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    I have two dogs and a cat to keep me happy. I live a mile away from the town centre, half a mile away for 3 supermarkets, 3 stores that sell quality pet foods, a petrol station, a garage (mechanics), and a veterinary hospital. Yet I walk 2 minutes in the opposite direction and I am among deer, foxes, owls, bats and a whole host of bird life. I truly have the best of both worlds.

    Just decided to join this community, being something of the aging hippy helped in my decision, but more so than that I notice there are lots of animal lovers on this site. I have read many of the threads about XR and tend to agree with most. They wanna stop extinction, the planet is under resourced to cope with the rise in populous and yet they refuse to stop breeding. The more overpopulated our planet becomes, the more our planet is under resourced to sustain us, but hey ho, keep on breeding whilst protesting.