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    The lad in custody is "vehemently denying" burning down the dogs home, there's been no court trial that's found him guilty and the authorities have released no indisputable proof that the lad they are questioning is guilty of setting the fire either purposefully, or as a prank or accidentally. Our society has decided this lad is not old enough to live by himself, support himself financially, have sex, drink alcohol,join the army, vote in elections or leave school. We have decided that 15 year olds still need adult care and supervision, and protection, because they are not yet old enough to "be an adult". So where in all that is it ok for actual grown up adults to be calling for this accused, not convicted,just accused, 15yr old to be hurt,tortured,killed,locked away for the rest of his life,written off as evil and beyond redemption etc before hes even reached what we've decided is adulthood?

    People are upset because around 60 dogs died but where in all the media hysterics are the figures for how many dogs are killed in the uk every single day by pounds because there isnt the physical space or finances to keep all the abandoned and rejected dogs that our "country of animal lovers" have washed their hands of? The Dogs Trust say its around 21 dogs A DAY, and over seven THOUSAND "put to sleep"/killed stone dead last year. Many of these healthy, well behaved dogs are killed after just 7 days of being in kennels waiting for an owner to come forward, because there is nowhere for them to go. In the time since that tragic fire there have already been more dogs killed by pounds/kennels than lost their lives due to that fire, but people still want to spew vitriol at one 15yr old despite knowing absolutely nothing about his guilt or innocence or the circumstances of the fire, while hiding behind the bullshit facade that the hate is "because we're animal lovers". How is that defendable?

    Thanks, I appreciate your reply and I kind of suspected that was the depressing truth of it all. I think "soundbite wisdom" quotes can be great and useful whoever comes up with them originally, even if its some smart arse cokehead in a marketing department, but attributing them to a made up person with a deliberately non-western "spiritual" sounding name is dishonest and manipulative. And it takes literally seconds to look up a name to check the attribution (except when the name isnt real) so vast swathes of people and allegedly credible websites reverently using these quotes without bothering to do that quick check of their authenticity makes me despair. Search engines didnt even come up with a single result for "who is sushan sharma?" or variations on that question :S But put "who is *insert name of any pointless airhead pseudo-celebrity*?" into google and theres pages of results. *grumble grumble*

    I wonder what'd happen if I changed my name to sushan sharma, claimed credit for the quotes and started demanding copyright/royalty fees for their use? I could do with a get stinking rich quick scheme..

    If you dont feel that one on one counseling will help then trust your instincts and dont waste time and energy trying to get it. This society has a bee in its bonnet about flippin counselling being the be all and end all, and its not true that if you just keep looking and trying you'll finally find a good one that'll work for you. You're also not actually describing a "mental health" issue here, you're describing a physical overreaction to naturally arousing situations, so just "talking about it" is likely to do F all. Whats likely to help are biofeedback techniques to help you interrupt and de-escalate the fight/flight activation thats happening to you in these situations. Thats entirely possible to do and its easier if you have a teacher but its something you can start looking into and practising by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

    All of us as humans have a little adrenalin surge when we're faced with confrontation, get wound up or are in situations that exceed our coping abilities in the moment. Whats happening to you is that that little surge has turned into an instant flooding (its probably getting worse as you get older because your body has become sensitised to that chemical pattern so reacts even quicker and more full on to the adrenaline stimulus) , and the opposing balancing chemicals/hormones arent kicking in to calm things back down. This stuff happens below/before conscious thought so youre getting blasted before you can use any cognitive skills to stop it. And when these physical symptoms like increased heart rate happen theyre read by the subconscious mind as anxiety so then you get into a loop where the anxiety further increases the fight flight response, and the fight flight response increases the anxiety. Biofeedback works by helping you to get in touch with your body so that you can recognise, interrupt and redirect that physiological response before it overwhelms you. So instead of your mind going "oh god oh god my hearts racing,I'm so anxious" it goes "ok, this an adrenalin surge/tidal wave but its ok because I know what to do to dampen it back down". It puts you back in control.

