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    I pulled up in van in yard were work rain on roof makes me sleep like nuthink else and diesel night heater on very cosey in van just makes me not want to go to work at all l only have to open door and lorry next to me but still hard to go out tha lol that's in Cambridge by way

    Ya have had dealing with council my family have a piace of land in Dorset tha have owned for over 100 years 30ish years ago he sold land oppeset that grandad kept horses on and let family stop on tha to developers tha built houses and new residents got a purtishion together to get read of gypsys out of village and wen my grandad died tha took lisence away and moved 6 of mums siblings out on to road and land still sits empty till this day and council backed campaign to get gypsys out of village that we have lived it for over 100 years going back many generations and 4years ago l managed to afford a old run down cottage and bit of land neer Wisbech put my caravans on it to do up house and villages got pitch forks out and council stepped in now live in van for work till sell house cuz not wanted in village du to rasised bigets from council have managed to make more gypsy family homeless so u can understand y don't like government cuz tha been trying to get read of us English gypsys for years and still r mad piky

    I come from UK and lm a English Romany gypsy and all my family going back years London rag and bone man so y do l we English gypsys get tared with same brush and law takes away r rights moves us on and say after Brexit all gypsys Roma's go home l come from England and always have so y r tha taken r rights to live on r own land and travel around like we always have if that's not rasisam l don't no wat is not conserned about finding out how we r different in so many ways from Irish and Roma just a way of afnick cleansing just get read of all gypsys it's disgusting in this modern world that this is still happening very unhappy mad piky lol

    Ya l do got wet all day on site l drive concrete mixer by way on contact in Cambridge big site on madangley road huge site 2 story's underground 3storys above 350 million job going on till 2022 so ya no stopping rain snow or sun has to carry on lol

    I work in Cambridge and have cottage near Wisbech Ely in middle soya no it very well park up tha by river at weekends very nice tha for walking etc good pub b river not far to croul home t van lol

    Iv just about finished my latest transit van convererson l used silver bubble wrap stuff than bored then carpet always dun this and always worked for me silver layer stops any moister wood breathes and carpet extra worth so all good and always vent keeps everything dry and healthy for how's inside that's wat always dun if that's any help lol

    Its 5 c in Cambridge had to put deasel night heater on all night woke this morning for work like suna in van lol winter hear cold nights dark going to work and coming home owell

    15c wet here in Cambridge still not stopping Chinese visiters standing in road to take pics lol just stand there and me in 32 tun lorry have to get around tham lol just nearly run about 20 stood in road down bibed air horn tha soon moved lol

    I ok today at work rather be driving to anyway apart from around Cambridge in lorry sun's out be nice to be in country side chilling owell lol

    Hi as my profile l 43 travelled around England all my life as l come from Romany gypsy background and l have complex PTSD not still sure the ins and outs of that but that's wat tha told me l have from childhood l have kids two ex wife's now single live in converted transit due to never been able to live in house don't no y l have tried it but my teenager lives in my house with her boyfriend and l still live in van tha or mainly neer work at Cambridge this is ABIT about me lol