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    Sorry not normally known for my sublety. I was trying to say that the new Mini, especially in that coulour IS the new maxi, without any old school charm! - must be getting old or something :clown::clown: ;-)

    I actually did what I said above and bought a car! :o

    ....On the upside, I've bought a Citroen C1, with aircon, that has a 1 litre engine, does 60mpg, has a chain rather than a cambelt, and only costs £20 a year in road tax. :D

    Paul, just watch the oil levels like a hawk, had the same motor in our 2011 Yaris. Used it to commute daahn south each week, missed checking the levels for one weekend, next week it was off the dipstick! Developed a "rattle" soon after and bye bye motor with less than 70k miles... Engine type was 1KR-FE, 1L, 3 cylinder vvti. T

    I don't like aspects of a government bill that would attempt to eschew higher courts from judging on human rights

    After mentioning the Hitchcock quote today I was sent an article that is germain ;-)


    The point is that, if Magna Carta is to mean anything today, right or justice must not be unfairly denied to anyone.

    I cannot resist adding that, as well as being the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the 250th anniversary of Entick v Carrington, and the 750th anniversary of the de Montfort Parliament, this is also the 15th anniversary of the coming into force of the Human Rights Act, which has reinforced the great ideas of Magna Carta in many ways, and we all hope and expect that those great ideas will be at the forefront of any proposals for reform. So, I ask again, did that brave Hungarian peasant girl die in vain? I think not. The pledges which she made King John ‘sign’ remain the basic principles of our Constitution today. But we all have to be alert to maintain those principles in the face of the very different risks and complexities of the modern world."

    Lady Hale - Deputy President of The Supreme Court in June 2013, succeeding Lord Hope of Craighead.

    Modern world anyone?

    Hopefully it goes some way to make you think better of our breaking away from a legislative based on napoleonic rather than anglo saxon base. It is not so much the rules, but the WAY they are interpreted and applied.

    The AngloSaxon way.


    edited because of the cat!

    So, let's read it again, slowly:

    Afternoon Orys, I am not going to take issue with the figures, I get where you are coming from. However the SMMT have produced their own version, it may be a little clearer even if it is from a National trade organisation of a globalised industry that is slow to adapt.

    On that subject for a moment WHY ARE WE BUILDING SO MANY "ENGINES" in the UK? Where is the investment / reference to ELECTRIC MOTORS! ... and as for "Defeat devices"... I remember a discussion at work for an electonics design services company about how the ECU changes mode depending where it thougth it was in c2004 when talking about testing fuel efficiency!

    Orys, I trust that sense is on the side of those overseeing this (back to Bexit), and have to trust the view you paint on future trade is not representative of that of the EUrocrats, else the EU may well go all Trump on us / embargo the UK.

    Unless that happens then trade won't simply "stop", just change, and change it will - And very much for the worse if a legitimate referendum result is discounted and the referndum is "dismissed" as has been the norm in the EU when it doesn't go to "the plan".

    What that manner of change that follows from this point to Brexit and beyond is Very, VERY important:

    To quote a certain letter from the 1930's..... " “bitterness” engendered by protectionist trade barriers is not conducive to world peace"

    Let's hope that everyone works together and builds that new bridge, otherwise there could be significant issues for everyone.

    At a time when we are most likely on the verge of a new epoch (Anthropocene), then the EU (and eve the great british establishment) as far as world politics, economics, environment and "peoples" are concerned need to wise up. They need to be able to reform but show little or NO sign of it, BOTH sides of the channel.

    Pity is they don't appear able to listen, to learn, or adapt and like any "Civilisation" once that happens....

    Maybe one of these will make things better :insane:


    So should the House of Lords Block Brexit?

    The arrogance goes MANY ways I am affraid, forget Cameron, even the EUrocrats when they didn't take the prospect of a UK refendum seriously, or the majority that voted for Leave in the UK - we in the UK are still afterall are democracy, generations have willfully or otherwise been part of the system that allowed us to get us to here. :-)

    Arrogance (and denial) at a level where they really should be accountable is still in evidence in the EU, and as such this will not imvho end well. Is it only me or does this kind of thing goe to the heart of the matter, the official EU site for "convergence" (Maastricht Treaty) still uses this kind of EU rhetoric ....

    "EU Member States currently outside the euro area

    At present, there are 9 EU Member States that do not participate in the euro area - Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Denmark and the United Kingdom have negotiated opt-out arrangements and will therefore not be the subject of a convergence assessment until they request it."

    (my highlights see the original at…tly-outside-the-euro-area )

    Currently and Until ?!? Until what?

    - The "correct" answer is given to an awkward question?

    - The house of lords blocks Brexit and this is such a massive screw up we roll over?

    - (my preferred choice) hell freezes over!

    Looking at the even bigger picture.

    I think MUCH is being lost in the debate about the potential impact of a nonfrictionless exit going forward.

    The EU, especially Germany and Netherlands rely on keeping up the intra-state trade bias-effect provided to them by the EU, the French seem to be depserate for something to take them out of their mess ......…U_exports_of_goods%29.png

    So how are all the other member states paying for all this? (clue they aren't, yet, the deficit is building up in the ECB, between the member states and guess who is the major beneficiary of this debt, IF things don't go bang!)

    ....and then look at the following.…016_%28EUR_billion%29.png

    If that isn't stark enough, then take a look at this historically:…016_%28EUR_billion%29.png

    Comparatvivley trading WITHIN the EU framework doesn't appear to be doing much good for the UK, or the trading partner most exposed to the UK based on these EU stats. (i.e.Ireland and if it wasn't with the UK?).

    So we've had a vote and we will now leave, it is not an easy decision to deliver. We all, not just in the UK need to be aware of any number of HUMAN BIAS - I'll suggest a few traits of the top of my head "Status Quo" (not of the Riock Parfit variety) "Loss Aversion", and espescially "ANCHORING".