    This is a bit of a crap link sorry but its the first that came up on google and i'm tired…anxiety-with-biofeedback/

    Human Givens therapy is short term, solution focused, practical therapy (not talking therapy) and they often utilize biofeedback techniques so might be worth you looking at

    And any technique that teaches breathing control (Alexander technique?) is useful. You can also get finger pulse monitors cheaply online so you can see your heart/pulse rate in real time and experiment at home with what things raise and lower it, then practise the lowering stuff until it becomes like "muscle memory" that kicks in when youre in those outside situations. Once youre no longer physiologically overresponding to the natural adrenalin surge you wont have the cascade of crippling symptoms that follow, and you'll be able to let the world know that you've got worthwhile opinions and are damn well gonna share em, even with your knobhead boss.

    Its called "Woodall's Guide to Useful Classic Vehicles", author Dan Woodall, (on Amazon and other booksellers) and the blurb says "This guide is for those with dirty hands, probably a filthy dog, and those who believe in the sustainable and practical use of their vehicles". There are lots of photos of cool vehicles, sadly only in black and white but still droolable over, and the text has made me chuckle several times. I'd highly recommend this book as an addition to vehicle loving peoples collections :thumbup:

    The internet is stubbornly refusing to tell me and there are a lot of quotes ascribed to this name so I'm confused about why I cant find any information at all besides people and sites using the quotes. So does anyone know if this was a prolifically enlightened philosopher man/woman, or is it a general pseudonym like Anon (or Hallmark) that random "inspiration" quotes get collected under? And how come, according to the internet, nobody seems to care?

    The ins and outs of the political system dont matter at this point in time, its the mood and beliefs of the masses that will decide our direction,regardless of which pointless rich boys face becomes our next unwanted PM. Start fighting back with as much ease as pressing a "like" button..…ackout-of-the-green-party

    The Green party *are* the "None of the above" option. Help make them a visible choice for the apathetic and disenfranchised masses.

    Nope, nothings sorted yet. But we dont have a moving date yet coz I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to flee halfway across the country when I'm dependant on my exhausted son to do everything because the official people here cant get their heads around the idea of me wanting a life that involves more than staring at the ceiling :rolleyes: I've got a Traveller liason person advocating for me with statutory services at the mo and shes getting further than anyone else has which is great but too little too late to change our minds about moving me. Its just a whole lot more complicated when winging it isnt a viable option :( Which is why I put this thread up before we've got the rest sorted, coz last minute is too much of a risk with all these limitations. Pfft to inconvenient bodies. Sons taking some more pics of Siri today though so I'll put them up later for reference and will keep bumping the thread as we get more stuff organised.

    Human egos, the ability to lie (fiction and creativity would still exist but could never be misrepresented as truth) and the concept of punishment. Plus overnight storage heaters because they were clearly designed by Satan and have no place in this brave new world.

    The tv license letters are legalised bullying. When I started getting them here a couple of years ago (in rapid succession with increased threats) I was so alarmed by the threatening wording that it completely slipped my mind that I dont even have a tv :eek:And what I was told by mainstream people was that I had to write and tell the tv licensing people that I dont have a tv or I risked prosecution for not informing them :eek:Fortunately my brain reengaged and now the letters go straight in the bin unopened but jeez, how do they get away with this crap? And how are tv's not obsolete now we have the internet?

    Suicide and mental health issues among uk farmers are still disproportionately high,and many spend more time filling out paperwork and jumping through hoops than they do actual farming. Its depressing enough when crops fail for natural reasons, but when they dont fail but are deemed unworthy and have to be destroyed, perfectly edible,nutritious crops that many of us would happily buy but that arent allowed to be sold, how are farmers supposed to deal with that?

    The bottom line problem with modern day GM is that its trying to better nature for the purpose of patents and profits instead of working with nature to benefit the human population and/or ecosystem. Theres no consideration of balance, no appreciation of thousands of years of past knowledge and no thought to the long term human and environmental cost (and long term as was mentioned earlier means within our lifetimes not hundreds of years in the future). Unless of course that longer term aim is mass population reduction (and screwing our planet to the point where it retaliates against what'll be left of our species by then). A generation ago that'd be dismissed as conspiraloon nonsense but now...

