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    I just love the fact that you're thinking and feeling and a well bit beyond that too.....into the ether, where sense and common and logic and intellect and every last thing are beyond plain comprehension ..... nice one wyrd xxxxxx

    "ONE ANGLE" ???????? so many angles and probably saxons n all the other fuckers toooooo - aaaawwwwwwwww man, attachment and validation ?????? yay, it's about having a look in yur own back yard mebbe. "holding me back" - I done gone beyond that dude and am looking for a way off this lifetime ... So good to talk though man - life is a bitch/bastard but:

    LIFE IS AN AMAZING GIFT and if we learn the grace to make the most of it - well, that's good enough with knobs on xxxxxxxx as usual, I ain't making any sense at all.......sorry :)

    I think that promiscuity in general -- male or female -- can demonstrate a lack in self worth; but even that's not necessarily true as people shag around for all kinds of reasons.

    I think it's harmful if you indiscriminately sleep with everyone who gives you attention, and there are certainly risks involved.

    It's not really a gendered issue though -- although it does seem more of a challenge for a (straight) man to have a lot of partners than it does for a woman; which I guess contributes to the attitude somewhat.

    Paul - does that mean shagging is all about not having any self esteem ? I thought maybe it was like OCD, it's such an easy hit ....... life is a fecking nightmare, toss yourself off and for little moment in time - you're off the "big wheel". I can't help thinking you're mistaking the surface for the depth man .......... good god christ allah buddha rumi and all the nature spirits of earth air water and ether and hindu gods and goddesses to the endsths of all consciousness whatever the hell and heaven - so many issues yu flag up in a sentence - just ain't got the years left in my life discuss. Trying to keep my gob shut, cause the only worthwhile thing to do with your gob is probably giving someone a blow job or making some kind of music with.......... BTW I like this site, you might be as much of a knob as anyone else, but thanks for keeping going man. Wish we could get the sites back together - feels like something's broke and it don't need to be, just makes me wanna cry x

    Hey fuckers, I spent a lifetime believing that a mega sex drive was real bad going to hell shite - particularly for a female. My good ol dad and his lovely wife (my gorgeous mam) colluded into programming us (me and my 2 brothers) into the "norm".

    Well hey guess what - it was IMHO bull/horse/chicken/pig shit. Later I find out that a powerful sex drive is the power supply unit for all the upper chakras. If your base and second chakra ain't working, then you can't even be bothered to stay alive. If your base and second chakras are all that's working - then all you want to do is eat, sleep, enjoy yourself - well, that's o.k. for some peeps - and to be honest if you can manage to swing that in this society or any other one on this tiny little blue planet, without having to put some work/effort in - well, I'd like to know which planet you're on - ain't the one I'm on :o)

    So, in case I am just making no sense at all (which is my normal state) - women are no different to blokes - I reckon they'd shag anything but for their programming. That ain't to say they ain't able to be totally faithful and true (like any good man) if you find soul and mate - no argument, that is total ... but getting hung up on man made abrahamic socio/religious/political cunt/bollocks - seems like a waste of human intelligence to me ......

    Only a thought peeps :o) :o) :o) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    That looks like a lot of reading -- what is it?

    It's a piece about holistic medicine really I guess.........I have difficulty working out where and how to get involved with threads/posts because I can't tell where the boundaries are between subject - like in my addled consciousness everything kind of all is interconnected. So, poverty consciousness is mixed with how the fuck do you make enough of a living in a sick society - and maybe to get oneself well is the first step towards then being able to make a contribution and pay ones way.

    It gets so complicated in my, I expect to be able to have running water and good sanitation, have access to healthcare - and not have to go out and grown my food or rear it etc etc I can feel like so guilty because 90% of living beings on the planet just don't have that - and yet, what do I do to re-balance anything ........ Van/nomadic living appears to be a way of living that brings more personal responsibility into play...........and yet even there, what about water supply and food sources and........well, I just get overwhelmed by moral issues and things. So I am looking deep into what it means to be a conscious being - what am I - sort of thing . can't really explain Paul, just very randomed out :) hope that's o.k.

    Vikings - terrific......waiting for whole of Season 5 to be released.

    Desperate for some more Tom Hardy in "Taboo". Meantime, revisiting "Versailles" and "Harlots".

    when youve watched that i think youd probably enjoy black sails... :beard:

    we just got to the last DVD of Black Sails - excellent...........started off a bit slow and looked like it was going for the easy burn, but quickly amped right up to some serious and thought provoking material - really worthwhile and highly recommended :)

    Thanks for explaining how it works Bigbear67 (unless you were fibbing :) - I'm going to have to go away and work on some othe possible combos to see if I can come up with something vaguely amusing.........could be hours of fun x

    Harvey Day

    Why go off the meds after such a long time Jenn?

    Everyone's different of course but I only had success off the anti depressants when I didn't have to work for quite awhile and was exposed to lots of sunshine.

    I'm not trying to demand an answer from you but fairly soon after I was back in the Brit and work machine the anti depressants were again necessary for me.

    erm.....because I developed a severe hypothyroid condition that made me sleep for 6 days out of 7, I was falling asleep at the wheel at 8:30 am and a nights sleep meant nothing, I needed 3 or 4 days. After about 8 months of useless medication I thought "fuck big pharma, fuck the GP, I'm stopping all my meds, to try see what is going on when I'm just un-chemicalled". Well the result took me back 30 years, to when I was a rebel, a non conformist, a free thinker, an eco warrior, a headcase, a nutjob - depending on what your perspective on life and your value system is.

