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    Just had some information I thought I would share ...

    In the Top Left-hand Corner of Wales there are some splendid beaches.

    One of them is "Black Rock Sands" or Morfa Bychan.

    Recently, the number of vans / motorhomes etc camping overnight has increased.

    The problem has been the discharge of sewerage and grey water onto the beach, or blocking the WCs in the beach toilets.

    IIRC, there is a proper elsan disposal point at the official campsite.

    The local people and respectful visitors are getting annoyed, and the result will probably be stricter and enforced byelaws prohibiting overnight camping on the beach (or even banning vehicles from the beach entirely).

    Why is it some Selfish Tw*ts have to ruin it for everyone ...

    Successfully built the small greenhouse - now *slightly* overcrowded with tomatoes and the like.

    Have received the plants from my friend's *mother's house (*this is the elderly lady who died recently, they had until the end of May to shift anything they wanted, the council were planning to *skip* what was left) I have planted out various items, including some roses. Fingers crossed as I dont'd think they appreciated being moved !

    30th May, afternoon, the large greenhouse kit has arrived - will need to modify the base area next.

    Now in TLC Wales and next week will be in Norwich.

    Keep moving on - and don't foul the site when you leave.

    That's how not to annoy residents, you may not be "welcome" but at least they'll not call the feds/council onto you.

    Free campers are fine, provided they leave only footprints.

    I live near Hadrian's Wall, so get plenty of such visitors.

    It is the ones who leave litter, damage the drystone walls and scare the livestock that I don't want here.

    Some "kind soul" dumped a load of tyres over the wall and into a patch of my wildlife woodland last month.

    I've had to pay to get them collected and disposed of properly.

    If it happened again, I'm going to get CCTV on the job.

    Managed to complete the brick lawn edge and plant out under the rugerosa.

    Started to collect up the various pots lying around, to consolidate the supply having emptied the ones which had the raspberries in them, as well as the ones which had held the pretties.

    The smaller, secondary greenhouse has arrived, spent yesterday afternoon building the frames. Instructions are fairly useless ...

    Oh, and the male pheasant came for a mid-afternoon snack. He is habituated to me now, and got within a couple of feet. A couple of his harem were about, but they are far more shy !

    Not actually got them yet, but spent about an hour nattering in order to borrow some railway track ...

    It may have to go back when I've finished with it.

    Before anyone thinks I'm talking toys, this is the real stuff.

    And it is not the lightweight type.

    Seasoning wood - allow an average of one year per inch of thickness, measured at the thickest point. This is for wood stacked to air season and assumes it has adequate shelter and airflow.

    Softwood is slightly quicker, but the resin will continue to spit even when dry and seasoned.

    Dense and heavy hardwood will take longer.

    Skip - diving is a regular pastime.

    Often get really useful stuff.

    Last week acquired a load of old brick - needed for grass / border edging.

    Just arranged for a load of old / broken pallets to arrive. Once fully snapped apart they do for fuelling the workshop stove.

    It is the plastic in them that causes the problem, especially in the drainage system urban areas. Ditto for plastic straws, ear bud stems, teabags and a lot of other things.

    I may have posted this before.

    Recently I was out walking near Wast Water, and found an open pit latrine - the used wet wipes and the packet were blowing around in the wind. The smell wasn't nice.

    I was not equipped to clean that mess up, nor did I want to - but I did find one of the NT wardens to whom I could report the situation. On the way back, we detoured slightly, and two wardens were attending to the matter. The results went going into the incinerator / heating furnace at the hostel ... and the hole had been filled in properly.

    I don't know if it is quieter than usual, I'm a newish member.

    But I'm on several other fora, and some of them are getting quieter - probably because of arsebo00k. (You can probably tell, I don't like it !), A trend which has been evident for some time.

    Over the past couple of decades I have experimented with various fruit wines. Sometimes using kits, or testing whatever was fruiting at the time.

    Home picked elderberry wine was an interesting brew, but quite heavy.

    I'm not a great one for boozing as I don't like the feeling of being drunk

    Yet I do like brewing !

    This is a contradiction, I know ...

    I have been introduced to a ginger beer that is better known as "falling down water" and recently we brewed another batch.

    Today, a small amount was consumed at lunchtime.

    It was excellent.

    Further progress today, and time in the sunshine.

    More planting out, mainly finishing the containers. I've also planted out some salad bowl and lollo rosso - the later is especially pretty for a lettuce !

    Slight change of plan - after lunch (al fresco three cheese salad) instead of the front garden work, we "rebuilt" the raspberry hedge that is the eastern boundary to the allotment.