    Slight tangent because this isnt GM but take for example the "famine relief food substitute" Soylent, a truly horrific but patentable experiment that is currently being rushed into production,bypassing all safety checks and awash with propaganda and pseudoscientific gobbledygook that a lot of people are accepting without a second thought. End World Hunger!!! And do it so cheaply you'll barely notice the cost!!! A Revolution in food production!!!! Just $3.10 per meal and no more need to deal with the hassle of actually eating food!!! Now if first world people with access to education and choice decide to poison themselves with this stuff then more fool them, but the idea is to force it on people who dont have a choice, and if that is allowed to take off it will kill people. Although dead people arent starving people so the "end world hunger" part is true :S

    We can do better than this, better than all of this profit based meddling and strangulation. We dont need to be going down this destructive path. And if us plebs have no choice about that then we certainly dont need to be going quietly.

    A lot of modern day practices are not needed,which is why the propaganda exists to con people that this is for our own good and its alarmingly successful, as you are proving Sterling. Africa is a huge and varied continent not a single country of starving people, and there are people all over the world (including in first world countries) who are starving to death because of many reasons that are unrelated to actual food resources. Putting a stop to the greed of multi nationals would help but as we cant yet do that a good first step is refusing to buy into or support their greed driven propaganda. The problem isnt that there are too many people to feed ,the problem is the people in control arent interested in feeding us theyre interested in increasing their own profits and stomping out competition.

    Do you remember learning about world war 2 and the uk's "Dig for Victory" campaign? Grow your own food in whatever bit of earth you can find in order to feed yourself and your community has somehow changed to banning people from saving and using their own seeds because theres now more of us so the only way we can be fed is to GM and automate everything and destroy entire crops that dont meet the supermarkets arbitrary and usually pointless standards? How does that even begin to make sense to you?

    Thanks stardust *nugs*.

    (spoilered coz its nothing to do with lowloaders)

    Ok,thanks and sorry my reply took so long. Yes hes a J2 but caeteno build so square bodied not curvy. And hes not what I'd call cute, hes more "stoic in the face of adversity" :p My sons just done some measuring but numbers arent his strong point so these arent hugely helpful..

    Hes measured the width between wheels at "about 7 and a half ft" , but I think its probably closer to your figure seizure
    wheels front to back about is about 12ft
    full body length is about 19 and a half ft
    boot overhang is about 6ft
    height of skirt from floor 11" / 1ft

    I must have paperwork somewhere that gives specific measurements, if I can find it I'll edit this post.

    Hes got at least one very flat tyre and the others arent great, but we think his wheels "should" turn. The reason I'm saying shed not vehicle is I dont think hes going to start this time (and I'm not used to that so its very scary). He was working until I got here 3yrs ago but his engine took a battering on this last move,I've not been able to get at it since and I've had mice squatters for the last two winters so I'm assuming theres less wiring etc than there used to be..

    It wasnt part of the plan for my body to break or to be trapped here for 3 yrs instead of the 6 months I'd intended, so none of the restoring this bus to health has happened yet. But I've had the worst few years of my life here and have literally only survived at times because of this bus so I want to bring him with me when I flee this godforsaken county for somewhere I stand a chance of getting better and being able to make him better too. I moved off him a few months ago and hes not going to be a fulltime live in for a while (unless things go tits up again the plan now is to turn him into a ''therapy room" so I can manage and improve my symptoms without being reliant on expensive private help or the soddin nhs), so that should make him easier to work on. And his name, Siri, means "beautiful victory" so I'm determined thats going to be true at some point. I just have to get myself and him out of this nightmare place first. And at the moment its a toss up which one of us is going to be the hardest to transport :S

    My very broken little bedford minibus Siri is going to need a cross country lowloader lift soon, (Devon to Sussex) and I'm looking for a vaguely affordable option/ help if anyone has any contacts,recommendations or a spare lowloader/transporter twiddling its thumbs just waiting for an adventure? I've had to move off him until his interior can be rebuilt around my cripple needs, and eventually his exterior and engine need dealing with too (no money or self ability for that for a while :(), so at the moment hes in as sorry a state as I am, both inside and out, and he needs transporting as a heavy shed or a static container (hes about 20ft x 7) rather than a vehicle. And preferably with more than one person in case I can't find anyone else to help with loading and unloading him because I can't do fk all to help with that myself. I figured I'd ask on here before trawling the rip off mainstream so suggestions,offers or contacts would be much appreciated.