    Consequently, my 3 decades of fitting into a corrupt Western system and work profile (commercial artist and product developer for the high street RETAIL market) - which nearly killed me (trying to fight the power) - seems one hell of a waste of threequarters to on whole of a lifetime.

    I have just had a conversation with my ex partner about whether I'm mad, bad, dangerous, stupid or just plain misguided. It's a strange old trip zendaze, really don't know anything at all - just having to go with the flow now and trust there is some kind of energy that knows a lot more than little "I" does :) No'one elses path is gonna be right for anyone elses - I can make no judgements about anything - just keep going dude ............. all you can do is yur best in any one day.

    Isnt that also a label? I would also disagree strongly with your statement.

    It was my doctor who took the time to get me to talk to him about issues that left me pretty close to killing myself a few years ago, and who also helped with the subsequent treatment which did include by my own choice antidepressants.

    If it wasnt for him i wouldnt be here, and the pills he "pushed" helped me enormously.

    All discussion (and thinking for that matter) is only moments in time........generalisations are possibly meaningless and final positions or conclusions, maybe dead ends and closed minds. I was very grateful for acres of psychobabble and counselling, 30 years of antidepressant medication - which I stopped taking 6 months ago - and now my life could be seen as a trainwreck. My own jury is still out as to whether any choices I made in my life were good or happened, I am where I am and am trying to take a day at a time trusting in the concept of right action, big love, invisible wonders, unknown abilities, lifetimes of possibilities and what little courage I can muster. Life is wyrd, wyrd as the shit is endless :) xxx

    Get your drift definitely Harry ... I was also brought up to believe that was the truth, but the older I get, I feel less and less inclined to conform, as so many of the moral constraints we're hemmed about with are to do with control and power. Also, using complex and extravagant language can put a lot of people off even listening to you, 'cause they can think you're trying to be a clever dick. A swift "bollocks" can be quite useful on occasion :o)

    Being a natural rebel and rule breaker and getting towards the end of my life, I find moral indignation more difficult to put up with, it tends to make me even more "potty mouthed" as an act of resistance.

    I was particularly aggrieved to read in an NHS textbook, that breaking words into halves and putting them back together in new and random ways to extend and explore the language and break out of endless repetitive small talk can been considered an example of possible schizophrenic and other behavioural disorder and possible mental illness.

    The mainstream culture has never been keen on creative thinking and pushing boundaries to try find better ways of communicating often difficult and ground breaking concepts and descriptions.

    Why is "cunt" any worse than "dick" or "knob" or even "twat" for that matter, looks a bit like sexism to me - might not use the word in front of a maiden aunt at Sunday teatime, but that's not the forum here at UKH I don't think anyway :o)

    just coming out of the fridge now, aaaaah yes, such a cunting relief to snap a can open ....... look out at Bigbear Towers ........ oops, only joking :) - we'll save you a few for next time you're over the channel here IC x

    Helloo Paul - they say if the cap fits wear it - and yes, I thought maybe I had been guilty of being passive aggressive, so I wore it as a badge of shame, even if it wasn't actually my cap - I refer to:


    One More Song Game - part two!

    i reckon I'm yet again, on the wrong site, the wrong thread - there don't appear to be any real open source, open mind, open mind places anywhere to be talking .... what a fucking shame - Paul 'll be on here soon telling me to butt out and find a proper channel - christs ssssssake ...... speed up so you don't stop slow down so you don't quit ????????? "


    When the UKH site was re-designed I found I couldn't get back in on my old login/password (a glitch stopped me getting my details back) - I was Verticalis48 if I remember rightly...

    And yes, I have been banned from threads for being a twat only excuse is that I have had mental health issues all my life and get a bit over the top sometimes...............this got really out of order when I stopped my meds about 6 months ago........and as I'm still not on them, I can be appallingly badly behaved.......just grateful I haven't been locked up for gross insubordination in a public place.......

    So......maybe you might find me in the UKH records somewhere (although I possibly hope not :)

    have donated 2 or 3 times because I genuinely appreciate the brother and sisterhood on this is amazing that so many different views and interests can be debated openly in ways that are very rare in contemporary society.........hats off to you Paul :)

    Even though I might not agree with you sometimes and power can definitely corrupt - policing and censoring public debate is a difficult issue......we will have differing opinions ... a robust sense of humour can help sometimes in very awkward circumstances x

    hiya Pyke13 - yeah, I left because i made an arse and a cunt of myself (many times) and yet.........i've only been back 2 minutes and been accused of being passive aggressive ......

    so i might just have to fuck off again and try sort myself out.

    Bastard ! it is so tricky being a miserable human when all around you are possible perfect human beings .......... wow i wish i were in possession of godlike status......or maybe not .............. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......definitely not......power corrupts n all that.

    I have also donated on more than one occasion since joining UKH.......because it is a cracking site - which would be sadly missed if Paul just decided to jack it in.

    It is to be fair a mega massive huge serious commitment to try run a forum and public hustings like this - and difficult also to dissasociate oneself from the management label.

    Maybe Paul needs another hat or alias or too, so he can be free to be whoever he is without mutual resentment......the devils avocado is only one persona - we all are capable of many, maybe ...... light and dark, "good" and "bad" - it's all a bit beyond my ken (whoever ken is). Big Love anyway xxxxxxxxxxxxxx