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    Feeling gratitude for our beautiful planet.

    Feeling deep gratitude that my children can grow in the countryside.

    Feeling gratitude for people who haven't forgotten how to think in the grey areas and aren't scared to ask questions that make the consensus feel uncomfortable.

    Thinking about where to walk the dogs today... Did lead work round an old part of shepton mallet yesterday...amazing town all higgledy piggledy with little pathways ... Fantastic mish mash of architecture too... Think I'll go off-lead today though...find some tunnels up on mendip :o when I've worked outhow to upload pictures I'll post some.

    water... Got meself one of those double wall insulated metal bottles ( cheap version from lidls) and am trying to drink two full ones a day ( so a litre) and massively reducing the amount of plastic I was buying in name of thirst for really cold water.

    i found out before the summer that I'm post menopausal. Was quite a pleasant surprise as I thought I was just starting. I have a mirena coil so don't bleed...

    Definitely cutting sugar help with the flushes.

    Starflower oil and evening primrose oil are great too.

    Loads of people keeps telling me I've breezed through it ... Fuck you all ;) last 5/6 years have been hard bloody work and I thought I was dying for the last year of it... But once I found out what was going on I felt so much better.

    Cut alcohol if you can/ sugar is a fucker for flushes. Love yourselves as best you can xxxx

    Deep Rising

    Just your classic "boat is sinking and there is shady business afoot" film really... epic utilisation of the technique where they save money by using the same shot of the same flooding doorway over.. and over... and over...

    All in all a deep relaxing way to waste a few hours if you like massive tentacled monsters and more than a few tipped caps towards classic sci-fi/horror … but overall... fairly shit.

    I'm thinking

    How many sheets of craft foam will I need to make 20 mini top hats?

    Is there a more ethical and sustainable way to make 20 mini top hats than buy brand new craft foam?

    I hope one roll of glow in the dark sticky tape will be enough to do ten batons.

    Do I have time or energy to go rummaging charity shops in all the towns around for second hand flexible plastic chopping boards.

    Why aren't yoghurt pots more substantial!

    So glad I bought marmalade last week.

    OMG!!! Plastic plant pots!!!!! kerching!

    Planets and Stars bless these forums for helping me come up with the perfect bloody thing!!! :D eco friendly and cheap as chips!

    I wonder how many plastic plant pots we have in the shed...….

    What's new.

    My eldest son Charlie doesn't live with us anymore.

    I earn my living in the hospitality industry supplemented with dog walking and teaching reiki.

    I am a lot fitter and slimmer than I was a few years ago. I manage my health conditions with a great deal more acceptance and awareness than a few years back so feel like I am steadily making good progress physically and mentally.

    I walk every day for at least an hour... if I can get in two walks a day then it really helps even more.

    I've joined a recorder ensemble with other people where I live.. there are four of us and I mostly play treble - love it :D

    i did sign up to ER in its early launch but quickly realised from the chatter on their social media that its not grassroots greenies its more a bunch of privileged whingers and hoorah henries so i left them.

    It was the attractive altruistic guilt soother for them who don't worry about their gargantuan credit card bills dahhhhling.

    At least that's how its been here in south somerset. Some of them holidayed on the UK mainland this summer ... Pats on backs all round.

    My mate says its a death cult. Round here they cut people off for bringing up natural reasons for climate change and will not discuss actual extinction rates...

    Some still buying cheap flights whilst proudly XR gushing ...

    Drowning in bullshit and hypochrisy

    hello you :D

    Nowt sad about it mate... Hippies do devil sticks and staff ... Majorettes do it better mwahaha ;) xxx

    Mere carnival Saturday night.

    My daughter is a majorette so its our first carnival of the season...I'm the troupe trainers accomplice / book-keeper so I'll be pompoming for an hour to keep our girls going :)

    We'll be doing hair/face decoration from 4pm and then get them all to the town, walk them through to the start point and pray for a warm breezeless evening!!!! My aim is to try not to lose my voice this year... Its shouting into the gormless phone-obsessed onlookers to give us a clap and party it up a bit... Shepton Mallet is our favourite coz they know how to do carnival there :)

    Hellooooo :)

    Well this is nice :D

    I'm still in Bruton with my 2 youngest and fella :) my eldest now living in the north east doing an apprenticeship , studying engineering on day release and working hard on his music in spare time... Moki check him out if you like EDM.

    I manage a luxury self catering treehouse in the woods near by, dog walking every morning for an elderly chap so do the little well-being and welfare checks too.

    Am slowly picking the local streams and Gulley's around the base of a beacon hill/ celtic-roman temple site, of broken crockery and glass ( mud-larking) along with all plastics obviously. Planning on making a mosaic sommat or other and sell to the posh ass art gallery up the road innit ;)

    Really into photography at moment and hoping to get a decent DSLR this winter to take it up a level. I play a game called guru shots on line and its really boosted my confidence on taking a good shot. Really in to exploring abandoned things or at least the idea of it... Spend lovely hours watching the YouTube urbex lot doing their thing and we've done a bit ourselves too.

    Been celebrating being postmenopausal before my daughter hits puberty :D She's 10 in March and H 11 in a few weeks :o he's just writing a letter to apply for position of head boy at school.

    We're pretty much settled on being here til the kids are through secondary school but may move on after that...

    Drive a kangoo these days :) we can sleep lovely in the back of it and had a brilliant road trip a few weeks back ... Yorkshire to Somerset via Derbyshire, Leicester, Cambridge, Braintree, Faversham, Deal, Dover and Romsey Marshes... Itched the nomadic ancestral scratch a tad ;)

    Health wise I'm doing OK... Fibromyalgia am learning to live well with,mental health up n down but am learning to set much healthier boundaries these days which is helping... There is definite progress anyway :)

    Fucking fed up with Facebook so its good to be back :D

    Really glad to hear you've had the all clear Paul and intrigued to see how this pans out with ukhippy out of moth balls :)

    Love n sunshine to all

    Sarah xxx