    Is it worth adding a second section in the Welcome part (under Say Hello) to introduce the community and explain the site to new members? It would be a good place to deal with the 'what is a hippy,are we hippies here,are you hippy enough to be here,whats this site called ukhippy actually about?' type questions that new and potential members always ponder and that people are suggesting changing the site name because of.

    And it could also be a place for 'newbie questions that you fear are too stupid or annoying to ask' where the rule is only kind,supportive answers are allowed? I know theres info and faq's elsewhere on the site but they have to be searched out and most non-forum-literate people dont find them. For instance I see a fair few posts from new people saying they arent sure what a thread (or post) is or how to start one, or what the etiquette is for 'joining in other peoples conversations', or how the site navigation works or what various buttons a 'crash course for luddites' sticky-thread and a space to safely ask the 'I know I'm being dumb but..' questions might be helpful in increasing peoples confidence with the site on a practical level?

    I suck at short explanations or editing my own writing but I'm pretty good (although not quick) at summarizing and editing group content into bite sized pieces. So if people like the above idea maybe a way to do it without it being lots of work for someone would be to start a bunch of threads on those (and similar) questions (maybe in a temporary subsection somewhere?),and then I (or someone else) could go through them and summarise them for sticky threads? A comment thats been made repeatedly on this thread is ''I post if I feel I've got something to contribute" so people might join in to answer some of those practical questions,and other questions might stimulate some more discussions like this thread is doing which could draw people back in too?

    I once saw a forum that had a newbie section that was manned/modded by carefully selected long term members so that new members could find their feet in a deliberately protected safe space before venturing into the wider site where people werent always kind or patient. Kind of like Twister was suggesting being extra-but-not-creepy-nice to new people so they dont get scared away. I dont know how it was set up to be like that but maybe even something similar to the flyologys would work in the welcome section so that new people can get familiar with some of the 'faces' theyre likely to come across around the site. And avoid some of the mis-assumptions that lead to the 'I thought this was a hippy site but youre all cliquey nazis' posts that people leave on their way out?

    I also think,especially if the site wants to be more anti-establishment, that there ought to be a flagged thread somewhere on how to 'handle' the heavier or controversial threads and how to disagree with each other without behaving like kids in a playground. With real examples of argument resolutions if anyone can remember any well enough to dig them out. As someone mentioned earlier,when arguments arent stopped by mods closing threads people here do often work it through themselves and that creates a much more positive vibe than fearing arguments (or argumentative members) because of What Might Happen if it gets out of hand.. Its pretty awesome when two (or more) people are heatedly at each others throats and then they themselves take a breath,turn the heat down and start communicating instead of shouting or whining to the grown ups (mods/admin) to dooo something about the person theyre having a problem with. And I think an anti-establishment stance should encourage that adult behaviour over the external parental policing that society pushes at us. Its a fact that the more infantilised people are treated the more childish we behave whether we're 10yrs old or 100yrs old and this site could really push that self responsibility and self growth if it chooses to.

    And for the record (because I know I have a reputation for being argumentative :faint:) thats not a personal beef, I've only ever had one 'infraction' (which was bizarrely for agreeing with Atomic on a thread!) and pretty rarely got modded. But I've often been frustrated when threads have got locked when they could've resolved themselves if theyd been allowed to,because I think it gives the impression that arguments are Dangerous and Beyond Our Ability To Cope With,which puts a lot of people off joining in with anything vaguely contentious. I would much rather see people having a go,making mistakes and developing skills and confidence through being allowed to experience successful resolutions,even if it is temporarily uncomfortable. Because even heated,personal,emotional arguments dont make the sky fall in as long as they then progress to the re-establishing communication part. And when the world out there is constantly telling us we need more and more monitoring and sanctioning and abdication of responsibility to some arbitary and imposed Power I think we should be pushing in the other direction and encouraging our members to reclaim the social and personal skills of community living.

    One last point that occurred to me through reading todays new posts in the current affairs section..its quite difficult to get debates going when everyone agrees with each other :S It may be that the current political climate shares responsibility for quietening forums like these down..