    After the evening watering session, I went for a stroll around. It is difficult to remember the wilderness that existed two years ago.

    Same as yesterday - plenty of gardening and a bonus of lots sunshine to enjoy.

    Finally, I'm feeling that progress has happened - more to do, but at least I can see garden not wilderness ...

    Thanks, ayami - yes, we did. And the younger daughter (ie not my friend) got married today !


    Finally, I have been able to be kind to my garden.

    For the best part of the last two years I have been attempting to reclaim my garden from what had become something of a jungle wilderness. This has involved much tree / hedge / shrub pruning, and apart from grass cutting, not a lot else whilst working in my less than extensive spare time.

    For the past two days I have been busy planting "pretties" of the bee-friendly variety, in a mixture of flower beds, containers and hanging baskets ... and the previous day we ordered a replacement greenhouse, slightly larger than the original.

    Tomorrow will be a similar exercise - finishing off the containers and hanging baskets, going around the front garden flower beds to plant them out after I have bricked the other long edge (the soil under the grass - quality is almost up to calling it a lawn - is very soft and the mower runs off quite often, causing damage). I've bought in some "pretties" already ...

    Then, I'll go around with the camera !

    After that, couple of other areas will need further attention; in particular, I will have to completely "rebuild" the herb bed. The last job will be to sort out the "allotment" - so by the middle of the summer, I should be able to re-start the home-grown food system ... certainly, I will be in full production next year. I might even be able call some of the grass a lawn !

    The other job in the queue is a major service of the nest boxes - I'll spend a few days rebuilding / replacing most of the existing stock that isn't occupied, and then add a shed load of additional boxes, feeders etc.

    A bit of mist, up here near Hadrian's Wall, early today ... but it is shaping up well.

    Going to get some "bedding plants" ...

    Grass was cut two days ago, so sitting / lie out space is all ready for the pauses between actual gardening !


    I am about to request another repeat prescription ... I take quite a low dose on a maintenance programme which means that if I get an attack, an extra tablet or two will supress the pain.

    I have worked out that my triggers are

    i) stress as by raising my blood pressure (thus expanding the blood vessels to press on the nerve)

    ii) cold drafts on the ear and cheek for the affected side

    iii) allowing myself to get dehydrated

    and finally, much more minor triggers are ...

    iv) eating something that requires excessive chewing, or grinding my teeth whilst asleep - or gritting my teeth when exerting force to achieve something requiring extra effort.

    Unfortunately, I still can't find an OTC painkiller that has any significant affect on an established bout. But, IF I can catch it in the very early stages and take an extra tablet plus a dose of Ibuprofen, that will help. (Paracetemol doesn't do much for me, even with a "normal" headache.

    After a few days, and another bout of pain, I was able to get an appointment at the GPs (not my own doc, and not a popular one, but a GP)

    He listened to my experience and asked a few questions to clarify details.


    You've got Trigeminal Neuralgia, he said.

    Here's some info on the cause (blood vessel pressing on a nerve).

    The standard treatment here in the UK is some tablets so here is a script.

    Find the daily dose that suppresses the pain and keep that going.

    Potentially, you may find that you can reduce that dose as the nerve sheath heals and the stimulus that triggers attacks reduces.

    Then, In November 2017, I got a series of extreme pain episodes.

    Nothing helped.

    Eventually, I made several trips to A&E as the episodes were out of normal GP hours and I was worried that I might have an abcess in the ear canal or something ... but the staff said my ear was clean and healthy, and advised seeing my GP.

    Fast forward to autumn 2017. I started some sporadic ear pain episodes, usually sharp but very short lived.

    Then, as the weather got more wintery and I ventured out into cold winds more frequently, I got more of the ear pains - usually after I came back indoors !

    But now, the pains extended over my cheek and lower jaw. Again, usually just one side was affected. However, the pain became massively worse and did nor respond to any of the OTC tablets I could obtain. Luckily the attacks were relatively shortlived and sleeping it off with the towel mentioned above was a solution, of sorts ...

    I'm a sufferer for Trigeminal Neuralgia.

    A few years ago I started with what I thought was probably migraine / cluster headaches as it was usually confined to one temple. But no OTC painkiller really helped, sleeping it off, with my head resting on (or wrapped in) a soft / fluffy towel, was the only "cure".

    It was sporadic, and I didn't really find the trigger(s) for certain. For a while I thought the prime trigger was driving into bright, especially low angle, sun - but that wasn't conclusive.

    Then it went away.

    But ...