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    I had a call yesterday from the guy running the campsite asking if I will sit my arse on a digger for a week or 2 , the project will be to lay down hardstandings on the left hand side from entrance gate up to the gated entrance to the overflow field :)

    Well if the new owners fancy a metal detecting search will the land is disturbed keep me in mind , have a few detectors so some others could have a go ,

    might get a few bits to make a display case up to hang in the pub , or as the area is rich in ancient history you never no what might turn up

    Hi where abouts are you you can take all the hazel branches you want from me

    This didn't happen in some poor ass 3rd world dictatorship tho did it? Surely the parents know how to feed their kids, fucks sake they had 4!

    Yes, medical checks should have been done & someone dropped the ball somewhere but that still doesn't exonerate these 2nd rate parents..

    Exactly it was the parents not the diet they was following , loads of parents neglect , starve or mistreat there kids , it was up to the parents to look after there kids plenty of cunts out there and some of them even eat meat

    There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people who have grown up vegan without any health issues.

    Plenty of child abuse and neglect happens within meat eating families; it isn't the diet, it's the ignorance and poor knowledge of the parents.

    All diets are 'imposed' on children -- if you bring your child up to eat animals, you're still imposing your values on them.

    exactly everything is imposed on a baby ?

    Indeed but since back from norfolk all my fav spors are used by hoodrats and drug dealers all nite prob this county line shit? Its definitely a lot worse than last visit in summer ,Only here til 25th then back to Norfolk :rockon:

    Shame I was at my place in north essex until yesterday , now in Londinium otherwise you could have parked there until the 25th but I have the key to my gate in my pocket

    Time will tell Wiz and I hope your rosie view turns out to be right and the Tories turn out to be the party we all need, but based on previous blue goverments I think that the only ones who will be smelling the roses will be the rich.

    Unlike when we had poor old down to earth working class Tony Blair

    The best alternative to cheese is made by VIOLIFE forget anything else , been vegan for over 30 years never took a supplement in my life or added stuff to food just don't eat shit food

    The fact that vegan food is now mainstream is good news , never ate meat so can not do a compere with so called fake meat ,

    but with me is great to have convenience food available, now I would not eat it all time , and a lot of it has no taste at all but , to be able to pull of the motorway drive in a services and either buy a ready made sandwich a vegan subway or pop into greggs and grab a sausage roll , coffee with soya milk and a vegan belgium bun is amazing , before if I was going somewhere on a run I always made a pack lunch for myself if not in a waggon ,

    and Kieth you are a bit behind the times holland and barrett have been selling porkless pies for at least 10 years

    I even saw a foot long vegan sausage roll yesterday in morrisons it looked fucking horrible but wow

    Spose I could always just make my own crystal meth and just pretend to be driving

    I spend most of my spare cash on petrol or diesel to keep me sane , I am a real petrol head , my truck drinks it , my van drinks it , then there is the trike , the chop and my kawasaki drifter all need filling up all the time ,

    gave up smoking the good stuff a few years back after going to the 5th funeral for good mates dying of cancer , just come home and threw it all in the bin and gave my proto pipe to my son ,

    was getting silly though got to the stage where I was using skunk as baccy for my hash spliffs

    now about a tenna a week on some sort of alcohol that me and my partner drink some nights , either a bottle of red wine or to , or a few cans of brew or if we have had a result a bottle of kracken

    so probably about £100 -£200 a month on fuel and alcohol

    It just stinks of the original hippie movement great intentions and then the media picks up on it and hippie becomes a fashion, I've worked for many old original so called hippies and they are still nice peeps but in general, rich ,land owners with wealthy backgrounds and totally into consumerism .

    That's because a good few so called hippies / crustys travellers that I met back in the 80s were just rich kids playing around until there inheritance kicked in normally around the age of 30 , and I doubt if that's changed much

    Yep I now have Ricky the white Rooster ,

    one of my mates told me that some traveller types had this rooster running around and that on sunday just gone he was going on the barbecue ,

    so I had to replace him with some already dead chicken from tesco but I now have a crowing cockerel, and instead of a small run hes got a woodland to run around in

    see how long he lasts, but every day is a bonus to him

    Hi mate and welcome back. I’ve had similar idea over two years. I’ve got a 20+Foot Twin axel trailer chassis on land rover wheels. It was once a mobile Police command unit to build off.

    I’ve been researching the web for tiny homes for two years and I’ve a good selection of designs stored on Pinterest. I’m not sure if I can share my link directly?

    I have enough 12’ x 2’6” x 3” thick aluminium enclosed insulation panels that slot together connected by aluminium profiled uprights to build walls etc (off a mobile freezer room) Enough new box profile roof sheets (brand new) I bought a full set of 11 x windows (single glazed) and door + frame from a brand new 2011 5th wheeler. I know towing weight needs to be considered and I like the loft bed idea. All in all I almost have enough parts to complete a project. If nothing happens I may sell as a kit.

    Hi thanks for the welcome back

    I will probably build it out of reclaimed abn tatted wood , thinking of 6x2 beams covered with 18mm ply for the base

    then aq 2x2 frame ,covered with ply , settee and burner and kitchen downstairs and bedroom and outside sitting place upstairs

    oh and a porch to sit and pick a banjo on

    I have one ingrained in my head from years ago when I used to tent out more often it goes








    I still use it now if we are blatting out somewhere , we did tent out on the ridgeway this year ,on the solstice at Avebury in a very small nylon nightmare ?

    have no idea why

    Never used one of them but I just put them in any cast iron pot or dutch oven with a lid ,if I am feeling posh and don't fancy black burnt skins and either hard or empty spuds from the fire

    Hi wiz , yeah all is ok with us , just getting itchy feet at the mo , and feel like I need to sell everything and start again with something new to me

    are you still at that farm ? as got to drop of a motorbike tomorrow at mersea

    Last night for some stupid reason I was drinking that premium strength oranjeboom 8.5 stuff ,

    when it ran out I drunk a can of the new weaker special brew ,while eating a bag of peanuts

    feel a big groggy this morning now twas not a good idea , seemed ok at the time though

    Just been given a 22ft galvanized caravan chassis , so thinking of building some sort of redneck / hobo shack /tiny house little house on the prairie type thing if anyone has any ideas or imput , feel free