    (Hi back to everyone who said hi or remembers me :waves:) were clear on that distinction the first time Julian. Its not unreasonable (or difficult) to do a quick yearly check on where a claimants situation is at, just like used to be done with housing benefits. But when the system thats checking is institutionally unreasonable and not even attempting to hide its twisted ulterior motives I think maybe we need to go deliberately further in the opposite direction from checking up on people at all, in order to counter that rampant mistrust and propaganda that we're exposed to now.

    The doctors note thing still exists as far as I know (although isnt it called a wellness note or something stupid like that now?) but it no longer has social validity because of the propaganda that patients either trick their GP's into signing them off sick or that GP's collude with patients to con the system for some unfathomable reason. Thats what the whole work capability assessment was about, claimants arent trustworthy,GP's and medical specialists arent trustworthy,people arent sick theyre out to cheat the 'hardworking people' (could the person you kill be an mp please?) so we need all this atos nonsense and its inevitable replacement.

    The propaganda has been extremely successful and I think it needs challenging beyond what most people would feel is 'reasonable' now in order to get enough weight to start swinging the pendulum back towards reasonable. Most 'right minded' people agree that the people who are properly sick or disabled should get benefits help but its that armchair expert distinction between the people seen as deserving and those seen as not that I'm trying to challenge here.

    Eg, Joe bloggs down the road is on whatever theyre calling sick pay these days. He's reguarly seen out and about having what looks like a great life at "The Taxpayers" expense (great in the context of shit-poor type great not champagne and cavier great). The current social climate actively encourages people to dob him in,to mutter resentfully about how their hard earned money is supporting his scrounger lifestyle and to look suspiciously at sick pay and benefits claimants everywhere. What I'm suggesting is an alternative where people see Joe living his life on sick pay, have a pretty strong suspicion that he is actually fit and healthy and lying to the system but think ''so what?". Because how horrendous is the 'crime' hes actually committing in the bigger scheme of things? The money that hes getting is going to the same supermarkets and landlords and banks as everyone elses money is,hes paying tax on most thing he buys like the rest of us, which makes him a 'Taxpayer' and he may well be working harder in his own life than someone whos sat in an office all day every day rubber stamping forms for a living. So whats the problem?

    We've been conned into believing we have to 'earn' the right to 'live'.. And we've been conned into believing that Work is only something done for an employer to make someone else richer. If we dont start really challenging these core social beliefs we dont stand a chance of stopping atos type companys from existing.

    Although ATOS collapsing is welcome news it may put their ground level workers out of a job but the top people will just rename their company and get a new contract from their mates in the government,Again. As evil as ATOS are (and theres really no excuse for the inhumanity of many of their assessors regardless of targets) theyre simply the public face of the governments evilness and I'm now wondering if the problem isnt even deeper than the government and to do with the statement "I have no problem with people being assessed to make sure theyre as sick as they say they are". Because on the surface that sounds entirely reasonable. But is it in reality?

    I'm on disability benefits and I dont claim a large chunk of what I'm 'entitled' to because I dont have the energy to fill out the forms and risk losing the awards I already have until a long appeal process is gone through, because thats how fucked the system is these days. And the true statistics show that there are far more people like me who arent claiming their entitlements than there are people getting these benefits fradulently. Fraud in the benefit system is so miniscule its unimportant,especially given how much money isnt claimed and how much fraud there is at the other end of society with stuff like MP's bloody expenses. But by saying we're fine with people being investigated from the belief that they might be trying to fiddle the system we're perpetuating that myth that thats happening a lot, and thats allowing the conditions that let ATOS style companys thrive.

    As Julian says, most people want to work. Some people dont at some points in their life,but is that really such a terrible crime? When there arent as many jobs as there are people of working age do we need to be insisting that everyone who is capable must find one of these non existant jobs? What would happen if our society turned around and said "actually,we DO have a problem with the government investigating people who claim theyre too sick to work"? What would happen if we said ok,we'll start trusting the people in our communitys and accepting their word and their doctors word about their health status? How much money would be saved by doing away with the ridiculous interviews and assessments and lengthy appeals processes if we just got people to show their evidence,sign a declaration of truthfulness and handed them the benefits money so they can get on with being a productive member of society instead of being flattened and sometimes destroyed by the system that used to be called Social Security?

