounded it with butternut squash, leek, onion, tatties, carrots and parsnip, garlic - roasted the lot in a bit of oilve oil with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    and then

    managed to eat a fraction of the huge feast.

    Oh well - guess what I'll be taking on the road with me tonight.......

    well, my son is twelve too. Yeh, there is a wedding on the sunday - I am negotiating with my sons mum to let him have the monday off school. Will have me dog too. A UKHippy meet would be good.

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    Come and say hi, I will have a small marquee for my dream healing workshop. The names Jackie

    dance on

    Will do. Possibly got me son with me on this one and will have my hound. I am Andy.

    I have ben asked to not bang on about 9/11 in this thread but I could offer sound evidence to support a theory that Bush did not know and was in fact under threat himself, from a coup, which wanted to manipulate his decisions and force his hand re Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Also, there has been no evidence that the hijackers are who the US government say they were and there is no evidence that they got on the planes....

    Perhaps I will start a 9/11 thread.......

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    01271 32 42 42 is the phone number for North Devon Theatres, from there you should be able to book tickets for the Landmark Theatre, which is where he’s playing.

    Now as soon as I find my diary......