    (If you want to read up on this Nobel Prize winning stuff look up the Prospect Theory).

    There is MASSIVE system risk should even one of the EURO states fail, and despite it looking like a ponzy scheme, the risk is NOT the EU's alone even once the UK has left and as such we all need to build a NEW bridge, and get over it..

    Should the House of Lords TRY to block Block Brexit? Maybe we should have joined in with the rest of Europe when they were told to eat cake...

    AIMHO DYOR etc.

    TW (ps not a russian bot!)

    A Bangers and Mash, down to earth view on this and why the UK must leave the EU.

    Do we really want to be part of a relentless march to closer economic (read ECB and Euro) and Legislative enforcement from above by a "European" Roman based Civil Law set of bureaucrats that does not take into account the UK's legal system based on our Equitable approach to Law......?…stice-system-8931215.html

    Talking of our (UK) legal system and its history back to Magna Carta. To quote Hancock, "did she die in vain?

    Some 70% of our financial service legislation (in the UK) is as a direct result of the EU. Legislation that didn't stop Italian institutions (for instance) selling investment grade products ILLEGALLY to retail customers in exchange for lending money to said retail customers! That is so wrong in oh so many ways, and why hasn't Italy been brought to task for this? "For the greater good!"

    According to Eurocrats there is no two speed Europe- what planet are they on? Their objective is to have full monetary AND political union, the Euro is NOT an option if you stay in the EU. Do we (in the UK) really want to join the financial system with say, the current Italian Government? Do the Germans! No, to be fair, they want ONE EU Government!

    The growth in "popularist" parties will only get worse as more westerners become even more disillusioned with an ever remote political elite and seek to "anchor" their biases by seeking the company of only people who share the same and dismissing out of hand those they do not agree with, or worse.... Unfortunately we've been here before in Europe...

    That said what an interesting thread, carry on, but lets get out of the EU :-)

    ps don't get me started on how GDPR has been written by the EU and unintended consequences.... Letter of the law (UK) vs what the authors were thinking when they enacted it[panic]....

    We wish you all the best, we had a Tabby that went neurotic on us, OCD cleaning and lost significant fur. Over the years we took her to various vets after being first told it was possible stress after moving house - she then didn't like going out either and would "skulk" around the edge of the yard but never very far and not for long. In the end she'd fight you if you tried to put her outside....

    Initially we persisted with various vets and was finaly diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance. Mrs TW described it as early onset feline menopause! Paid a fortune in meds which seemed to not make the slightest difference except to our bank balance.

    We resorted to putting a (new borns) baby grow on her! It stopped her being able to wash and seemed to work after a while, we were both working at the time and wonder if we'd have spent a little more time with her we could have reduced the behaviour more?

    As I say all the best, it was hard work and distressing.


    Long ago I was a venture scout, we were setting a camp up near Lincoln (Sudbrooke) ready for a regional camp. Two of us went into the city to pick some provisions up on our motorbikes. The looks we got, not sure if it was because we had been building wood pyres, our badges on our shirts, or the fact we'd kept our sheath knives on our belts while walking around the co-op...!

    We ended up riding back after hiding the sheath knives in the gap between the tank and the frame expecting at any moment to be pulled by plod.

    I've spent time in the fireservice as a retained firefighter. We were told that it was brigade policy to not carry personal knives ( we had stanleys with Glassmaster blades in them in the tool box, rope rescue had theirs). Except every instructor had their own "blades" while telling us this. I still have my rope rescue knife and have carried a leatherman on my person for the last 20+ years.

    I even flew with it in hand luggage through out europe for some ten years, and it was never found - I needed it as I was a hw/sw engineer. I use to put it between the wheels on my luggage, when they turned it on its side it must have looked like a section of the axle.

    I left the service soon after the fire in Shirley towers - some of you may recall where two FFs lost their lives. IIRC they had rewired the block and use plastic fixings to secure the copper cables to the concrete ceilings, and when they melted the wires came down like copper snares.

    As a result of the enquiry our Service (not Hampshire) put a strap between the BA cylinder and the frame to close the gap between the helmet and the top of the cylinder. There was talk of issuing Leatherman multitools to each BA team...

    Here I am a 50 plus person and I still carry a leatherman about with me on a daily basis, that pocket in my jeans seems lost without it, as am I.

    I am thankful that I do not feel the need however to carry a potato peeler, as I only have the one pocket knife pocket in my jeans.

    It's not so easy just to change your way Of living.


    bloody typos)(

    Hi all - been watching this situation from a distamce for some time and wondered when it may "kick off"

    Caught some interviews on Radio4 news late afternoon - No mention of Arson! That would be more than worrying.

    The feeling I got from the interviews was very much of a mutual understandng of the others situation.... maybe a self selecting sample given the siutation.

    Appears the council are about to try and move vans on to a site some six miles away. If that doesn't work for the council talk of banning orders and an escalation.

    I only got to read a little, as the advertisements took over and i'm not having it! Anyway, i'm sorry that this happened, but WHY did it happen?

    HCurrently using an old PC with firefox and a brilliant add on No-Script to block all those scripts that really get my goat and aren't needeed.- helps keep me almost this side of sane :-) I of course enable and when on here!

    Hello AW and to all you other ukhippyers.

    My first post on here was smoked out by this. What an ingenious setup!

    I've been looking at how to convert my old 130 to allow me to venture back onto the continent. His comment about lugging empty space and multi use of space I agree with totally.

    One thing I will say is it looks like the 110 is pretty close to the weight limts and handling looking at it swing its booty as they pull out at the end of the video!:boing:

    Thanks for the post and gl with your endeavours.