    Would ATOS have been allowed to even exist if we had a society that said ''we can accomadate the tiny minority of cheats at the bottom of society in order to protect the majority of honest people, but we cant afford the majority of cheats at the top end of society who are totally taking the piss and expecting us to suffer for their greed"?


    The PM inviting people to partake in this thread went out to over 13 thousand members ... that itself shows how low the activity is compared with the potential and how it used to be.

    In fairness this site has always had a ridiculous gap between the number of registered members and the number of active users, and the number of 'active' members here (including the regular lurkers) doesnt seem to have changed substantially. But the people who make up that core group has,which is part normal life and part the fault of the site itself. As unpopular as this comment will be,if you chase away the people who post the livelier content you'll be left with a graveyard. The replys on this thread are split between the current users who want the site to stay as it is and the non posting former users who wish the site was more 'meaty' like it used to be,and those two things are currently incompatible. But it seems pretty unanimous that no ones particuarly keen for the layout or techy stuff to change,and that people want the site to continue existing. So is it worth looking at how you can cater for both groups needs? No idea how it could be done in practise but something like "different rooms with different rules" might help. eg 'enter here for non challenging fluffyness and here for lively debate and dont come in this area unless youre willing to stick to those distinctions'..

    For example,during one of the previous pushes to get the site lively again Paul posted a thread asking meat eaters why they ate meat. Clearly a controversial question inviting 'lively debate' but within a few posts there were people complaining that they didnt like having their views challenged and saying a hippy site shouldnt do that and should be all fluff and flowers and theyd leave if it didnt stay that way,so the thread quietly died. Just in the last few days Paul made a comment on a thread that started with 'I'm prepared to be shot down for this opinion' and in the past that would have snowballed into a thread several pages long with lots of heated debate and a bunch of really interesting and thought-challenging views (before probably ending up getting locked!) but (last time I looked) theres not been a single response to Pauls challenging post. You cant have a lively thriving site if *all* the members want to do is post status updates and play parlour games.

    Those games have always been a popular feature here, and theyre a great way for shyer people to get involved, to get to know people a bit and to establish themselves here before maybe venturing out into the wider site because of that increased confidence and feeling of belonging. But there also needs to be a wider site to venture out into, and there isnt anymore. If there was we wouldnt be getting regular messages asking people to please come back and start posting content that'll wake the site back up.

    There will always be people who are turned off by serious discussions, deep/exploratory threads and the inevitable arguments and personality clashes that go along with all that. But unless there is also space for those who want that stimulation it will get strangled and drowned. So the site community needs to make the decision,does it want what the admin keeps pm'ing people to provide or not? And if it does want that, how can it be done so that the current core group (who have just as much right to feel safe and catered for here) isnt alienated by that?

    Does this community want to be somewhere people can come just to escape the outside world or does it also want to be part of the wider movement out there thats trying to change that outside world? There is so much happening even just in our country right now let alone the wider world but there are virtually no posts in the current affairs or world affairs section anymore,no intense debates about where things are heading or about the people and groups working to redirect our societys from that seemingly inevitable and terrifyingly holocaulistic path, nothing that suggests this site is in any way connected with the hippy movement history that Bodhi describes in his reply on this thread. And frankly thats just bloody weird.

    The times this site has been at its most active and thriving are times when theres been a core group of opinionated people with far more time to spend on here than is probably healthy in normal circumstances. For a long time we had a bunch of pregnant members and new mothers and a number of stuck-at-home-through-illness people who all practically lived here and posted constantly on a wide range of topics. That gets some people moaning about cliqueness but in reality if that core hadnt been open and encouraging of new members the site wouldnt have been growing and thriving as it was. And a lot of that group are no longer active here simply because their lives have moved on and so friendships are kept up outside the site instead and interesting discussions happen privately instead of publicly on here. That isnt to do with people changing their browsing habits, its just how life works. But there are still a number of awesome people on here either posting or reading who do seem to have the time and inclination to get involved more but lack either the confidence or interest that the opinionated people had. So threads dont get started,discussions dont go anywhere, and the site is too quiet for more confident people to bother with.

