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    In best part of a decade and a half living full time on the road I have never once paid a penny either to park up whether for a night or for a month, nor for information about places to park up in, nor for goods or services at a place where I parked up. In fact there aren't many places I have ever parked up where anything commercial like pub, commercial camp site or restaurant was anywhere nearby, i'm usually half way between the middle of nowhere and the back of beyond, only visiting civilisation to dump rubbish, collect water and do shopping.

    Selotex or Kingspan is what I use, comes in various thicknesses, I used 40 mm, it's a light weight foam between foil either side of it, easy to cut to size, can be a bit pricey if bought new but you can sometimes pick up quite large off-cuts free from building sites.

    I found that after I adopted a big loud snarly dog with a fine set of gnashers the filth suddenly stopped wanting to come inside and were satisfied just talking to me through a window, funny that. On one occasion the copper had a big German Shepherd Dog and my dog was going so apeshit trying to jump out of the window to get to him that it set him off too and he pulled the copper over - I laughed and laughed :)