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    I’ve never ‘got’ the numbers thing and I’m still not sure I understand but thank you chaps for this discussion. Keep it going. I’m learning lots!

    Testosterone :rolleyes:

    You'd think they'd be done by now!

    Nice to see they have a few miles left on the clock though :D

    oh negativ eagain, so what of it doesnt work, give it a whirl and if its used great, if not then no problem, I'm up for it, used to be funny on the other pace when we had it. the folk who used it were more open again as the conversation was fluid rather than taking any amount of time to construct a post, it made folk be a bit more real on line as you knew someone was there typing a reply.

    It's not a bloody chat room love :eek:

    It's an alternative living site!

    People like you have no patience :mad: you just want to yapp away til yerr hearts content.

    Well... I'm sorry, but NO! You're not having a shoutbox.

    That's the end of it.

    I apologise for being such a drain on your resources.

    But know this ... NEVER would I have stood by & allowed a brick to come at your face. EVER!

    That's all good boss :o but what the bejeez was that horse saying all about? It don't make no sense babe :shrug:

    So are we all friends now?

    Okay :rolleyes: I'll behave.

    It won't work.

    For the love of... :frust:

    It might work for the few peeps already here, for 5 minutes, but as a site it's suicide.

    You have to look at the bigger picture if you want the site to grow.

    Otherwise it's just gonna be me & Shroom knocking seven bells out of each other in a year's time :handbags:

    We need to broaden our horizons!

    My point exactly.

    So... do you still want a shoutbox? :flirt:

    Paul promised. It didn’t take too long did it. I’m not going another round with your bollox on here no matter how much you beg. You obviously haven’t lost enough in your time to learn from your mistakes. bye Roamer.

    Paul promised what? What did he promise?

    Paul is a million times the man you will EVER be, so I suggest you leave him out of this.

    I've never begged you for anything Alice.

    What would you know about what I've lost? You know nothing.

    I don't understand your anger. Nor do I care to.

    If anyone has a problem with anyone else, then it's probably better to deal with it like adults rather than spreading it all over the forum.

    Also, flooding the forum with multiple posts in a row -- it looks messy.

    My point exactly, knew I could count on you boss :wub:

    Nerr nurr na nerr nurr :pp

    Wafting about in new found positivity all happy happy clap trap, ha thats fecking hilarious, well my dear of the miserable negative side of life, it isnt new found and it aint clap trap, since when is being happy and content resulting in being positive with ones lot happy happy clap trap, its long term hard worked for, if other folk cant see whats good in life and have some of it then thats their loss.

    As said, just because the world per se is seemingly getting worse in some aspects, I'm sure as fuck not gonna be miserable and moany with it, never heard of the saying 'smile in the face of adsversity', try it sometime, might do you some good lol. oh and by the way -- fact -- life can be and is what you make it, wafting about being miserable makes for a miserable existence, trust me, I know that one, been there for a bit many years ago, not good, so I buckled up and took a ride to the better side of life and made a bangingly good life for meself, see it can be done.

    I was talking to some older generations about the time after the 1st world war and leading up to the 2nd world war and soon after, things are not worse now, changed yes and maybe not for the better at times, but compared to those times, they knew what worse is back then.

    Be quiet. :flirt:

    I get on well with most peeps that I meet (theres more than a few on here that have spent time on Bubbles with me) , you though seem more of a 'Roamer' than Nomadic.

    Don't presume who or what I am.

    You have two choices, either make friends or leave me alone.

    I'm not interested in your petty goading.

    Besides, im not really worried about George!

    Neither should you be, look at the crowdfund figure!

    Where the fuck was Shroom & Alice when I lost everything?

    I didn't have no crowdfund page.

    It was just me... in a car... in winter.

    I begged you lot to take me back & you didn't want to know.

    So DO NOT give me your righteous bullshit.

    Coz I will bloody have you for it.

    Anyway... new day & all that.

    WHY was he filming them ? same reason others were , its called EVIDENCE .

    Doubt that a wife is really top of his to do list right now , read the rest of the article including the comments , there may be a resident of Trowbridge looking for a wife for 'your friend' :troll:

    I do wish you would calm down shroom :rolleyes: I'm not the enemy.

    I have no beef with you.

    I enjoy your posts & I do see where you are coming from, most of the time.

    You are smart enough to know what I was getting at. It's a brave man who steps up & films the baddies. It has consequences

    I would like to get on with you Shroom.

    If you can't understand another point of view without spitting the dummy, then so be it.

    And I hoped it might be a simple case of “ Sorry Gorge, send us the bill, we at the hire company really feel for you dude”.

    Not more hostility and slander from “other” network users. I kinda thought it was all for one and one for all in the boating community.

    Poor sod lost more than just a place to live. Those personal things we all treasure but may hold little monetary value, often can’t be replaced, but can mean the most in the long run. And I know that one only too well.

    We all know loss. Life is full of loss for every individual.

    You're not special on that front, Alice.

    Neither is George.

    We have to take the rough with the smooth.

    I just think waving a camera about these days, is asking for it.

    I would have taken a different approach.

    I've read the article.

    Not gonna lie, the minute I read he was filming them on his mobile phone ...

    You have to be a bit careful.

    You don't really want to be winding people like that up. You start waving a camera at them & it will escalate.

    It's not really about right or wrong. The world doesn't work that way. Unfortunately.

    You have to have your own vision & believe in yourself, Paul.

    You are a leader. Keep it that way.

    Don't become like the rest of us.

    From what I remember, you have incredible instinct.

    The only voice you need to listen to is your own.

    It was your mind that I was drawn to.

    Don't let me down.

    You have already taken things by the scruff of the neck & shaken it up. It's time to let things settle now.

    Join in, the way you used to before! I miss that.

    Don't worry about what's going on everywhere else. It doesn't matter.

    I know there was a bit of upset & another site formed off the back of this one. I never got involved & I stayed neutral. It's non of my business. I could go on both sites if I choose but I've chose not.

    THIS is my home. THIS is my chosen site.

    Now get to bloody work in keeping your folk happy :whip:

    Good threads are the answer.

    Go forth & blow their mind boss ;)