    I personally left here because I'd had enough of the bullying and abuse (of several other people not of myself),I was angry at being powerless to stop it and didnt want to be part of a site that made me culpable by proxy because of that. It got nasty here before disintegrating and then turning into the site it is now. But prior to that there were long periods where there WAS a middle ground in this community between threatening attacks and refusal to engage in anything unfluffy. There were times when there was room for most types of members and a good balance between the light and the heavy. If the sites going to take off again it needs to find its way back to that middle ground and back to that balance. And that wont happen because of a tinkered with layout or mobile aps to make it more facebooky (if a 'like' button is ever put on this site we may as well all throw ourselves off the nearest cliff).

    It *may* happen (because I dont think its something that *can* be forced) if the site community decides firstly that it genuinely wants that thrivingness again and secondly if it stops blocking that through fear of the site being overtaken by people who dont always feel that live and let live is the right philosophy for a healthy society. I left the site for a while and then got drawn back into browsing from habit and boredom (currently stuck at home through illness) but theres nothing that grabs my interest enough to join in with anymore and I'm not interested in starting threads myself with the site the way it is currently. Thats not to say theres anything wrong with how the site is currently for the current core members who are getting a lot out of it being this way, its just not for me anymore as one of those 'opinionated' people who wants more meat and intelligent,thought-challenging debate alongside the whimsy.

    There is still nothing else like this site and community on the internet. Its unique and in the years since it started its literally changed peoples lives and on occasions actually saved lives too. Its a 'real world' site thats resulted in many many people taking site friendships into the offline world and having many adventures with people they wouldnt otherwise have met. Its done awesome things for some people and terrible things to others and its survived despite some very rocky times and terrible personality clashes and dubious behaviours over the years. It would be a real loss if the site went under,both for people who currently rely on it and for those whove not yet discovered it and the community it connects. But it also has to feel worth the effort and expense for Paul/the admin to keep it going and repeated mailouts to members asking for input to breathe life back into the place say its not feeling worth it anymore. So the members who want the site to remain this quiet and fluffy need to consider that and maybe think of how to keep that vibe that attracts them without it alienating other members or potential members who want more than that from a site like this.

    Quiet and fluffy is absolutely a good thing in moderation,just like the challenging,opinionated activist type stuff is a good thing in moderation and the two can (and have previously) existed here side by side. I started out on this site by posting in a "3am" thread for the insomniacs and night workers among us and I did as much fluffy posting and silliness as I did posting in challenging debate threads. So reintroducing a vibe that encourages more activity on the serious/challenging side doesnt have to threaten the fluffy vibe that current people like and want to protect. It doesnt have to be one or the other,all or nothing, or go back to the appalling nastyness that drove so many people away a while back. But it needs the support and willingness of the current active members to allow the site to get more lively again or that doesnt stand a chance of happening.

    Advice from someone whos been there,DONT FORGET TO SLEEP!!! Seriously,there arent enough hours in the day at this point,your house belongings are breeding while youre not looking,the bus fit out will take at least double the time youve estimated and triple the time youve got and theres just no way to get everything done and dusted by your deadline. So stop for an evening. Sit down together with a glass of wine and a few sheets of paper (or a laptop I guess,i'm showing my age),and prioritise your 'to do' list by asking yourselves 'whats the worst that can happen if we dont get X done or Y sorted in time?' Then when youve finished your list,relax for the evening. Play a silly board game or watch a belly laugh film,anything thats just a total break from all the stress and the thinking about the stress,and then go to bed early and get a good nights sleep. Because adventures are much more fun when youre not running on empty for them. And you'll get more done and sorted if youve had that chance to recharge and rest,like a drill,run a drill into the ground and the drilling/screwing takes longer than if the drills charged up and ready to whizz through the tasks. Its really obvious advice but very hard to remember when youre in the thick of it with a deadline looming.

    We survived the chaos youre dealing with now and moving from someone elses bricks and mortar into our own bus was one of the best decisions of my life. But it was tough going and a bullied-into-evening of board games and belly laughs folowed by a good sleep saved my sanity at one point,because recharging time isnt 'wasting time when things could be Getting Done' its an essential thing on that To Do list.

    Good luck! :)

    Quote from trebor

    The first length of twinwall goes directly onto the output from the stove (with an adapter and rope-tape). The second length goes through the roof vent then the stove is moved in place underneath and the two are clipped together. Then I climb on the roof and put the hat on. This is the theory, as it hasn't actually been installed in the van yet...

    That sounds like one hell of a faff for a live in. And messy. How are you not going to get the ash/soot/chimney dust stuff everywhere when you dismantle it like that once its been used a few times? And wheres the stove going to be while youre driving if its not in situ?

    It's folks like you that you that twist n turn this world on it's backside.

    Good.I think this world needs twisting and turning and challenging because look at it,its a fucked up mess at present. But I'm getting really bored of having to remind people that just because I pick up on something theyve posted on a discussion board and use it to illustrate my own point it doesnt mean I'm personally attacking that person. You made a throwaway comment not a detailed declaration of who you are and what youre about so me disagreeing with that comment is hardly threatening to you.

    Quote from Paul

    Well I created this thread for insight and advice, not judgement or condemnation.

    My comment wasnt either of those,I'm sorry if thats how it came across to you. And it wasnt coming from a 'Daily mail' perspective of 'scroungers getting things they dont deserve' it was coming from genuine confusion about how other people see the difference between entitlement and need and how those things get even more blurry when its involving people we know. I'm all for playing the system but I think that personal responsibility about whether its fair to or not in any given situation has to be part of that. I dont want to be part of a dog eat dog society where 'each and every one of us are clamoring for a piece of the action' even when that involves standing on each others faces,it isnt necessary or healthy for any of us and it shouldnt be a mindset thats encouraged on an 'alternative thinking' site like this or you may as well change the site name to ukmainstream :S


    I'm simply considering my options

    I get that,and the option of a swop via shop window postcards is definitely worth pursuing coz cutting out the middle men/form filling appeals to a lot of people. When I was helping my son look for somewhere there were quite a few single people wanting to relocate to London from a variety of housing situations who were advertising outside of the official channels. It also might be worth looking at houseshare websites and adverts,even if sharing doesnt immediately appeal,because we also came across people on those who were offering a 'granny flat'/annex type deal that counted as sharing but was basically independant of the main property,and people who were homeowners but worked away in the week (or abroad for long periods) and wanted a tenant without having to fully move out of their house themselves. Propertys for sale that have been on the market for a while and dont have much chance of being bought anytime soon are also a good bet for getting an affordable rent for a year or so if you can get to the owner directly. I got a couple of houses that way in the past. Although the private rental market looks scary and unaffordable there are many more options than it first seems and the effort and energy it'd take to build a case for you being in priority need of social housing (that wouldnt guarantee you any kind of choice over what was offered) could equally get you a good deal in the private market. Especially if youre not in any hurry to move so can hang on for the right deal.

    Nugs mate. Hope your pain goes and brain starts to function soon. x x x

    The weather is being all dramatic on my skylight too. I can't make out if it's heavy rain or baby dinosaurs practising their war dancing.

    Ta :) Its the wind thats doing my nut in tonight,it seems to think its auditioning for a low budget horror film and I'd totally believe it if I saw zombies out there tonight. And I'm pretty sure the rains made of metal coz yeah,how can water be *that* loud!

    To be fair,if I was in a different mood I'd probably find it 'cosy', (as long as the weather doesnt try to make Siri into a bouncy castle again) but tonight I'm naggy so its winding me up instead :p

    This isnt going to be popular but unless I'm missing something why *should* a fit and capable single man with no dependants and a fairly successful life be given social housing? Why are people suggesting he outright lie about his circumstances and needs when doing that is basically treading on the head of someone genuinely in need? How is that ok? Seriously Paul,why cant you just do what most people do when they need to move and look for an affordable private rental? Of course its not going to be as cheap as the sweet deal youve got currently but thems the breaks when you make choices and if you choose to move then youre also choosing to give up the cheap rent youve been enjoying :shrug:

    Pissed off coz my neck hurts and my brain doesnt want to work and the weathers being all dramatic and I'm not sleepy enough to go to bed yet and be unconscious so I dont have to know about any of that. Bollocks to today.

    My friend has a bee allergy (proper life threatening type) so it wouldnt be good to give her something that deliberately attracts them :S This would all possibly be easier if I could wander round shops looking at packets but I'm housebound for the mo so have to buy online and thats impossible without narrowing down what I'm looking for.